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Chapter 477: The Song of Torment

 Chapter 477: The Song of Torment

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It was not an easy task to ask others to come to a certain place within a certain period of time. When Prince Jerrick slowly walked into this little town with his paramilitary unit, he did not realize how much calculation and time were involved in this plan. This was just the beginning of the Song of Torment.

The town was about 80 miles away from Blackwater City. Even though it was not too far from Blackwater City and Scarlet's headquarters, it was not close either. Any other time, Prince Jerrick would not have come here. He heard Blackwater City protected the towns around it during the disastrous time of death spirits. As a result, people in those towns tended to be on the side of Tiger of Tawau mercenary group. The towns a little further away from Blackwater City seemed to have different stories.

Prince Jerrick paid a lot of attention to the current situation. No matter what others thought of him, Jerrick wanted to develop a course of action for himself. Even when there were no opportunities, he still offered others some precise and honest suggestions to try to prove he was a capable prince.

Jerrick took just over 100 people with him, but he still drew a lot of attention from the town. After a while, a group of mercenaries came out from the town to welcome Jerrick. Jerrick took the lead and jumped off his horse. He tried to wear a polite and warm smile as he approached the group of mercenaries.

In fact, Jerrick was never the center of attention. Even though many people did not think highly of him, it did not mean he could be played by anyone. Some people with bad intentions might be able to lure him to there, but it was still hard to change Jerrick's thinking and his principles.

After a short conversation, Prince Jerrick and the mercenaries became acquainted. Jerrick did not talk about business. He only mentioned that he had come for a visit. The group of mercenaries was the temporary manager of the little town. When they determined Jerrick was a honorable prince, they looked very respectful and warmly welcomed him.

Jerrick planned to pay a short visit to get to know the little town and go back to Blackwater City. The group of mercenaries had some senior level professionals among them. They were very hospitable towards Jerrick.

Jerrick liked to learn from the wise rulers of the history books. Wise rulers had certain strengths. For example, they were all good at detecting their subjects' hardships and recruiting geniuses in different fields. Even though Jerrick only came to know them superficially, he started to become interested in these mercenaries. He happily agreed to stay for the night.

"Boss, look, that girl is peeking at you," a paramilitary soldier said quietly. This comment help to start the scheming.

Gaza was shocked at first and turned around to take a look. He saw a girl nervously look away. For some reason, women in this town were either old or ugly. None except that girl was attractive to Gaza. She had a pretty face and looked a little shy. She was a real eye popper. There was a saying that red flowers needed green leaves to show off the flowers' beauty. After seeing old and ugly women, Gaza could not help gulping hard after seeing that girl.

It seemed inappropriate for Gaza to stare at the girl with so many people around. Gaza had to turn back. The paramilitary soldier whispered in his ear, "Boss, she is looking at you again."

Gaza turned around really quick to take a look this time. Gaza and the girl looked into each other's eyes. He could clearly see that the girl was blushing. The girl was so shy that she lowered her head and squeezed through the crowd.

"Boss, it would be great if I could be as handsome as you," the paramilitary soldier said with jealousy. "No matter where you go, many girls like you."

"Boss, go after her. I think she must have a crush on you," another paramilitary soldier said with a smile.

"Stop it! Don't forget we are the paramilitary of Prince Jerrick," Gaza said with a serious tone.

"Boss, don't you like her? Great! I will take her if you don't like her," the first soldier said with a smile. "I will ask around about her."

Gaza felt mad but funny at the same time when he saw the soldier turn his horse around and leave the squad. Gaza felt it would be inappropriate to say anything. "This guy..." Gaza had not been part of the paramilitary unit for long, not even half a year. He fought with his brother for the throne, so he did not get along with his brother. He was at a disadvantage in a fight. He asked people if he could be a captain in the paramilitary unit. He tried to look for ways to move up. When he first came to the paramilitary unit, Gaza was still very impulsive. He was forced to join the paramilitary unit, so he was not good at controlling his temper. As a result, he was bullied and rejected by his peers. Luckily, a few soldiers sought help from him and became his hatchet men. With their help, he was able to escape from dangerous situations. After he was more stable in the paramilitary unit, those two soldiers became his hatchet men. He did not want to scold them over such small things.

What happened next was nothing exciting. They went to have lunch and then dinner. The economy in this town seemed pretty good. The food was not gourmet, but they had meat and wine with their lunch and dinner. Compared with the poor living conditions in White Mountain and Blackwater City, this little town seemed a bit like heaven.

Gaza was just a captain and could not eat at the same table with Prince Jerrick. The mercenaries in the town arranged another place for them to have dinner. The soldier who went out to ask about the girl did not come back to the squad until it was dark. Seeing the grin on his face, Gaza could not help thinking of that beautiful girl. He pretended it was just a casual question. "You have been gone for a long time. What information did you get?"

"Yes, her name is Istar. She is a such poor girl. I heard she was attacked on the night of her wedding. Her husband's whole family and her own parents all died in that attack. She was left alone," that paramilitary soldier said quietly.

"I see." Gaza could not help sighing. He remembered her being very timid and shy like a scared rabbit. "What a poor girl."

"So I decided to save her tonight," the soldier said with a weird laugh. "My guess is she is still a virgin."

"Do you know where she lives?" another soldier asked in surprise.

"Of course. Don't you know who I am? How can I not get the information I want?" the mercenary said.

Gaza looked a little stiff for a while before he said anything. People usually felt uncomfortable and confused when they saw their ex-girlfriends with new boyfriends. This was especially true for Gaza, since he did like that girl. Gaza was the child of a royal family, so he was very proud. He got along with his hatchet men, but he actually looked down upon them a little. He thought they were too low, always fantasizing about humping girls. He was sad to know that.

"So what if you know where that girl lives," another soldier said with a frown. "She likes our captain. Do you want to force her?"

"The problem is our captain does not like her," the soldier said carelessly. "If someone is going to have her, why can't it be me? So what if I use some force? What's the big deal."

Gaza was not sure if it was because he had some wine or because he thought that girl was really beautiful, he felt a fire in him. He did not want to show it too obviously, so he cleared his throat and said, "Don't do that to her. She has already had a hard life. You'd better behave yourself."

"Boss, if you are interested in her, I will not do anything to her," the soldier said unhappily. "Someone would rape her if not me because she has such a beautiful face. Why could I not have her?"

"Who said our boss is not interested in her?" another soldier replied. "Boss, what do you say?"

"Well..." Gaza was a little hesitant. He was not very smart, otherwise his brother could not have forced him to leave his family. He had not been part of the paramilitary unit for very long, so he had very limited experience. If he had been working in the paramilitary for seven years, he might have sensed something fishy. Unfortunately, his hesitation was only because he did not want to make it look too obvious. He was too concerned about how he looked in front of others and did not sense anything unusual.

"Boss, she is such a poor girl. You are not married yet. Why don't you take her back? From the way she looked at you, I guess she might even be willing to be your maid."

Another soldier smiled. "You would be doing a nice thing if you could keep her safe."

This statement confirmed Gaza's thinking. Gaza thought that soldier was right. If it were him, he could protect that girl. Seeing his soldier so horny, he felt that the soldier could not give that girl anything. He probably would just dump her after having sex with her.

Since they had been drinking, nobody noticed three people were missing from the paramilitary unit. Someone knocked on the front door of a lonely wood house in the south end of town.

After a while, a person in white clothes walked out and opened the door for them. When they looked into each others' eyes, Gaza felt his heart pump faster, while the girl shyly lowered her head. She did not look like she was about to close the door on them. There was a saying that trouble would come if you were involved with a widow. However, the people involved with the widow did not mind such trouble.

"Don't you want to invite me in?" Gaza asked gently.

That girl turned sideways to let Gaza in. She closed the door behind her and followed after Gaza into the wood house.

Whether or not her acting was professional, everything happened naturally after the candle went out. Moaning and pounding sounds came from the room. Unfortunately, misfortune could be a blessing in disguise. As Gaza was reaching his the happiest moment, the door was kicked open. Gaza heard a guy howling, "F*ck you! How dare you do this to my wife?"

The girl under Gaza had been enjoying the sex and moaning happily, but now she started to scream at the top of her lungs, "Help! Help me!"