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Chapter 475: Revenge

 Chapter 475: Revenge

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Three days later, Anfey drove to a remote village in the wagon at noon, which was less than 50 miles from the headquarters of Death Roaring Legion. Anfey was not worried about the issues in White Mountain City. If Anthony did not do it, then White Mountain should not be a serious trouble now. Moreover, he had sent people to get Marino and Entos. Marino had power and reputation, while Entos was a very close friend of Anfey. With their help, League of Mercenaries should not be in any dangers.

Baery and Ernest came to the same little village in the afternoon. Maho Empire had secretly placed many spies in Shansa Empire. Shansa Empire probably did the same thing to Maho Empire. Even the Death Roaring Legion might have spies in other countries. Baery and Ernest could not let Anfey into the headquarters. For reasons of safety, Baery did not even bring a bodyguard with him.

In fact, Anfey and Baery had seen each other recently. They skipped over the courtesy of greeting and got to the topic quickly. Baery asked, "Anfey, I heard your CEO had an assassination attempt against her and Anthony's wife was involved?"

"Yes." Anfey nodded.

"Is Alice alright?" Baery asked.

"She is ok, but it scared her a bit," Anfey said.

"That's good." Baery paused before he continued, "I have seen Nishieva at the appointment ceremony in White Mountain City. My comment about that woman, hmmm, how to put it into words? She appeared to be tough, but feeble in essence. She made sarcastic comments about me in front of everybody. After I got mad and smacked the table to confront her, she got scared and never said anything afterwards."

"Of course, she was scared. You are the general of the empire, a god-like warlord. Anthony is a top power, but he is no comparison with you," Anfey said with a smile.

"Didn't you get my point?" Baery frowned. "I meant she does not have guts to do things like this. Someone must be behind her to stir things up."

"The person behind Nishieva has to be from here." Anfey lifted his chin and pointed to the north.

"Are you saying it is Scarlet?" Baery asked.

"No one else but her," Anfey said.

"You are right. It has to be her," Baery said, and then went quiet.

"Mr. Baery, is everything ready here?" Anfey asked.

"Yes, but I cannot give the order," Baery said.

"What do you mean?" Anfey asked.

"The king said you have to give the order," Baery said seriously. "Before you make any decision, I need to let you know our plan first."

"Ok." Anfey nodded.

"Prince Jerrick learned somewhere that he should visit civilians," Baery said. "When he was in a good mood, he would always generously give money and offer help to people. When he was not in a good mood, he would just comfort people in words to brush them off. After he came to the Country of Mercenaries, Prince Jerrick still kept this habit. Now the disaster of death spirits has passed, so survivors have come back to their hometowns. They provided Prince Jerrick a good opportunity to showcase his habits. The chief commander's plan is to create some conflicts when Prince Jerrick tries to show his generosity and kindness to people. Our people who are inserted onto Jerrick's team will kill those mercenaries who make trouble. Our disguised mercenaries will find more mercenaries to join the fight and surround Jerrick's bodyguards. We will rush out of the encirclement to look for help from Scarlet, and then it would be your time to join the fight."

"How many bodyguards does Jerrick have?" Anfey asked.

"Not many. Jerrick is not very talented. He is not that important to others either. People do not find him very valuable. No one even planned to do anything to him, so he is used to dress casually to show that he treats himself as a regular person. We should have no problem attacking him," Baery said.

Anfey shook his head. "Jerrick might not have value to others, but he definitely means something to Scarlet. Without Jerrick's help, Scarlet would not be who she is now. If no one else cares whether Jerrick is dead, I think Scarlet would. I guess there must be some top powers among his bodyguards."

"Anfey, I think you are putting the cart before the horse," Baery said. "Without Jerrick's help, are you sure Scarlet could not be who she is now?"

"Well..." Anfey was shocked.

"Without Jerrick's help, Scarlet could get help from other princes. Do you think any of them would refuse to help her? Especially after Scarlet made a name for herself, there was a rumor in Shansa Empire that no matter which prince would marry Scarlet, he would be the future king, including the youngest brother of Jerrick, a nine-year-old boy," Baery said in a low voice.

Anfey did not reply. He just attentively listened to Baery.

"Shansa Empire has not had any real good generals for many years. The debut of Scarlet seemed to meet the image of a good general by generations of soldiers. That is the reason she could gain control of the military in such a short time." Baery continued, "Why do you think Edward VIII sent out the Griffin Aerial Unit? It is because Scarlet got support from all the princes, soldiers and citizens for the fight. For hundreds of years in the history of war between Shansa Empire and Maho Empire, Shansa Empire had more losses than victories. Even when Shansa Empire surrounded our Blackania City, they had to run back to their country at the end. Everyone in the Shansa Empire wants to win so badly."

"Did you say Scarlet already has control of the military?" Anfey suddenly remembered something. "Then what is the point for us to fight her? Won't Edward VIII fight her soon?"

"What is going to happen to us in this battle?" Baery asked quietly. "If we lose this battle or win it with many casualties, if Edward VIII regains control of the military or Scarlet overthows him, it would become pointless. We cannot wait that long. In addition, necromancers are still watching us and waiting for the opportunity to fight back. We need to end this battle as soon as possible."

"But, if the situation is like you say, Scarlet might not even come to save Jerrick. Even if Jerrick dies, she could seek help from other princes," Anfey said bitterly.

"She will come to save Jerrick," Baery said with certainty. "First of all, our people would spread the news that Jerrick is in trouble. Everyone knows Jerrick and Scarlet are a couple. Scarlet has to go and help Jerrick. Jerrick truly loves Scarlet. It is true that Jerrick is not very talented. Think about it, what does it mean to Scarlet? Can she give up on Jerrick?"

Baery continued, "Anfey, you need to worry about other issues instead of this one. The most terrifying person around Scarlet is Douminge. He is an Electric Series archmage. His magic skills are phenomenal, especially Lightning Guard. It seems to be the nightmare for all the non-magical fighters."

"Lightning Guard?" Anfey asked.

"A cloud of gas with metallic color will appear above his head when Douminge releases the Lightning Guard magic. The gas cloud releases powerful lightning balls extremely quickly to attack the target Douminge locks onto with his telepathy," Baery said in a low voice. "Let me reiterate that lightning balls are super fast. In the blink of an eye, you could be attacked a few to more than a dozen times. Don't forget, lightning balls have paralyzing effects. If I had to fight with Douminge, I might still be paralyzed even after he kills me."

Anfey could not help frowning.

"The more terrifying part is Lightning Guard is just a materialized magic, which means that he could release other magic, even Forbidden Spells, after releasing Lightning Guard magic."

"I see." Anfey nodded.

"Won't he difficult to deal with?" Baery asked.

Anfey shrugged. "The more challenging the task, the more excited I get."

"You are..." Baery smiled bitterly. "After talking about Douminge, let's talk about Supreme Armor. It was armor of a male Golden Knight. After Scarlet got it, she asked an alchemist to tailor it to her. It fits her very well now."

"Supreme Armor?" Anfey asked.

"Don't overlook armor. For example, if Ernest and Suzanna fought, Ms. Suzanna would have an advantage at the beginning because she would be wearing Azure Armor, while Mr. Ernest would not even have soft armor on him," Baery said slowly, "I am not sure how strong the defensive ability of Supreme Armor is, but the chief commander told me that he may not be able to pierce through the Supreme Armor after crashing the combat power on Scarlet first."

Anfey recalled Suzanna's Azure Armor and nodded to show he understood.

"Supreme Armor covers Scarlet very well. The only exposed body parts are her eyes and nose." Baery thought for a moment before he continued, "Besides, Scarlet is a senior Silver Knight. She already has really quick reaction without any doubt. You only have one chance to attack her. You need to be really careful. If you were attacked by Lightning balls and got paralyzed after being targeted by Douminge's telepathy, you would be paralyzed and had no chance to even open your dimensional ring."

"What else?" Anfey asked.

Baery was shocked for a second. "Scarlet not only has Douminge. Manstuly, Fernando or others might come with her. The only people who could help you are Ernest, Shawn, and Dalmatian. I have tried my best. At this moment, do you still want to assassinate Scarlet?"

Anfey went quiet for a moment and smiled. "Of course. I still want to take revenge for Alice if for no other reason."

"Anfey, you should not joke about this issue," Baery said with a serious voice.

"I never joke about my life," Anfey said.

"You..." Baery did not know how to respond to Anfey. In fact, he did not think Anfey could do it.