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Chapter 473: Release

 Chapter 473: Release

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White Mountain City was barricaded up until city hall. Besides mercenaries from the League of Mercenaries, no one else was on the streets. The news that Alice had been the victim of an assassination attempt shocked everyone in the city. The leaders in the league all came to city hall, whether they were on duty or not. Even the ones who had just finished duty came to the city hall without any rest.

Anfey suddenly noticed that many people peered at him with strange looks, but at that moment, he did not have time to ask them why. Zubin and Anfey walked to Alice's bedroom together, but Zubin stopped at the door. "Anfey, I am not going in. It is not appropriate for me to go in at this moment."

Anfey frowned. He wondered why everyone was weird, including Christian, the people in city hall, and now Zubin. He needed to figure out the reasons later. Anfey did not respond to Zubin. He pushed the door open and walked into Alice's bedroom after he nodded at Zubin.

Alice's bedroom was simply decorated, but very clean. She had been like this since she was little. Civilians worked very hard from early morning to late at night for a few silver coins. For some larger families, a few silver coins were not enough to feed everyone. Alice felt she would have committed a crime if she simply spent hundreds of gold coins on luxuries.

Besides a dresser, a desk and a chair, there was no other furniture in the room. The bed was not even where it used to be. Where the bed had been was a mess now. There was a magic screen in the room, which blocked everything underneath it.

Anfey walked straight into the magic screen without any hesitation, but he was stunned by what he saw.

Alice was like the sleekest fish, constantly rolling and moving on the bed. Her clothes had been ripped badly. Her skin showed through the rips. Anfey could even clearly see her nipples.

Her dress and undergarments had been rolled up to her stomach. Her long and smooth legs rubbed and wrapped against each other. Her fair toes curled together at one moment stretched out at other times. Her hands were busy as well, touching and rubbing every part of her body that her hands could reach to. She even left fingerprints on her smooth and fair skin.

Anfey had kept himself cool. This scene did not really shock him. Alice constantly opened and closed her mouth. Sometimes she sounded like she was weeping, while other times she sounded like she was moaning, sighing, and screaming. No matter what she sounded like, the only clear word from her mouth was just Anfey's name.

Even though Alice made unclear noises, Anfey still heard what Alice was screaming about. What shocked him more was the bright redness on her face. Every time Alice screamed, she broke her wounds. Bright red blood oozed out from the corners of her mouth after every scream. If the potion continued to affect her, or if she did not exhaust herself to death, she might not be able to continue screaming. Then no one would know if Alice was in pain. Alice might look like she was having fun, or having heavenly joy.

Alice cared about her stability a lot. She worked very hard for Edward VIII to try to get her father's affection. She thought her father could find her a good man to marry if she could get more affection from him. After her hope for a good marriage was crushed, she decided to run away from the marriage without any regrets.

She used to be scared by Anfey because he was too smart and had unpredictably high fighting power. From another point of view, what scared Alice about Anfey were also the qualities that made Anfey stand out. As she felt close to Anfey, all the good qualities Anfey possessed became bright fire, while she was a moth darting into the fire. She knew she would not get Anfey's love, but she still threw herself into it without any regrets.

Aphrodisiac was just an excuse. It gave Alice an opportunity to release her depression without anything holding her back. Every scream came from the bottom of her heart. She was expressing her wishes and dreams.

Without this opportunity, Alice would not know how much feeling she had for Anfey for the time they were together. Neither would Anfey know how much he owed to this girl for the love she had for him.

Alice did not think she was playing by herself. She thought Anfey was comforting her, touching her and kissing her. She even thought she was having sex with Anfey. Alice looked happy because she did not know all of these were her illusions. Her clenched toes, stretched arms and moving body all showed she was happy and enjoying it.

Shinbela had been taking care of Alice since morning. Christian was aware that the stability of the League of Mercenaries would get affected if there were any conflicts between Anfey and Suzanna. The fewer people knew about this, the better it would be. Even though Shinbela was hurt, she was still the best person for this job.

Shinbela was busy wiping the blood from the corners of Alice's mouth. It seemed there was more blood oozing out. Shinbela saw Alice scratch herself and leave red marks on her body as Shinbela held Alice's feet down. As she tried to hold Alice's hands, Alice's legs were rubbing, wrapping, and clashing together. Shinbela looked like she needed a helper.

Seeing Anfey show up in the magic screen, Shinbela felt very awkward. As a woman, so she did not want Anfey to see this scene. In fact, Anfey felt a little awkward too.

Anfey remained quiet for a while to calm himself. He asked quietly, "Why didn't you hold Alice with magic?"

"Hagan said it would not work. Alice had to vent her desires, otherwise it would hurt her body." Shinbela lowered her head. "Hagan said the potion will be effective for a while and then Alice will be fine."

Anfey did not know how to respond. Alice's scream had made Anfey feel bad. He turned his head and saw the blankets on the floor. Anfey bent over and picked the blanket up to cover his uneasiness and put it on Alice.

"Don't..." Shinbela said immediately. Unfortunately, she was too late.

The softness of the blanket seemed to make Alice's desire even more stronger. She looked like she was being shocked when the blanket touched her. She held the blanket close to her and rode on it. She stretched the blanket tight by pulling on both ends by her hands and legs. Alice made satisfying sighs. She sounded like she was crying, "Ah, Anfey, Ah."

Anfey was shocked for a second. He intended to cover Alice. He thought putting the blanket over her would not make her feel too awkward in front of Shinbela in the future. Anfey was not there for Alice when she was in trouble. Anfey felt he had the responsibility to protect Alice if he was with her. He did not think it would make the situation worse.

Anfey immediately reached his hands out to try to take the blanket away from Alice. He finally understood why Shinbela did not want Alice to have the blanket on her. He was a little rough when he tried to pull the blanket away from her. He pulled a little too hard. He did take the blanket away from Alice, but the force made Alice slightly open her eyes. Alice screamed and cried out of surprise and happiness. She threw herself on Anfey and held tight to Anfey's waist area with her head around Anfey's crouch, rubbing him.

Anfey unconsciously wanted to push Alice away. As he put his hand on her shoulder, he suddenly paused for. He dropped his hand instead. If Alice did this to him when she was sober, Anfey would not care about her. He might have scolded her or said something sarcastic, but Alice was just a sick person with a crazy mind and indulged herself in the sexual desires and illusions. Besides, Anfey should take most of the responsibility for the assassination attempt.

It would be a shame and ridiculous if Anfey blamed Alice's tragedy on his enemy. Why didn't Anfey have a better security system to protect Alice? Why didn't Anfey anticipate that Alice, with weak fighting ability but heavy responsibilities, would become the target of his enemy? If Anfey could think of assassinating Scarlet, his opponents could definitely have used the same strategy on him. At this moment, Anfey felt terribly guilty. Alice could be safe now because she was quite lucky. However, Alice's fortune was not an excuse for Anfey to forgive himself.

Perhaps Anfey felt bad, or perhaps for some other reason, Anfey did not push Alice away. He let Alice rub herself against him.

"Master, I am leaving," Shinbela said anxiously.

"No!" Anfey said firmly. He had to keep Shinbela there to make sure there would not be rumors about Alice. Smart people like Anfey also could make mistakes. In other words, Anfey was a little selfish. He could only think about this issue from his point of view, but forgot the justice Alice should receive. There would be rumors and gossip about Alice no matter what.

Anfey thought things were bad at this moment because Alice had lost her mind. Anfey thought he could shake off everything with Alice after Alice felt better. Anfey thought he had the girl he wanted, to love and protect, and Alice would have her man someday as well. However, could he really shake off everything with Alice? Christian asked Suzanna to do something on purpose, while Riska and others acted so weird. Could Anfey really feel he had nothing to do with Alice?

It did not matter what Anfey thought of the relationship with Alice, because Alice had tried to crawl on Anfey without caring about anything. She exhausted herself so much that she almost fell on the floor. Anfey had to hold Alice. Taking this opportunity, Alice held tight onto Anfey. Alice made many acrobatic moves while holding Anfey's arms. Whenever Anfey tried to let his hands go, she would immediately fall to the ground. After she climbed on Anfey like a vine, she would behave better. Of course, she would behave better only in a manner of comparison. Anfey's muscular body seemed to give Alice a secure feeling. Her arms and legs did not move as much and fast as before. She wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth on Anfey's face. In a moment, Alice painted Anfey's face with her blood.

Shinbela did not know if she should cry or laugh at what she saw. She felt bad for Alice's tragedy, but Anfey still looked too funny with blood all over his face. At the same time, she felt a little anxious. It was so rare that she had taken a break earlier that day, because she never took any breaks. If she could have gotten to Alice earlier, this would not have happened.

Without knowing how much time had passed, Alice started to get calmer and finally fell into a sound sleep on Anfey's shoulder. She still wrapped her legs around Anfey's waist. Anfey sat down on the bed to make Alice more comfortable. He held Alice's slim waist. This position made them look like they were having sex.

"Master, the effects of the potion seem to have gone away now." Shinbela looked happy.

Anfey moved Alice a little bit. He finally felt relieved when he saw no reaction from Alice. Anfey slowly turned his body sideways to carefully put Alice on the bed. He reached his hands behind his back to take Alice's legs down.

Looking from behind, they still looked like they were having sex. Anfey grabbed Alice's feet to spread them open. He had to open her legs otherwise he could not get out. Standing behind Anfey, Shinbela blushed at this scene. Shinbela felt her heart pumping fast. When Shinbela saw Anfey ready to leave after he put the blanket on Alice, she reminded him, "Master, I think you will want to clean up the blood and teeth marks on your face."

"Oh?" Anfey laughed awkwardly. He had to laugh to cover his uneasiness.