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Chapter 472: Ambitious

 Chapter 472: Ambitious

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Even though she was trying very hard not to breathe, she still inhaled some of the potion. Her chest slowly grew heavy and the heaviness slow spread to the rest of her body. She grunted, trying to fight against the feeling the potion brought upon her. Her body arched, as if enduring great pain.

Hesier was a mage and was Anthony's advisor. He had a lot of relationships, but he had never found any woman as beautiful as Alice. He reached out with a hand, wanting to grab Alice's shoulder.

Alice's body began shaking. She was shaking only because she was in great pain. Even a situation like this did not dull her mind. She knew what Hesier's potion was, and she knew she must remain conscious in order to keep the potion's effects from taking over. She bit down hard on her tongue, hoping the pain would keep her awake. When the pain wasn't enough, she bit herself again and again. Blood seeped through her pursed lips.

Alice knew that she was on her own. The only way she could get through this was to be strong. Her tongue was burning with pain, but she had no other choice. She had to stay conscious. She did not want to give up now.

Hesier laughed. He knew that Alice was only an apprentice mage and did not worry. He walked up to Alice and untied her.

Alice was shaking even harder without the ropes restricting her movements. She wrapped her arms around herself and was shaking violently.

Hesier knew his time was limited. He grabbed Alice's leg, dragging her closer to him. Alice clenched her teeth and curled up tighter. Hesier spotted a dagger hidden under Alice's dress, but he trusted the potion was potent enough to make Alice forget about using the dagger.

Before Hesier could do anything, he suddenly felt a sharp pain and his entire body numbed.

Anfey had given the dagger to Hui Wei to give to Alice. Even though it found its way to Entos first, it eventually ended up in Alice's hands. At that moment, it was the dagger that saved Alice.

The dagger's numbing effect was not as powerful as before, but it was enough to numb Hesier. Alice cried out and pushed Hesier off of her. She gripped the dagger in her hand and slashed at him.

Alice had never practiced with the dagger, and it was difficult for her to control the weapon, but she did not care. As long as it keep Hesier away, it was good enough.

She brought the dagger down on Hesier's face, slamming it into his eye socket. Hesier opened his mouth, but could not make a sound. Even if he could, no one would hear him. The two guards he had were outside, and he had set up a magic barrier so no one would hear anything. The guards couldn't see or hear anything that was happening inside.

Alice did not care how precious the magic dagger was. She ripped the dagger out and slashed at Hesier's face. Blood sprayed onto her face and body, but she did not care.

As Hesier died, the magic barrier he set up disappeared as well. Alice took a deep breath and stumbled to the ground. "Help!" she screamed.

Shinbela was responsible for Alice's safety that night. She had been very busy during the day and had taken a nap after her shift, which was why she was late. She learned that Alice was talking with a mage from Glory mercenary group after she arrived and it did not worry her. Until she heard the scream.

If it had been Christian or Zubin or the other mages, they might have hesitated and tried to make sure they did not make a mistake. Shinbela, however, was a swordsmaster. Her reflexes were very fast, and responding to screams was second nature to her. As soon as she heard Alice's scream, she kicked down the door.

Inside, Alice was huddled on the ground, half naked. A man with a bloody face was lying on the ground next to her. Two swordsmen were standing around her with their swords out.

Shinbela lunged towards Alice and grabbed her before the swordsmen's swords could reach other. She dashed towards the door with Alice. The swordsmen's swords left two long gashes on her back.

She quickly determined that the two were intermediate swordsmasters. She waved her sword angrily and bright sword radiance enveloped the two swordsmasters.

Scarlet's plan was a good one, because the League was still young and unstable. Now was the best time to kill Alice. However, Scarlet was too ambitious. She wanted to kill Alice and cause conflict between Anfey and Anthony. She wanted to get Nishieva involved, because she knew that it would be difficult for Anfey to punish her without angering Anthony and David. However, Nishieva had a different plan.

If Scarlet and Nishieva had agreed on a single plan, then Alice would have been dead.

Anfey and Suzanna were already away from the city when they felt a strong surge of magic. The two looked out of the carriage's window just in time to see a fiery cloud rise above White Mountain City.

Recognizing the distress signal, Anfey and Suzanna glanced at each other, then jumped out of the carriage and dashed back towards the city.

By the time they reached the city, Christian and Zubin were already waiting for them. "What happened?" Anfey asked with a deep frown.

"Assassination attempt on Alice," Christian said, looking at Anfey and Suzanna. "Zubin will take you to Alice, Anfey. Suzanna, can you come with me?"

Suzanna and Anfey's eyes widened. They had just left the city. "Those people went that way?" Anfey asked angrily.

"Suzanna and I will take care of it," Christian said hurriedly. He rose into the air and streaked away. Suzanna glanced at Anfey and left with Christian.

"What happened, exactly?" Anfey asked Zubin. He felt something was off with Christian.

"There was an assassination attempt on Alice," Zubin said. "Don't worry, though. She's safe now. Someone fed her some aphrodisiac. Warner and Hagan have been treating her and said it won't cause lasting damage. She will be fine in no time."

"Was she injured?" Anfey asked. He was very anxious because he knew how important Alice was to the League. The League could run smoothly as long as Alice was there to take care of everything.

"She almost bit her tongue off," Zubin said. "She did it herself. Other than that, she is fine."

"Christian..." Anfey started, then sighed. "They'll be fine, I'm sure. Come on, I want to see Alice."