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Chapter 469: Value

 Chapter 469: Value

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"Commander, why are you here? Where is the master?" Ye asked.

"Master and Madam are behind me," Ozzic said. He pointed diagonally behind him. "You can go see yourself. I am not going to go with you. Master has been giving me lessons whenever he gets a chance. I do not want to look for troubles myself."

Ye looked around and found no one was around them, except for Black Eleven behind him. He said, "Commander, that day..." Ye felt he owed Ozzic an explanation since it involved Ozzic when he surrounded the bar. Ye was promoted on Ozzic's recommendation and treated him as a brother. He had been busy putting out fires for the past few days. He could not squeeze in any time until now. If he waited a few more days, his explanation would seem pointless.

"You do not have to explain. I know." Ozzic patted Ye on the shoulder and smiled.

"No, commander, let me explain." Ye tried to explain immediately. "I got a complaint from a mercenary that someone attacked him in the bar for no reason. I was ready to do an investigation on the bar and then Black Eleven came to see me. I did not know it was not an ordinary bar till then. Commander, you were very close to the people in the bar. I was worried they would sense something fishy and all escape if I let you know I was coming. If that had happened, I was afraid Master Anfey would be enraged."

"I know. You did not have to explain. I said I knew." Ozzic shook his head as he smiled. "In fact, I am not very talented, but I am good at evaluating people. Ye, we have been friends for a long time. How could I not know you? Don't you remember when I wanted to seek help from Moramatch, you told me it would be wrong to seek help from others. You said no matter whom we seek help from, it would not be better than having our own freedom. How about now? Was I wrong?"

Ye went quiet for a moment and smiled. "You were right. I was wrong."

"That is why I stopped you from explaining to me. I know you were in an awkward situation," Ozzic said.

"Commander, back then, did you know Master Anfey would make such huge accomplishments in subsequent days?" Ye smiled.

"No. I would be a prophet if that were the case. I just knew Master Anfey was great. He was not a mean and unforgiving person, so ..." Ozzic said.

"Did you say this to me?" Anfey pushed the door open and walked in. "Do you hate me for punishing you with a few whips?"

Suzanna followed Anfey and smiled. She understood Anfey well. If Anfey still joked with Ozzic, it meant he still treated Ozzic as his trusted brother. If he were disappointed in Ozzic, Anfey would act politely and nicely to Ozzic instead.

"Master, I do not dare," Ozzic said bitterly.

"Why are you two here?" Anfey looked at the shiny silver ax as he talked. He sighed. Anfey felt lonely for not having an opponent to practice fighting with. He went to see Suzanna immediately after he got the ax back from Hagan. He wanted to check the power of the ax. After one strike, Suzanna refused to practice fighting with him. Of course, Suzanna did not worry about hurting Anfey. She cared about her sword. Anfey's ax had the power to cut everything. If Suzanna held in there for a while in the fight and won, her sword would definitely be ruined no matter what.

Black Eleven stepped forward and said quietly,"Master, please forgive me. The issue concerning the rangers was so important that I passed the news back to Sacred City without your permission." Black Eleven had the chance to ask permission from Anfey, but he did not do it. If he had asked permission from Anfey, but Anfey had not allowed him to send the news back to Sacred City, he would have been ruined. He still had the chance to try right now at least.

"Was it worth you reporting to me?" Anfey was shocked.

"Huh..." Black Eleven did not know how to respond.

"I said yesterday that wiping out Minos I is not only the rangers' aim, but also mine. This is the common aim of all intelligent people on the Pan Continent. You should have let our king know about it," Anfey said.

Black Eleven thought Anfey would get mad, or at least be suspicious of him because it was obvious Black Eleven worked for both the king and Anfey. He could not hide such a big issue from Anfey, so he chose to take the consequences after he reported to the king.

After hearing what Anfey said, he felt relieved.

"Ye, what's up with you?" Anfey looked him over and smiled. "I noticed that you two have been so intimate. You guys are together all the time, no matter where you are."

Ye did not know whether he should cry or laugh. "Intimate" should not be the word to describe the relationship between Black Eleven and him. It did not sound right. He pretended he did not heard it since it was from Anfey's mouth. "Master, according to the roster on the paper, after a thorough analysis, we did not find them sharing anything in common. If there has to be one, they both lived a long life."

"Long life?" Anfey put the ax back into his Dimensional ring and fell into thought.

"Yes. Take the maid who kept the diary for instance: she complained in the last few diary entries that she could not see things clearly after her 90th birthday. She even made a fool of herself a few times after that, which also proves she lived for more than 90 years," Ye said.

"Anfey, Do you think those rangers will work with you? They are so proud," Suzanna asked in a low voice.

Anfey shook his head. "I don't know. In fact, I do not have any specific plans yet. I am just going to go with the flow for now. If they could be recruited into our league, I will definitely take them. If we could only work togethering instead of having them join our league, it would be a better choice for us anyway."

"What if they are playing games with you?" Suzanna asked.

"Playing games? Do you think I would be taken advantage of?" Anfey smiled. "Their royalty and courage for the past thousands of years touched me, which is the reason that I am trying to work with them. If they gave up this last chance, nothing would hold me back. They have attacked you before. Now I am trying to work with them. In fact, I do not feel good about it. If they play games with me, it is it is exactly as I would wish."

"Anfey, don't think about me," Suzanna said gently. "Without them, I would not have had a chance to meet you. Maybe I should thank them for that," Suzanna said.

"Thank them? How do they deserve thanks?" Anfey looked cold and sharp. "No matter whether we are working together or fighting together, I will have to get what I want."

"What do you want?" Suzanna asked in surprise.

"Minos is a great man." Anfey said slowly. "With the help of the Wheel of Fortune, he received a lot of nice things, including the experiences, lessons and relics from ancestors. I remember when Hui Wei saw it, he was very angry. He said he had searched a lot of relics, but could not find anything useful. They were all emptied by Minos."

"Neither Hui Wei, nor Minos were the only people who knew about the relics," Ye said. "They could have been taken by others."

"We do not know who else might have, but we know Minos did," Anfey said. "It proves my guess is right, otherwise he would have become a saint. His stuff is not that useful to me, inspiring at most. However, to you guys, they could be..."

Before Anfey finished talking, everyone felt their hearts pumping fast. Did Anfey mean that their fighting ability would improve if they could have those things.

"Master, yesterday you said that most of the inheritance was lost in the battles. I think so too. Many of them were just on senior level, but none of them was a top power. How useful would their stuff be for us?" Ye asked.

"Have they had any top powers before?" Anfey asked.

"Well, yes," Ye said.

"So, even if their inheritance was lost, it does not mean there is no value in their stuff," Anfey said slowly. "Maybe they just could not understand them, or they did not know how valuable those things were."

"I agree with master," Black Eleven said excitedly.

Violet City was far from White Mountain City, which was in chaos. Sheriff Urter was gone for no reason, which became sensational news in the city.

The previous city master was sick in bed. There was no leadership in the city. Luckily, there were two people in high positions in the city. One was Miss Niya and the other was Miss Shally. Niya was the daughter of Archmage Saul, and Shally was the sister-in-law of Anfey. Any of them could turn around the city if they wanted to.

Even though neither Niya nor Shally had any experience managing a city, they had to take over anyway. Niya was a little better than Shally handling the job. She did not have a specific plan, but she worded her orders with "for whatever cost", "even if you have to dig out the whole city", "otherwise" and other forceful words. If Anfey and others were there, they might have found Niya funny and cute. However, she was very serious about this job, and the patrols and troops did not think the same way as Anfey.

Urter finally came out of his coma. He slowly opened his eyes. He tried to turn his head to see the magic Transmission Portal behind him first. When he turned his head back to see what was in front of him, he was stunned.

Urter found himself lying in a beautiful and gigantic room. It would be not be an exaggeration to say it was a palace. Dozens of magic Forever-Lasting magic lights were hung on the walls. About half of the magic Forever-Lasting magic lights were out, but even with less than half of them lit, the place was very bright.