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Chapter 467: Old-Time Servants

 Chapter 467: Old-Time Servants

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"Master!" Ozzic limped over.

"Keep it to yourself." Anfey did not know whether he should cry or smile. "You were punished with whips instead of being hit with sticks. What happened? Your legs were not broken, were they?"

Ozzic complained immediately. "No, master. Ye did not do me any favors. He whipped with full force. I can take off my shirt to show you if you do not believe me."

"I don't care if he did you a favor or not. You do not have to worry about me blaming him for that." Anfey gave Ozzic a playful look. "I punished you to set an example for others, not to test your friendship with Ye."

"How could such a shameful thing be an example for others?" Ozzic asked bitterly.

"We will not talk about it." Anfey signaled the front door with his chin. "Are those criminals ok? Did you get a chance to see your date?"

"Master, she has had nothing to do with me since that day." Ozzic immediately put on a serious look. "She is just a criminal to me now, with bad intention towards our league."

"Can you really control yourself that well?" Anfey suddenly smiled. "I heard about your story from Ye. I actually can understand you now."

"My story? What story?" Ozzic was shocked.

"I heard you were starving when you were about 14 years old. You went to steal some food at a businessman's house and got caught at the scene by the hostess. However, she neither reported you to the patrol, nor gave you a hard time. Instead, she took out a lot of food to feed you. In the end, you even had sex with her. Since then, you have had special interest in the women around 28 years old. Is that right?" Anfey smiled.

"Ye!" Ozzic stompled his foot out of anger and embarrassment. His face was beat red.

"Commander, I had to tell Anfey," Ye said. "Master felt it was odd why you would like Julie when we have many prettier and younger girls in the league. Master kept asking me. I did not dare not tell him."

Black Eleven, Zubin and few others standing behind Ye tried hard to hold their laughter. Anfey asked Ye in front of Blavi and few others. He did not like to gossip, but Blavi really enjoyed it. Soon, the upper level administrative team all knew Ozzic's story.

"Master, you should not joke about it," Ozzic said with a low voice, looking sad.

"What's wrong?' Anfey was shocked for a second. "Oh, right, didn't you go to see her a lot when her husband went on business trips? Why did you stop seeing her? I asked Ye, but he did not know."

"She was killed by her husband," Ozzic said with a low voice. "In fact, she did not have to die, but she tried to signal me and asked me to run. After a few days, I heard she died from disease. She was not sick. Her husband must have killed her."

Anfey was shocked and sighed, "I am sorry, Ozzic. It was such a bad romance. Forget about it. It's history now."

"It is not a secret anymore since everybody knows about it." Ozzic looked up, and then around the room. He said slowly, "I just hope no one will joke with me about this." This was the first Ozzic talked in such a serious tone since he joined the League of Mercenaries. It seemed that everyone had something they wanted to keep to themselves.

Black Eleven, Zubin and others all put on serious looks and apologized.

"Others say I am mean and bad, but it does not matter to me. I learned a lot from her. Whoever treats me well, I will return to that person even more. I could even pour my whole heart out." Ozzic walked to the door, opened it and went outside.

From Anfey to Black Eleven and Zubin, they did not know how to respond. They felt they had better comfort him after Ozzic calmed down. Anfey walked into the jail, with Ye and Black Eleven right behind him.

This was a high-security jail. It was so secure that all the criminals had no privacy at all. A gigantic iron cage hung in the air with four mercenaries underneath to guard it, which completely removed the possibility of escape.

Over 20 people were kept in two iron cages. The cage with females seemed to be roomier, since there were only three of them in it, two girls and the so-called manager. The so-called manager was the woman Ozzic had been dating. Anfey kept dancers and waitresses in a better place, even though they were rude. Anfey did not want to vent his anger out on them. After the investigation, he would let innocent people leave.

People usually did not know how important freedom was until they lost it. Some people might disagree. They might think lives were more important than freedom, since without life, there would be no freedom. On Pan Continent, after people with weak telepathy died, their spirits would disappear quickly. It would be pointless for them to understand this principle.

Three women all looked tired and sad. They had enjoyed a good life, so they could not stand life in jail. They could not sit or lay down too long, otherwise their bodies would become restless. They could not even use the restroom freely. There was only a wood bucket in a corner without anything to block it. Whenever one of them walked to the wood bucket, dozens of mercenaries in the room would follow that woman. Of course, the other two women tried to cover her. It was undeniable that this was inhumane, but this world was developed in terms of magic, not in terms of humanity. It seemed impossible to talk about humanity in the slavery system.

Men did not have a good life either. People usually did not like to talk about height. They felt their height was determined by the genes from their parents and they had no control over it. It did not seem matter to them whether they were tall or short. However, the men like to compare the size of their private parts. One middle-aged man became the joke of the mercenaries. Mercenaries liked to call him "little birdie" at dinner. Even those three women knew what "little birdie" meant. The middle-aged man was a mentor, so the girls did not know whether they should laugh about it, be mad, or ignore it. They could only pretend they did not hear.

Seeing Anfey walk in, the middle-aged man suddenly stood up. He yelled in anger, "Master Anfey, what do you want to do to us? It's been three days. When will you let us leave?"

"Little birdie, shut the f*ck up," a mercenary yelled before Anfey could say anything.

Those young men did not dare to laugh, but Ye and Black Eleven did not have to hold in too much. Suddenly, people started to laugh. Someone even joked, "Little birdie, tell us how small it is."

"This small." The mercenary got excited when he saw Anfey smile. He held his little pinkie out and covered the bottom half with the other hand. He said, "As small as little kid's snot."

"Ok, enough." Anfey waved his hands to stop everyone from laughing. "How could we let you go if you don't admit who you are."

"If we never admit it, would you keep us here our whole lives?" The middle-aged man was annoyed by the laughter and forgot to speak with respectful language.

"That would make it too easy for you," Anfey said. "To be honest, the place you kept your secrets were highly secured. We sent out an alchemist and over 20 mages to find it. We did not open your secret chamber until three days ago."

The man looked shocked. He sounded a little frustrated. "Master Anfey, I do not know what you are talking about."

"Don't worry. I will let you know later." Anfey took a seat on the chair a mercenary carried over for him. Anfey took out a stack of papers from the Dimensional ring. He said slowly, "Really, my league has many talents. We have an alchemist and mages who can remove your magic defensive array. We also have a knowledgeable guy who helped us read those ancient languages. Last but not least, we have a person with super memory. She is our CEO, and she can memorize everything she reads in high speed. She helped me find out all the important and suspicious information. Now I already know who the rangers are."

"Anfey, I am not that guy," Hui Wei complained. "How could you give compliments in such a sh*tty way?"

"Who said I was talking about you?" Anfey smiled. He laid his eyes back to the middle-aged man. "In fact, I respect your courage and willpower. I even like your strategies, since this is a world that follows the law of the jungle. Unfortunately, you should not have attacked my wife."

"Master, I really do not understand..." The man gave one last try, but he looked very desperate.

"Actually, it seems that we are meant to meet each other," Anfey said. "You have two hubs. One is in White Mountain City, which I control now, while the other is in Violet City, which is also my feudal estate."

The man's lips were trembling, but he tried to keep silent.

"Don't you understand? For the past thousand years, my loyal Minos servants." Anfey suddenly looked sharp and cold. "Oh, my bad, the offspring of Minos servants."

The middle-aged man looked pale. He felt weak and started to fall to the ground. Luckily, the young men held him up. Ye asked in surprise. "Master, which Minos?" He followed Anfey, but did not know what was written on the paper.

"It seems that there is only one well-known Minos," Anfey said. "If your top powers were all in White Mountain City, I probably would not have been able to catch you."