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Chapter 464: Old Business

 Chapter 464: Old Business

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The young men formed a circle around the two girls and the mages. Their attitude was clear. They would not submit easily.

Anfey turned to Ozzic and asked, "Is there anyone important above us?"

Ozzic shook his head.

"Alright," Anfey said. "Leave us."

Ye glanced at Anfey, then left quietly with his men. He waved his hand and the mercenaries in his inspectorate began shoving the patrons out of the tavern as well.

"This is your last chance," Anfey said, raising his arm and summoning a raging storm of elements.

Even without the help of the ring, Anfey knew that the most powerful of the group should be the woman Ozzic had beaten. She was more powerful than Ozzic and was just pretending to be defeated. Even if he destroyed the tavern, she would still survive. He just needed to leave one person alive.

Anfey didn't care if these people died or not. He founded an inspectorate because he needed a branch to keep the mercenaries in the city from violating the rules. Even though the inspectorate was new and its duties were still unclear, it was still very important and no one should disobey it.

The patrons clearly knew who Ye was and what kind of power he wielded, which was why Anfey was very angry. He could not allow Ye's power to be questioned, because that would be an act of questioning his power.

Suddenly, a voice called out and Anfey stopped moving. "Wait!" a middle-aged man appeared and hurried over. "Wait."

The young men all moved out of the middle-aged man's way. "Put those away," the middle-aged man said. The young men looked at him, then reluctantly put their weapons away. The middle-aged man turned to Anfey and said, "What is it you need with them? We will cooperate."

"Finally," Anfey said, "someone sensible." He looked at the man while turning the ring in his hand.

"What did they do?" the middle-aged man asked carefully. "Did they... did they offend you, my lord?"

"They killed a hundred mercenaries and refused to cooperate with me," Ye said, walking over. "I need them to come with me."

"We were attacked first," one of the girls argued.

The middle-aged man waved his hand and silenced her. He turned to Anfey and said, "I apologize, my lord. They are still young and too brash. Of course you can take them." He turned to the young men and waved his hand. The young men sighed and began slowly moving towards Ye.

"And her," Anfey said, tossing a cup towards the woman who was sitting on the ground.

The woman's body suddenly twisted, and she jumped to the side. The cup hit the floor and shattered.

"Of course," the man said, "of course."

"And you?" Anfey said. "I need to search this place."

The middle-aged man frowned. "I don't recall breaking any laws, my lord," he said.

"You were hiding fugitives."

The middle-aged man sighed. "I do not know when I have offended you, my lord. Do you enjoy ruining people's lives?"

"Don't act too innocent," Anfey said. "What would those dead mercenaries think?"

The man turned to the young men and said, "I've always said don't be so brash. Don't make a decision you will later regret."

"Don't try to do anything," Anfey said, shaking his head. "Rangers."

"Rangers?" the middle-aged man repeated with a frown. "I don't know what you're talking about, my lord."

"Don't play the fool with me," Anfey said. "Treat others like you want to be treated. If you cannot do that, you have no right to talk about anything."

"I am very confused, my lord," the man said. "I really have no idea what you're talking about."

"Let me tell you," Anfey said. "My wife's name is Suzanna. After Trajan's rebellion, she left Gruce with her younger sister. She had a treasure map with her, but she was attacked, and half of the map was stolen."

The man watched Anfey calmly. His expression did not change at all. The young men behind him clearly were not good liars. As soon as they heard Suzanna's name, they turned to each other and began muttering under their breath.

"The treasure map belonged to her teacher and was a secret. I don't know how you found out about it, but I want to know. I know you're not peaceful people because you also resort to violence. If Suzanna were not as powerful as she is, there will be not justice for her or her sister."

Ye watched in shock. Suzanna had never ordered anyone and had no officers, but she was still very important and held an important spot in a lot of mercenaries' heart. The mercenaries began getting very angry when they heard Anfey say that these people once attacked Suzanna.

"You have no right talking about justice," Anfey continued. "You only speak of it when you cannot fight your way out of a situation. You are part of the Church. I didn't know anyone could be as despicable as you. I do not care what you say, but I will take you and those people with me today and I will search this place."

The middle-aged man frowned. "You mistake me for someone else," he said. "I really have no idea what Rangers are."

"You will know," Anfey said. "You either come with me or give me an excuse to kill all of you."

"Fine," the middle-aged man said, shaking his head. "We will go, since you choose not to believe us."

Ye waved his hand and the mercenaries hurried over, tying up the middle-aged men and the young men. They even tied up the girls as they brought them out of the tavern.