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Chapter 463: Entertainment

 Chapter 463: Entertainment

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Anfey felt angrier when he saw people trying to stir up the situation. Anfey reacted to annoying situations in a unique way. The angrier he felt, the calmer he would look.

Anfey had a high position and powerful fighting ability. In White Mountain City, and even in Sacred City, no one would challenge him on purpose. Yolanthe even sent a letter to Anfey to ask him to entitle Anthony to be duke. He asked Anfey to make his own judgement on that. It was not an exaggeration to say that Anfey had become one of the most important assistants for Yolanthe. In addition, Anfey's fighting ability had reached a level no one could match. No matter where Anfey was, he became the person that everyone tried to flatter.

The nobility in Sacred City was not arrogant as the people here. Of course, there were many bad people among the nobility, but it was undeniable that noblemen had more chance to get educated than regular people. Any noblemen who were not too stupid would only offend others if it was in their own interest. They would not offend others with bad words or manners for no reason. They were not that naïve to do so.

Anfey didn't say anything, but he had made a decision. He waved his hand, and the bar door was forced open. A group of mercenary inspectors pushed through the two guards at the door. Those poor guards had two shiny swords against their necks, which was why they dared not make any noise to let people in the bar know what had happened.

"Commander Ye, it looks like you are serious about this." Seeing the big group of inspectors knock the door down and rush in, the woman looked mad. She turned around and yelled, "Big bro, someone is looking to cause trouble for us. Bro!"

"What happened?" A deep voice was heard from upstairs.

"Some trouble-makers are here," the woman yelled in a high-pitched voice.

"Who the f*ck are they?" Ozzic walked downstairs in just a few steps.

The whole bar suddenly became quiet. The woman and the customers all sneered and prepared to watch a fight. Anfey was shocked. He did not think the woman in front of him was related to Ozzic. Of course, Ozzic was even more surprised to see Anfey there. Ozzic stared wide-eyed at Anfey, Ye, Black Eleven and the big group of mercenaries.

"Bro, Commander Ye does not want to do you a favor." The woman paid all her attention to the gazes of Anfey, Ye and others, but neglected Ozzic's. She smiled, moved next to Ozzic and held Ozzic's arm to show how close she was to him. "We are all friends. I do not want to give you a hard time, but you have to pay for my doors."

All the customers in the bar laughed. Ozzic finally realized what was going on from the laughter. He shoved the woman away and slapped her hard. He snarled, "F*cking forget about your doors."

The woman did not expect Ozzic to slap her. She stumbled and fell to the floor. "Bro?"

After the woman calling him bro again, Ozzic got madder and kicked the woman in the chest. He tried to shed any possible relationship between two of them, but the woman kept calling him bro and put him in a bad situation. Why did she have to involve him in the situation right now? Did she want him to die?

"Commander Ozzic, you look awesome," Anfey said casually.

Ozzic could not recall Anfey talking to him with such a sarcastic tone since he had joined the League of Mercenaries. He was shocked and scared at the same time. His legs felt weak and he was about to kneel down before Anfey. Suddenly, they heard a snarl from upstairs. "F*ck, who dares to hurt my sister!" A person covered in bright combat power shot himself downstairs toward Anfey.

Often things happen with ridiculous or terrible timing. If that person had come downstairs earlier, he would have seen Ozzic hitting the woman, which would have stopped him from attacking Anfey. If he had come downstairs a bit later, he would have seen Ozzic kneeling down to Anfey, which also would have stopped him from attacking. However, he came downstairs in between these events, which made him doomed.

Anfey raised his hand and called out a Fire Bird. The Fire Bird shot from his hand at the swordsman. The combat power of the swordsman crashed immediately. The Fire Bird shot into his body, came out from his back with splashes of blood, and hit the bar wall. A big hole on the wall appeared, while the swordsman rolled on the floor. When the Fire Bird passed through his chest, the swordsman's body was almost broken in half with only some skin and tendons connecting the parts.

The whole bar became quiet again because Anfey had shown how powerful he was. Moreover, patrons did not think anyone would dare kill someone in the bar.

"Master." Ozzic kneeled down. He had been good at weighing people's words and observing their looks to know what was on others' minds. Of course, he knew Anfey was really mad now.

Sensing the magic surges, a few more people appeared on the stairs. Riska was among them. He did not look less surprised than Ozzic, especially when he saw the friend who had been drinking and hanging out with him dead in his own blood. Obviously, Anfey killed him. Riska stood there but could not mutter a word.

"Master Riska is here too? It looks like I am not a good chief commander since I did not give you enough food and clothes, and you have to come here to watch the bar as a side job. Do you know what 'watch the bar' means? You are watch dogs!" Anfey said casually.

Riska's face was a little pale. He hesitated for a second before he slowly walked next to Ozzic and kneeled down. He wanted to argue, but he knew it was not a good time for that.

"Are you happy now? Do you think it is already time to relax and entertain yourselves? You are quite happy with the situation you are in," Anfey said in a sarcastic tone. "Luckily, others are not like you. Shinbela and Thompson have been practicing swordfighting every day. Zubin and Feller have given up sleep time for meditation. I thought everybody should try hard and it would not be a big deal. I just realized how good they are compared with you two." This was really how Anfey thought. No one had tried as hard as Anfey. Even after Anfey passed the level of Da Dao, he still practiced as much as before. That was why he didn't think it was a big deal to see others trying hard every day. It was also the reason no one in the bar had seen him knew him.

Anfey barely experienced any entertainment. He delegated all the administrative and diplomatic work to Alice. Besides talking to Alice, Christian, Anthony and few others sometimes, and spending some time with Suzanna, he spent the rest of his time practicing. He was like a girl who only stayed home. It would be strange if people in White Mountain City saw him and knew him.

Ozzic blushed, and Riska felt uneasy, but they kept quiet.

He stopped interrogating Ozzic and Riska and asked, "Ye, when you came in, what did you say?"

"Me?" Ye was shocked for a second when he was called out. "I said this bar needs to be out of service for a while. We need do an investigation."

"And?" Anfey said.

"And," Ye recalled, "anyone who is not related to the bar needs to leave right away."

"No one left the bar, so they must have something to do with the bar. Arrest all of them," Anfey said.

Ye turned around to give the inspectors a look. Those mercenaries went over to take everyone in the bar. They never felt they had this much authority when they went out with Ye. Now they felt they could take anyone with them.

The situation changed too fast. Most customers were reasonable. They did not struggle when they were tied up by the mercenaries. Only one customer struggled a bit, but he only struggled, daring not to fight the mercenaries.

"Can't your inspectorate control that guy?" Anfey saw five mercenaries struggling to control the one customer. Anfey sneered, "I asked you to take them, alive or dead."

"Kill him," Ye snarled.

The mercenaries pulled out swords and stabbed the customer until many holes showed on his body.

Ozzic and Riska were not stupid. Seeing that Anfey and Ye had brought a large group of mercenaries to this bar, they figured there must be something fishy about the bar. Seeing Anfey kill two people already, they dared not say anything.

Sounds of walking were heard upstairs. Two girls and eight young men walked downstairs. The girls were twins. They looked adorable, maybe not as beautiful as elves, but definitely good-looking for humans. The looks on their faces showed they must have thought there were fights downstairs, and they wanted to come down to give a hand. Seeing the situation, they dared not join the fight. They had their hands on the shafts of their swords. They gazed at the woman on the floor and the dead bodies. They looked a little angry and sad.

"It's two of them," Ye suddenly said.

"Which two?" Anfey said.

"The first and third one from left." Black Eleven pointed. He saw the portraits too.

"Take them," Anfey ordered.

Knowing their decent fighting abilities, Ye went to take them himself, accompanied by more than a dozen mercenaries. Seeing Ye and his team pressing down on them, the young men immediately pulled their swords out and released their combat power. The two mages behind them released magic dome, posing that they were ready for the fight. One of the young men asked loudly, "Master, did we do anything wrong?"

"You killed over a hundred mercenaries. It was not a mistake. It is a crime," Black Eleven said coldly.

"Master, do you have any proof?" the guy yelled.

"They attacked us first," one of the girls screamed at the same time.

"Good, at least you admit you killed over a hundred mercenaries," Ye said. "You can say whatever you want to say. No one would know who started the fight anyway."

"We are telling the truth." That girl still did not realize her mistake. Even though her mistake would not change the result, mistakes were mistakes. No matter they admitted they had killed those mercenaries or not, they would be taken away.

"Truth? It would only be truth if I say so," Ye said calmly and pulled his sword out.