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Chapter 461: Explanation

 Chapter 461: Explanation

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When Anfey sensed Suzanna walking upstairs, he quickly put the stuff in front of him away. As Suzanna walked into the room, she looked worried, and he asked in surprise, "What's wrong, Suzanna?"

"Anfey, you have to go and help. Alice and Christian are arguing," Suzanna said hastily. "They are arguing in front of many people. No matter what I said, they would not stop."

"What were they arguing about?" Anfey asked.

"About those businessmen. After Arlango donated 20,000 gold coins, those businessmen went to see Alice and wanted to cancel their contract with us and volunteered to donate their gold coins to us instead. Alice was still not happy with it. She wanted them to donate more. The businessmen went to Christian to complain. Christian thought Alice asked too much, but Alice did not want to give in and started to argue with Christian right there. Hurry up, you gotta go there," Suzanna said.

"Were the businessmen there as well?" Anfey asked.

"Yes," Suzanna said.

"Don't be silly." Anfey gently tapped Suzanna's forehead. "They were just acting to try to fool the businessmen, but they definitely fooled you."

Suzanna hurriedly covered her forehead with her hand. She asked suspiciously, "Are you sure?"

"Of course." Anfey said. "Unless something affects their bottom line, they would not argue. Even if they had a conflict, with you there trying to mediate, they would have stopped arguing."

"Damn it!" Suzanna got pissed. "Why didn't they tell me in advance? I was worried for nothing."

"I guess," Anfey paused, "they thought it was not easy to fool the businessmen, but everyone knows you are honest and upright, so it would look more real with you there with them."

"They cannot do this to me. I am going to find them" Suzanna said, grinding her teeth. She turned around to walk out of the room. Actually, anyone would get pissed if he was in Suzanna's shoes. She tried to calm both Alice and Christian for almost half day, but they actually set her up.

"Let it go." Anfey immediately grabbed Suzanna's hand. He said with a smile, "If you go there and argue with them, then you are selling them out."

"It must have been Alice's idea." Suzanna still wanted to go and argue with them.

"Don't blame her for it." Anfey smiled. "If you had known the truth beforehand, would you have acted so real? The businessmen could have seen you were acting."

"Do you think I am stupid?" Suzanna rolled her eyes at Anfey again.

"No, no. Who said you are stupid? You are the youngest top power on the Pan Continent!" Anfey realized he made the simplest mistake by giving unbiased suggestions. He tried to comfort Suzanna immediately. He saw Hagan trying to back away from the door out of the corner of his eye. "Hey, Hagan, you are back."

"Good morning, Anfey." Hagan greeted him with a smile.

"Morning? The sun is directly above your head. It is noon already. Hagan, you didn't sleep last night, did you?" Anfey asked.

"I went to sleep late last night." Hagan passed a light blue potion to Anfey as he talked. "Here you go."

Anfey took the potion. "What is this?"

"I diluted the Sacred Potion. In a few days when the little unicorn starts to have more energy, you can feed him this potion, but don't waste it. You can just put a drop of the potion on his tongue," Hagan said.

"I got it," Anfey said.

"Oh, Anfey, it's better that you and Suzanna administer the potion to the little unicorn. Don't give the potion to those maids. If you find anything wrong, you can see me immediately," Hagan said.

"Suzanna and I will leave in a few days. What are we going to do with the little unicorn?" Anfey asked, frowning.

"I will take care of the unicorn," Hagan said, "but I am not sure if he would listen to me."

"It would be great if Niya were here," Anfey said. Niya had spent a long time with the unicorn, so besides Anfey and Suzanna, it was only close to Niya and little Shally.

"I know." Hagan hesitated for a second and asked, "Anfey, what did you do with that bottle of Sacred Potion?"

"I drank it all." Anfey smiled. He had told Christian that he used the bottle of potion, but no one else asked about it. Of course, it showed that everyone trusted Anfey a lot. Hagan, as an alchemist, knew better than others how valuable the potion was. He had refrained from asking that question for a long time, but he could not hold it in anymore.

"Did you drink it all?" Hagan asked loudly.

"I was hit by a strange magic and I could not think of anything else but drinking the potion at that critical moment," Anfey said bitterly.

"What did you say?" Suzanna snarled.

"When? What were the affects of that magic?" Hagan asked hastily.

"It happened a while ago. The magic," Anfey tried to recall what happened to him, "made me feel like I was submerging in melting lava. Fire elements constantly burning my skin. I suffered great pain, and my skin even cracked at the end. I released Anti-magic Terra, but it only helped with my pain for a short period of time. When Anti-magic Terra disappeared, the fire elements came back."

"I remember Hui Wei talked about it before." Hagan went quiet for a while. "It must be Burning Forbidden spells. Anfey, did Archmage Michael hit you with it?"

"Yes," Anfey said.

"I thought Burning Forbidden spells had disappeared a long time ago." Hagan frowned. "But Anfey, you were so lucky. I cannot believe you survived Burning Forbidden spells and the Aging Curse."

Anfey heaved a sigh. People with lower levels of fighting ability were scared of whooshing sword radiance and moving elements in waves, because those could easily take their lives. For two people with similar fighting abilities, they felt the material magic was a pain in the neck. It was especially true in physical fights, since their physical fighting abilities were increasingly affected. As a result, they could both end up dying.

"Why didn't I know about this, Anfey?" Suzanna was worried and grabbed his sleeve as she asked. This was the first she had heard that Anfey had been hit by Forbidden Spells when they had been separated. Archmage Michael's Forbidden Spells were never ineffective.

Anfey chuckled. "It all past. I am fine, right?" If Hagan had not asked, he would not have told anyone about it, in case they worried about him. However, right now he felt he had to give them an explanation, since he had to explain why he no longer had the valuable Sacred Potion. After his explanation, Anfey immediately switched topics. He took something out of his Dimensional Ring. "Hagan, I feel this ax is sealed with magic. Can you check it and see if you can break the seal?"

Suzanna gave Anfey a worried look. She looked like she was about to say something, but swallowed it. Her eyes were moist.

"What a big ax! Where did you get it?" Hagan commented. He reached both of his hands out to hold the ax.

"Can you hold it?" Anfey smiled.

"Yes, you can let go of it," Hagan said.

Anfey let go as Hagan requested. Hagan suddenly felt a huge amount of pressure on his arms. He could not hold the ax anymore, and it was falling on Hagan's toes. As the ax was about 15 inches from his toes, it stopped in the air. Anfey had grabbed the ax with his right hand. He knew how much this ax weighed, so he put a lot of force on it when he grabbed it. Pressure radiated to the surrounding area, with Anfey at the center.

"F*ck!" Hagan broke out in a cold sweat because he almost lost his toes. He seemed to lose control of his tongue. He muttered, "What is this damn ax? I am afraid it weighs a couple hundred pounds." In fact, he had known the ax was heavy. That was why he tried to hold it with both hands, but did not realize he still could not hold it.

"I weighed it before. To be more specific, it is 445 kilograms." Anfey skillfully swung the ax and passed it to Hagan again. "Do you want to try it again?"

"No." Hagan shook his head as fast as a drum toy. "It is almost 450 kilograms? What is it made of? It is really heavy."

"You are the alchemist. You need figure out what it is made of," Anfey said. "I know this ax is very sharp. It can cut iron and steel like nothing. I chopped a rock with this ax and did not feel any resistance from the rock."

"Strange people, like you, can use such a weird ax," Hagan said.

"Hagan, what kind of people like to use axes as weapons on Pan Continent?" Anfey asked.

"Are you asking who the previous owner of this ax could be?" Hagan thought for a second and said, "Since this ax is so heavy, some barbarians could have used it. Some elite beast men and bear druids could have used it as well. Bear druids are strong enough for this ax, but they barely use any weapons."

"I see." Anfey was quiet for awhile and passed the ax to Suzanna. "Suzanna, can you try it."

With Hagan's experience, Suzanna was cautious. She performed combat power before she took the ax from Anfey. She swung it a few times. "It's too heavy and will affect my speed."

"It does not affect my speed," Anfey said.

Ye and Black Eleven showed up at the door together. Ye gave Anfey a look, and Anfey said quietly, "Suzanna, can you take this ax to Hagan's temporary lab? I need go out with Ye for a bit."

"Do you want me to go with you?" Suzanna asked. Anfey had become very powerful, and White Mountain City was pretty safe as well, but the story Anfey told Suzanna still made her worry something would happen to him.