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Chapter 459: Careful Planning

 Chapter 459: Careful Planning

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"How strange," Anfey whispered as he flipped through the book. He had been trying to use light magic for a while, but something strange and unexpected happened.

In the past, he could manage to control light elements and summon balls of light. They might not have been powerful, but he could always do it. Now, he found that following the book's instructions resulted in nothing.

He had tried almost all spells in the book, and not a single one worked. However, when he closed the book and gathered the elements using his own style, he could manage to summon a light ball or two.

Anfey frowned and closed the book when the memory of Warner praying sprang into mind. He grimaced. Did he really need to pray in order for light magic to work?

"Anfey, what are you doing?" Suzanna asked as she walked into the room and saw the grimace on Anfey's face.

"Nothing," Anfey said, tossing the book onto a nearby table. "Were you out again with Shawn and Dalmatian?"

Suzanna nodded. "It's a rare chance," she said. "Practicing with them taught me things I would have never learned otherwise." She paused and glanced at Anfey. "Why didn't you come?"

"They never asked me to go," Anfey said. "I'm not a swordsman. There's no point."

Suzanna walked over and sat down next to Anfey, wrapping her arms around him. "You have to blame Ernest for that. He told everyone that you are too strong to practice with us. That's why no one ever asks you to come along."

"Who's the strongest out of all of them?"

"Ernest," Suzanna said. "Obviously. Oh, I showed them what you taught me. You won't believe how surprised they were. Of course, we still must depend on our swords in a real battle, but your tricks can give me an advantage."

Anfey nodded. He knew the things he taught Suzanna were useful to him in battle, but to swordsmasters like Shawn and Dalmatian, those things were practically useless. "They're still useful," he said. "Just depends on how and when you use them."

"Really?" Suzanna asked, blinking.

Anfey nodded. "Suzanna, have you realized? Ernest is changing. He's so much more friendly than before."

Suzanna nodded. "You missed it. Shawn and Ernest had an argument today."

"What were they arguing about?"

"Shawn thought that the Knights of Light are only a little bit more powerful than the priests, but Ernest thought that they are more powerful than swordsmen because they can heal themselves."

"What do you think?"

"I think Ernest's right," Suzanna said. "The Knights of Light may not be as powerful as we are, but they are much better at long fights. Legend has it that a Knight of Light once fought for five days without resting. A swordsman would have never lasted that long."

Anfey opened his mouth to talk, but was interrupted when someone pushed open the door. Baery walked in. Suzanna yelped and jumped back. Baery smiled at her. "Sorry for the interruption," he said.

"It's fine, my lord," Anfey said. "Are you looking for us?"

Baery nodded. "It's time for us to go," he said. "I want you to take care of business here as quickly as possible. Once the war breaks out, both you and Lady Suzanna will be gone."

"Don't worry, my lord," Anfey said. "We will be there before the war breaks out."

"Good," Baery said with a nod. "I won't waste your time, then." He nodded at Suzanna and turned to leave.

"Wait!" Anfey called, suddenly remembering something. Baery turned back and looked at Anfey.

"My lord, I've been thinking. If we can kill Scarlet before the war even breaks out, would it delay or even prevent the war?"

Baery looked at Anfey, then he walked back into the room and sat down across from him.

"It doesn't matter if Scarlet's alliance is not as strong as mine," Anfey said. "It is still hard to fracture it. But if we can kill Scarlet, who is the glue that's holding everything together, we would have an advantage."

"I know what you're thinking," Baery said. "I'm not going to lie. We've tried assassinating her before, but she is a very paranoid woman. She is never alone without guards. Especially now. She has Manstuly and the Church's men around her. It is impossible to find her alone and assassinate her."

"I can always find an opportunity," Anfey said slowly.

"You mean..."

"Can we kill Prince Jerrick?" Anfey asked. "Will that do anything?"

"Of course," Baery said. "But we can't do that yet. He is the weakest of all competitors for the Shansa throne. He won't be a threat even if he takes the throne."

"I don't want to assassinate him," Anfey said. "He is bait. If he is in danger, would Scarlet do anything?"

Baery frowned.

"Of course, this plan is only at its beginning stage. I need everyone's help to actually execute it. I need you, my lord, and Ernest, Shawn, and Dalmatian. I want to intimidate Scarlet. I want her to think that we really will kill Jerrick. Hopefully that will prompt her to try to save him," Anfey said. "I need information about both Scarlet and Prince Jerrick. I need to know as much about them as possible for this plan to work. Including the things that may be deemed irrelevant."

"What will that irrelevant information do for you?"

"I need to know more about their personalities," Anfey said. "That way, I can make sure Scarlet will come to rescue Jerrick."

"I see," Baery said. "You have my support. Of course, you should talk to the others about this. I can't make the decision for everyone. My army is settled between Loji Valley and Blackwater River. It's a plain, and perfect for a battlefield. My army is working on setting up a communication portal, and you can speak to them that way."

Anfey nodded. "Thank you," he said.

"Are you serious about this plan?"

Anfey nodded with a smile. "It's the best plan I can think of, if we want to avoid the war."

Baery looked at him for a few moments then sighed. "I don't like assassinations," Baery said. "But if that's what it takes to prevent the war and the death of my soldiers...well, I'm willing to take this chance." Baery smiled at Anfey. "If you can assassinate Scarlet, then you have achieved more for Maho Empire than I ever will."