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Chapter 454: I Hate Magic

 Chapter 454: I Hate Magic

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Black fog swallowed the bone cage. The man grinned and raised his wand. Suddenly, he realized that something was approaching him. He had been alive for hundreds of years and had more experienced than most people in the world. As soon as he detected it, he summoned two bone shields around himself. A few moments later, Anfey appeared behind him and swung his fist at the man.

Anfey crashed through the bone shield and his punch landed on the man's shoulder. The man grunted and his figure tumbled in the air.

Both of them were smart men, and even in a fight they could still calmly analyze the situation. The man was shocked by Anfey's magic and the fact that he was able to teleport to him without any magic surges. Anfey was shocked by how strong the necromancer was. Even though he wasn't using his full strength and the man had summoned a bone shield, Anfey was still confident that he was strong enough to take out a mage. He knew that he had not caused as much damage to the man as he wanted. This man was a very dangerous opponent, perhaps the most dangerous he had faced so far.

To Anfey, every fight was a fight to death. He knew that this man had very rare capabilities. He lunged at the man.

Anfey's figure disappeared as he got closer to the necromancer and reappeared right before him a few moments later. He swung his fist at the necromancer's face.

The necromancer was shocked by this and stopped, but he only stopped for a split second. By the time Anfey appeared before him, he already had a magic scroll in his hands. As Anfey swung his fist at him, the necromancer had already used the scroll.

Anfey's fist smashed into a zombie as the necromancer appeared among the zombies below. The ground around the man had turned a dark color, and hoards of skeletons were climbing out of the ground. Some of the skeletons surged towards the city while others stayed close to the necromancer.

Anfey turned and lunged at the man again. He wanted to use antimagic terra to stop the man from using magic, but he was afraid that the man had some hidden power he did not know of. If Anfey could not find a quick way to kill this necromancer and he escaped, than the antimagic terra would be wasted. He needed to know what the man was capable of, but he couldn't even get close to him.

The necromancer raised his hand again. The skeletons he summoned were strange. They were gleaming white, and some were even holding bows. The skeletons, under the necromancer's command, raised their bows and sent hundreds of arrows toward Anfey.

Anfey stopped and summoned a large fire shield. The shield stopped most of the arrows, but there were too many arrows and the shield began disintegrating slowly.

Anfey rose higher into the air and summoned another shield. Then he moved again and summoned one more.

The skeletons had reached the city. The necromancer closed his eyes, sensing the changes in the city, deciding whether he should leave now.

Anfey waved his hand and summoned a large, golden fire shield.

The necromancer looked at Anfey and shook his head, as if saying now was not the time for the final fight.

Anfey raised his hands. The elements around him began expanding slowly, until his figure disappeared and the only things visible were the lightning, fire balls, and rocks, clashing each other in midair.

The necromancer frowned. He summoned a magic shield that also included the skeletons around him. The best thing to do now was to attack Anfey, but the necromancer knew better than to take unnecessary risks. The skeletons were still sending arrows at Anfey, but none of the arrows could pierce through the cloud of elements around him.

Anfey clenched his fists and pushed the elements outward. A wave of mind magic swept across the battlefield.

The skeletons and zombies stopped in their tracks because they were connected to necromancers through a mental link. Anfey's mind magic had broken all the links. However, the mercenaries did not fare well, either. The zombies and skeletons stopped, but so did the mercenaries.

The magic shields the necromancer summoned disappeared and the elements crashed into the ground. The cloud of elements broke the skeletons, sending broken pieces of bones flying. The zombies were turned to bloody pulp.

The necromancer reappeared through the cloud of elements. He was wounded and his robe was tattered, but he appeared as calm as ever, as if he was not the one that was wounded. Another magic scroll appeared in his head and magic surged around him.

Anfey's hands shook. He could tell his life power was flowing out of him. He could see that his hands were aging visibly. Within a few seconds, his smooth skin was covered with wrinkles.

The aging spell was a powerful spell. The necromancer could still use magic by himself, and there was no need to waste a scroll, but there was no time. He knew he had to take out his opponent fast.

Two large bone wings appeared behind the man's back and a long bone lance appeared in his hand. The necromancer didn't want to use his own magic and did not have time to waste. It should be easier to get close to people afflicted with an aging spell than to use magic to kill them.

Just then, white light suddenly appeared around Anfey and his figure disappeared.

"It can't be," the necromancer muttered. He did not expect a priest to be here.

Suzanna appeared in the distance and was heading towards them. The necromancer knew he was running out of time. He did not know if the aging spell's effects were cancelled, but he had to take the risk.

Anfey's figure appeared through the light and he dove down towards the necromancer. The necromancer raised his hand and threw the bone lance towards Anfey. This way, he could tell Anfey's state and keep the distance between them.

Anfey swung his right arm and knocked the lance out of his way, sending it flying in another direction.

The necromancer narrowed his eyes. He was a necromancer, he had hundreds of years to live. He was patient and he did not mind waiting. He was never one for taking risks.

The necromancer summoned another scroll and disappeared from the field.

Anfey landed where the man had been standing. He stumbled and took a deep breath. The cleansing only temporarily stopped the loss of his life power, but it couldn't turn him back. If the necromancer did not hesitate, Anfey would not have risked coming towards him.

"Anfey!' Suzanna called as she flew towards him. She could not see him and was worried.

Anfey spat on the ground and shook his head. "I hate magic," he muttered.