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Chapter 453: Unexpected Visitor

 Chapter 453: Unexpected Visitor

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A dark figure landed on the walls of White Mountain City and observed the activities inside the city silently. A patrol team walked by him, but no one seemed to see him.

The figure was a tall, middle-aged man. He was watching the patrol and did not do anything. He appeared no different than a normal person at first glance, but his odd nature became apparent upon closer inspection. His skin was more smooth than a normal person's, and he had no facial hair.

He raised his hand, and a ball of grey gas gathered in his hand. He waved his hand and the ball flew towards the patrol team, engulfing the entire team in dense mist. The patrol kept walking for a few moments before stopping in the mist.

Anfey was sitting in his room and meditating, but the sudden wave of magic surges interrupted his meditation. His eyes blinked open and the elements that gathered around him quickly dispersed.

Another patrol team walked by and noticed the first team. The leader of the second patrol team frowned and called out, "What are you doing there?"

"Are you slacking?" another mercenary called, grinning. "You'll be in big trouble if Lord Ye finds out about this!"

Mercenaries in the first patrol team slowly turned around to face the second team. Mercenaries in the second patrol discovered, to their horror, that all the mercenaries' eyes were shining with a strange red light. The War against the Dead had been raging for a while now, and all the mercenaries had experience fighting zombies. It was not hard for them to figure out what had happened. Before they could do anything, however, another wave of dense fog descended onto the mercenaries, turning them into statues.

The middle-aged man on the wall chuckled under his breath. "How interesting," he said. "There is no one on the mage tower."

The mage tower was one of the most important structures in a city. During a battle, it was up to the mages in the mage tower to protect the city and its people. The towers were also a place for the mages to rest. Mages in the mage tower could increase the power of the soldiers. When there wasn't a battle, the towers were responsible for detecting magic surges and serving as a lookout.

The mage towers in the city still hadn't send out a warning, meaning they were not manned.

Michael's mage tower was only half complete and did not have all the functions a mage tower should have. The League of Mercenaries did not have enough money to continue building the towers. Taking the incomplete tower down, on the other hand, would be a great source for extra materials.

Mercenaries in the two patrol teams converged and turned down a street. The middle-aged man levitated into the air and followed the mercenaries. Before he could go far, however, he was stopped by a flash of fire shooting towards him.

The man did not panic. He raised his hands and waved them, summoning a large bone shield. The firebird crashed into the shield and broke into scattered elements.

The man's eyes widened. An arrow shot through his hand and his shield, planting itself in his cheek. Thick blood slowly seeped out of the wounds on his hand and cheek.

The man grabbed the arrow and gently pulled it out. Then he whispered something under his breath, and his wounds began healing quickly.

Anfey flew towards the middle-aged man, his entire body surrounded by loose elements that were attracted by his magic use.

The man did not turn to leave or fly towards Anfey. He remained where he was, watching calmly as if he was watching a show. He originally didn't come here for a fight. He came here to scout and to find out more about the city. However, the arrow had angered him, and he was ready to accept the challenge.

He knew how powerful he was. Even people like Burzuryano could not take him on alone. He was used to being powerful, and he was confident in his own skills.

Anfey watched the middle-aged man. As he approached the man, he clenched his fist and swung it at the man's face.

The man summoned another bone shield. The shield was darker than normal shields but seemed to be glowing.

Anfey's fist crashed into the bone shield. The elements around him scattered but the shield was still good as new. The middle-aged man, however, was thrown back by the attack.

Anfey lunged towards him, swinging his left fist and sending a column of wind towards the man.

The man suddenly disappeared and reappeared a few hundred feet away from where he was before, watching Anfey coldly.

Anfey frowned. It was very hard to fight with mages because of mages' ability to teleport. It was almost impossible to kill a mage because of how good they were at escaping.

Anfey clenched his teeth and chased after the man.

Suddenly, a dark red wand appeared in the middle-aged man's hand. Anfey did not see him do anything with the wand, but a sharp bone lance appeared in the air between them. The lance flew towards Anfey.

Anfey did not slow down or back away. As the lance flew closer, he raised his hand and knocked the lance out of the way. Before he could do anything, however, he suddenly realized that his vision was growing blurry. Anfey frowned but did not stop. He didn't need his vision in a fight. He could sense his opponent without it.

The middle-aged man raised his wand and whispered something. Anfey felt his body growing heavier as the man chanted. Magic surged above and around him, and a bone cage appeared out of thin air. The cage surrounded Anfey and quickly shrunk in size, trapping him.

Anfey spat. He could sense the magic surging, and he should have been able to get out of the way, but because of the man's spell, his body was too heavy and he couldn't move quickly enough. The bone cage had already formed by the time his fist made contact with the cage's elements.