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Chapter 452: Wings

 Chapter 452: Wings

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The long line of carriages and carts stopped on the square in front of the government building. Arlanga had brought only a hundred guards and mercenaries when he left, but he brought back many more this time. He also was accompanied by hundreds of soldiers from Maho Empire.

A lot of guards and soldiers were bloodied, and Arlanga was injured. Clearly, the trip back had not been an easy one.

Arlanga jumped off of his horse and hurried over to Anfey, bowing. Alice frowned when she saw him. She did not like men with no backbone. A man like Arlanga could betray his former allies and was capable of more betrayals in the future. Men like Arlanga were not trustworthy.

"So this is Arlanga," Alice said quietly. Anfey nodded. "Is it true he founded Cloud Chamber of Commerce?"

"It's true," Anfey said. "Why?"

"That means he must be of able mind," Alice said. "I don't understand. Why is he doing this? Who is he acting for?"

Anfey smiled. He knew exactly what Alice was talking about. Arlanga's head was wrapped and his robe was tattered. He looked like he had just stepped off of a battlefield.

"I have all the food, my lord!" Arlanga said loudly with a bow.

Anfey frowned. He hadn't sent Arlanga to transport food. Arlanga made that decision on his own. He had Arlanga contact the Shield of Light legion because he wanted to shorten Arlanga's trip. The way Arlanga was talking made Arlanga seem like he was only a food merchant.

"Good," Anfey said with a smile. "You must have had a hard trip. Let me introduce you real quick. This is Alice. She is in charge of all the internal affairs in the alliance. You will report to her about supplies."

"Lady Alice," Arlanga said with another bow.

Alice nodded and waved her hand. She glanced at the carts parked in the square and frowned. "There's not enough," she said, turning to Anfey.

"I can go find some more," Arlanga volunteered eagerly. "I'm used to running around. I'd rather be out all day than sit around."

"No," Alice said, shaking her head. "I have other plans for you. Come with me."

Arlanga froze and glanced at Anfey. Anfey nodded and shrugged. Arlanga sighed and followed Alice, his eyes shifting, trying to think of a reason why Alice would want to talk to him.

"Those are members of the Roaring Death Legion," Kumaraghosha said, looking at the soldiers.

"I know," Anfey said, nodding. Even though the soldiers were not flying a flag, they were very different from the Shield of Light soldiers. They were wearing dark armor and had not moved since their arrival.

"If you give them to me, my lord, I can..."

"You know I can't do that, Kumaraghosha," Anfey said with a sigh. "Baery would kill me if I do."


"This is what we received," Jerrick said, handing a file over to Scarlet. "It doesn't look good." He was an average looking young man and did not speak with a commanding voice that was common among royalty.

Scarlet flipped through the file and frowned when she read the last page. She reread the file and sighed. "That Alice... This is true?"

"It's not just her," Jerrick said, shaking his head. "I don't think anyone dared to defy Anfey."

"I'm talking about the genius part," Scarlet said. "There's only one person befitting of this title for me, Your Royal Highness."

Jerrick frowned and did not say anything.

"The alliance is new. They are trying to expand as fast as possible by absorbing different mercenary groups," Scarlet said. "Which means they are also absorbing conflicts. Mercenaries are free-spirited. They believe in themselves and freedom, which meant they despise rules. If old conflicts are not resolves and new conflicts accumulating... This is a miracle."

"You're forgetting about Anfey," Jerrick said. "Mercenaries worship freedom, but they also worship the strong and the powerful."

"I know," Scarlet said. "He is a terrifying opponent. He could not have worked this miracle by himself. He needed other helpers. If Alice is in charge of internal affairs... she must be one of his best."

Jerrick's gaze fell to the ground and he did not say anything.

"I'm surprised. How did she manage to keep the mercenaries from murdering each other? How can she manage such a large organization so smoothly?" Scarlet paused and turned to Jerrick. "Your Royal Highness, I want to promote a soldier right now to lead my army."

"Are you kidding?"

"Do I look like I'm kidding?"

"Soldiers are just that. They don't have the ability or the experience to lead an army."

"Alice has got to be one of the best Anfey's got," Scarlet said. "We both know that a capable person is never born capable. Ability comes from years of experience. It's either that Alice is so good we cannot find where she came from and who she is, or it's because you are hiding something from me."

"She is..." Jerrick hesitated.

"Who is she?"

"She's Maderofa," Jerrick said quietly.

Scarlet froze. She had been expecting this, but it still came as a shock. "This is why you insisted on meeting with Hotchbini, isn't it?" Scarlet said with a chuckle. "You knew this, and you didn't tell me?"

"Scarlet, I don't know why you hate her so much, but she is still my sister!" Jerrick said.

"Which is why I didn't kill her back then," Scarlet said. "It seems like I have made a mistake. I won't make the same mistake again. When the time comes."

"Why?" Jerrick asked loudly.

"Because she is about to become Anfey's wings," Scarlet said. "You and I both know what she's capable of."

"She could have become my wings," Jerrick exclaimed.

"She wouldn't," Scarlet said, shaking her head. "She would have never work for you. I am the only one, Jerrick. Don't forget. You're not her only brother."

"But...but she..."

Scarlet sighed. She walked over and took Jerrick's hands. "You are too kind, Your Highness. Can't you tell how much of a threat your sister is? His Majesty wanted her to become princess regent, but do you think she would stop there?"