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Chapter 447: Kill

 Chapter 447: Kill

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Fighting had many distinctive styles, which changed as the fighters changed. Some fights were intense, cool, or fast. The fight between Shinbela and Kukuri had its own special style, bloody!

People at the scene, including Anfey, all thought Kukuri was so desperate that he definitely would fight as hard as he could, like fighting for his life. His motivation and fighting ability were both at the best. Shinbela did not have to risk her life for this fight, so it seemed like Shinbela would be in a disadvantage. Whether Shinbela would win the fight depended on her own fighting ability.

However, everyone at the scene was shocked as the fight started. It was clear they had been wrong, of perhaps only half right.

Kukuri had tried hard as the fight started. After releasing Transformation magic, his attacks seemed to be more aggressive and faster. He was as fast as lightning. His strong claws made an ear-piercing sound every time they moved through the air. Kukuri could even release magic as he fought physically. It seemed like he as two people in one fighting against Shinbela.

No matter how much Kukuri tried, he could not get the advantage in the fight, even though he was fighting for his life.

Kukuri thought Anfey would keep his word after he had made a public promise, since Anfey held the highest position in the League of Mercenaries. This was Kukuri's only hope. He had to beat this swordswoman. However, he was constrained. He could hurt or beat Shinbela, but he dared not kill her.

Shinbela was more aggressive than everyone expected, which gave Kukuri an illusion that she hated him for personal reasons. In fact, Shinbela's attitudes towards life played a role in it. She had loved Manlyn so much, but he cheated on her, which almost destroyed Shinbela. Shinbela killed Manlyn at the end, but the whole world became grey to her. The troops under her father's leadership had merged into the League of Mercenaries. Anfey should be able to lead them to a bright future. The only thing she cared about was solved.

People who tried as hard as they could actually still cared about their lives, otherwise they would not have tried so hard. But Shinbela did not seem to care whether she was alive or dead.

Anfey and others retreated dozens of yards away. As sword radiances and wind blades flew everywhere in the air, more wounds showed up on Shinbela and Kukuri. Shinbela seemed to get hurt more. There were four deep scratches on her left face, from her left ear all the way to the lips. The flash flipped open and mixed with blood. Her left chest armor was torn by Kukuri and showed more than half of her breast. The wound on her chest looked terrifying, but Shinbela did not seem to care. Even the horniest mercenaries did not care to stare at her breast. They all froze there, watching this bloody fight. Shinbela's left hand, if it could still be recognized as a hand, had been twisted out of shape after the hard clashes. Minor wounds were everywhere on her body.

Even thought Shinbela was hurt badly, she was still very aggressive and kept attacking Kukuri. She had been on the offensive since the very beginning. In previous battles, she had never met any opponents at this level, so nobody had paid attention to her until this fight. Her dark side completed showed.

Kukuri was no better than Shinbela. He was covered with wounds, but he did not forget to protect himself, so the wounds on him were not serious. Druids' defensive abilities might not be as good as swordsmen's, but they were still very good. In addition, their bodies were tougher than regular humans. Kukuri still had strong fighting ability after being hurt.

Suzanna could not keep herself from jumping on the city wall, constantly looking at Anfey. She hoped the fight would end soon.

The longer Kukuri fought, the more disappointed he got. Each time they approached each other, they added another wound to the other. Kukuri suddenly screamed. His glowing green eyes turned red. His breathing got heavier. The white foam in his mouth splashed disgustingly and he suddenly picked up his speed. He changed from rushing forward to moving backwards without pause.

When Shinbela turned around, Kukuri had left a series of shadows in the air after running extremely fast. As he rushed in front of Shinbela, Kukuri stared at her throat, but he attacked her left leg instead, which seemed like the best way to beat her without killing her.

Kukuri move his claws so fast that no one could follow their movements. He tore Shinbela's combat power apart and scratched Shinbela's thigh open. Shinbela still kept her aggressive fighting style even though she was hurt. In other words, she fought as if she did not care about her life. Without dodging, she swung her sword at Kukuri. Kukuri tried to jump away from her attack, but Shinbela, as a senior swordswoman, could pose a threat to anyone except top powers with her fast speed. The white wolf was so big that he dodged away in the front, but did not fall back. Shinbela swung right into his behind.

Shinbela was hurt more from this attack, but she had been pressing her lips together, while Kukuri could not help screaming. The next moment, he saw Shinbela limp towards him. Kukuri felt he was going to be crushed soon.

Anfey finally spoke: "Shinbela!"

Shinbela stopped and turned around to look at Anfey. Anfey had saved her, so she was willing to listen to him even though her body and mind were not willing to work anymore.

"You lost the fight." Anfey slowly walked to Shinbela.

Kukuri heaved a long sigh and moved back. He hoped to get further away from that horrible woman.

Shinbela physique was very strong and masculine, even more so than Kukuri's. Her body was still straight, just a little shaky. Sweat dripped down her forehead. Maybe it was because of the severe pain she suffered. The blood oozing from the wounds on her thigh had dyed her leg armor and boots red in a brief time.

"Do you know why you lost the fight? Because you did not show your real fighting ability." As Anfey finished talking to Shinbela, a milky white light appeared between his fingers. Anfey shoot the light cloud out.

Shinbela did not even blink when the light cloud hit her forehead. In a brief time, her body was covered under the milky white light. The crowd did not know what Shinbela was feeling, but did see the purity and clarity of the light. The light was bright but did not blind them. It looked very soothing.

As the saying goes, the pros know the ropes, but amateurs just follow along. Regular mercenaries did not notice anything special, but the senior level mercenaries were all stunned. Entos almost bit his tongue when he saw what happened from a distance with the Eyes of the Sky. Warner, praying, jumped like he was shocked. "Wow! The element surges are so pure. Who is it?"

Shinbela lowered her head after hearing what Anfey told her. She was not stupid. Anfey did not say it directly, but she knew Anfey only wanted to see the fighting ability of wolves with this fight and she did not even care about protecting herself.

Anfey walked to Shinbela and held her left hand to take a look. Her wrist and forearm were both broken. Four of her fingers were broken as well. In fact, Anfey could not see through Shinbela's skin with his sensing ability; he just knew what had happened to Shinbela, although he could not understand how he knew. He had been able to sense anything he wanted since he entered the Inner Alchemy stage.

"Don't move and don't use your left hand," Anfey said quietly.

Shinbela gave a slight nod.

Anfey felt Shinbela's hand, arm and fingers. Shinbela bit her lips, but she was strong. She neither moved nor fought with Anfey.

Anfey looked like he grabbed something in the air. The dirt next to his feet suddenly flew into the air, which was followed by a gust of water. They mixed together and became a mud ball. The mud ball looked like it was alive. It fell on Shinbela's arm and covered her forearm, wrist, and fingers. With an intense magic surge, a bright fire flashed, which made the crowd all instinctively close their eyes. The mud on Shinbela's arm immediately turned a dark green.

Anfey knocked a few times on the mud and it made clear hollow sounds. He nodded in satisfaction. "Come to see me in the evening. I will check on you again. Remember, don't use your left arm, ok?"

"Ok," Shinbela responded softly, as quiet as a mosquito flying by.

"Zubin, what's wrong with Commander Shinbela? Does she have some issue with druids?" As an outsider, David did not know the story behind this fight. He quietly asked Zubin out of curiosity.

"Shinbela used to be the commander of Jagged Roses mercenary group. She fell in love with a man named Manlyn. She loved him very much and even let him be in charge of the whole mercenary group. She never thought he would cheat on her, but he went after Alice. He did not only dump Shibela but also kept her in jail. Actually, Shinbela is a poor girl."

"Alice again? She has a lot of stories." David had heard the name "Alice" many times that day. From top to bottom in the League of Mercenaries, everyone had different reactions to Alice. Anfey looked worried when he heard Alice was coming, while regular mercenaries in the league were quite excited about it.

"Master Anfey, can we leave now?" Kukuri asked quietly.

"I will keep my word," Anfey said calmly. He did not care to talk with Kukuri. "Kumaraghosha, bring a stretcher over."

"I can walk by myself..." Shinbela swallowed the rest of the sentence as she saw Anfey looking intently at her.

Kukuri and his companions had only walked a few steps when Suzanna jumped off the city wall and coldly blocked their way.

Kukuri looked shocked and turned around, yelling at Anfey in anger: "Master Anfey!"

Anfey looked at them with disdain. Since it was clear that wolves were his enemies, there was no reason to treat his enemies with mercy. Treating enemies with mercy was no different than treating himself cruelly, especially when Kukuri was the hope of the wolves. He had to kill such an opponent as soon as possible.