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Chapter 446: Studies

 Chapter 446: Studies

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The northeastern side of White Mountain City was in the worst shape. This was where the zombies and necromancers had attacked. Part of the wall had already collapsed and the houses nearby were burned to the ground.

Anfey walked down a narrow street, observing the ruins. Security around the city was very tight now because over twenty-five thousand mercenaries were in the city. In order to prevent any conflicts or brawls, he organized hundreds of small patrol teams so the mercenaries wouldn't get bored.

He had only walked a few blocks and already had run into two patrols. Most of the mercenaries knew Anfey and would nod when they walked passed him. Anfey wanted to appear more amicable to the mercenaries and would smile and nod back as well.

Anfey stopped when he was getting close to the wall. A few mercenaries were lying under the damaged wall.

Anfey walked over and said, "It's still light. Are you taking a nap?"

The mercenaries did not stir.

"This is a strange time, isn't it?" Anfey asked, smiling. "You really should have waited until nightfall. Now you're trapped here, which is why you're here pretending that you're asleep. It's sad, really."

The mercenaries did not move.

"I'm talking to you," Anfey said. "Shouldn't you say something back? You know, because it's a respectful thing to do?"

One of the mercenaries sat up and pushed his hat back. He looked at Anfey as if he was surprised and pointed at himself.

"Kukuri, I heard you're well respected among your people," Anfey said slowly. "Some even say you will surpass Manstuly one day. I know. Don't play dumb."

The mercenary frowned. The other men around him jumped up, looking at Anfey.

"Unfortunately, whoever said that about you is wrong," Anfey said, looking at the men. Manstuly had sent his men after Suzanna, and Anfey would never forgive him for involving her.

"You can read the stars?" Kukuri asked.

"No," Anfey said, shaking his head. "But I don't need to read the stars to know that you're not match for me." Kukuri was Manstuly's nephew and was well respected. Anfey couldn't let him slip away.

A dark figure appeared and crashed to the ground between Anfey and the druids. It was the body of a large wolf, battered and bruised.

"Your friend was admirable," Ye said, appearing around the corner. "He wouldn't give you up. Unfortunately, we have a necromancer working for us."

"You're working with necromancers?" Kukuri asked, shocked.

"So what?" Anfey asked. Powerful people have fewer restraints on them because of their power. Kukuri took a deep breath and took a few steps forward. He didn't want any conflicts. His goal was to speak with Nishieva and learn more about the city. Michael had said he could trust Nishieva, which was why he did not expect the man he sent to be spotted so easily.

Nishieva was a very emotional person. She was Anthony's wife and she had been married to him for years. However, because the alliance greatly outnumbered, and could easily overpower, Glory mercenary group, Anthony could not risk what he worked for his entire life for Nishieva.

"You want to challenge me?" Anfey asked, amused. "Don't worry, I won't stoop as low as Manstuly. I'll give you a fair chance." He waved his hand and Shinbella appeared around the corner.

"She is a senior swordsmaster," Anfey said. "If you can defeat her, I will let you go."

"Are you play me, my lord?" Kukuri asked quietly.

"Do you think I need to?" Anfey asked, shaking his head. "Like I said, I won't stoop as low as Manstuly."

Anfey kept insulting Manstuly, but Kukuri could not find a valid objection. He was angry that someone could insult his uncle so freely, but he understood why Anfey was very angry with Manstuly and he knew that it was Manstuly's fault, not Anfey's. If Manstuly had not attacked Suzanna, the relationship between Anfey and Manstuly wouldn't be so bad.

However, he did not have time to think. He needed to defeat Shinbella to save himself and his men.

"I don't know why he keeps doing this," Christian said with a sigh. He knew that Anfey wouldn't let Kukuri and his men get away, because he had brought Suzanna and Entos along.

"I don't get it," Blavi said. "He could take care of those druids easily. Why is he doing this?"

"Because his next target is Manstuly himself," Zubin said. "Kukuri is Manstuly's nephew and a respected member of his clan. He wanted to see how powerful they could be so he could be prepared for his battle with Manstuly." Zubin paused and smiled. "He's powerful, sure, but so is Manstuly. Know thine enemy, Blavi."

"Then what are we doing here?"

"Because we need to learn more about those druids as well," Christian said. "Manstuly has a lot of loyal followers. He won't be fighting alone when the day comes. We have to fight alongside Anfey as well. We need to know their style of battle."

"I see," Blavi said, nodding with a frown. He narrowed his eyes and watched the druids carefully.

Christian and Zubin glanced at each other with a grin before turning back to the druids as well.