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Chapter 445: Strictly Following the Rules

 Chapter 445: Strictly Following the Rules

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Reports written in different tones and styles with similar content were sent out. People who received the reports all read them with wide eyes and dropped jaws. However, after the shock, some laughed as they clapped their hands, some looked concerned and sighed, some screamed in anger, while others fell into long silence.

In a secret chamber in the headquarters of Glory mercenary group, a big and strong white wolf was knocked down and surrounded by several mercenaries. He was tied up tightly by iron wires without any mercy and shackled with antimagic bracelets on his legs and arms.

"David, do you really want to hand him to Anfey?" Anthony asked in a low voice.

"Yes, father," David said. "This guy just came at the right time. I have been worried that we would not have a good excuse to see Master Anfey."

"The Country of Mercenaries has become a place everyone wants. Anfey will not necessarily be the winner at the end. Don't you want to leave us a way out?"

David paused a second before he slowly looked up. "Father, why do we have to leave ourselves a way out?"

"Because..." Anthony did not know how to put it. The reason to leave themselves a way out was obvious, but Anthony had a hard time saying the reasons.

"Father, Marino is already a duke," David said slowly.

Anthony chuckled. "Christian and Entos talked about Marino in front of us on purpose. They wanted me to know."

"It means they think we are important," David said. "Father, at this point, no one knows which party would win. That is why everyone wants our support. Once things are clear, we will not need to worry about which side we are on. By then, would they still want our support as much as now? What is the point in becoming allies with the party that has already won?"

Anthony was quiet. He understood what David was saying. People Anthony's age usually choose safety over risks. Younger people were more willing to take risks because if they made a poor bet and lost, they could just redo it.

"Father, don't hesitate anymore," David said quietly. "King Yolanthe has good vision. Taking over the Country of Mercenaries was only his very first step to conquering the whole Pan Continent. To more effectively destroy his enemy, King Yolanthe would treat us well if we could go help Anfey and work for Maho Empire."

"I understand what you are saying, but only having one example of Marino is far from enough. Yolanthe needs more people to step forward and claim they are willing to work for him." Anthony paced the chamber. "We would make a huge difference in the current situation in the Country of Mercenaries if we could claim to be on Anfey's side. Take Batusimon for example: he could follow us no matter we are going or ally with others. Tiger of Tawau mercenary group is not a good option for us. So...?"

"Father, are you saying King Yolanthe would not be able to see what contribution we could make for him?" David asked.

"Yolanthe is so complicated; we could not figure out what is on his mind. He definitely would be able to tell our contribution to the current situation," Anthoney said bitterly.

"Are you worried that Yolanthe would not be fair in rewarding us," David said, "or if we would be suppressed by Marino? You were the uncrowned king in the Country of Mercenaries. I bet Yolanthe must think you are more important than Marino. If he were not fair, he would not be King Yolanthe who receives love and respect from his people. Of course, we have to do everything we can for him first and let him see our sincerity in working for him."

Anthony went quiet for a while and heaved a sigh. He nodded. "Ok, you will be the commander of Glory mercenary group sooner or later. If you want to take the risk, I support you." There was something Anthony did not say: as long as Anthony was alive, he would protect David as much as he could. Even if David made mistakes, others would not blame David too much because of him.

"Father." David was very shocked when he felt his father trying to pass his business to him.

"Go." Anthony smiled. "Since you have made your decision, then go do it. Your grandpa told me I was conservative when I was young. I see aggression on you now. Maybe you could start a new chapter for Glory mercenary group."

David looked a little excited. When a person accomplished something, who did he want to show the most? His family. Anthony's compliments were the most important for David. David paused before he said in a low voice, "Father, can you control my mother a little bit? She talks a lot. It might cause us some unnecessary trouble."

Anthony shook his head. "Let her be. You do not have to worry about her."

"Father, you..." David tried to say something.

"She was not good enough to do anything serious," Anthony said calmly. " Anyway, we need test Anfey's ability to forgive. If he could forgive her, it shows he could make big accomplishments. You have to figure out a way to be his friend. If he could not forgive your mother, it does not matter anyway. It will look like we seek help from the League of Mercenaries, but actually we work for Yolanthe. Anfey would not do anything to us anyway.

"I see," David said.

In the city hall of White Mountain City, Anfey and Christian looked at each other but did not speak. They both looked worried. The issue of food had been bothering them for a long time. They had not had any good days, and had been worried about food since they left Shield of Light Legion. Now they received hundreds thousands of starving refugees in White Mountain City, which gave them more pressure to find food.

They were not cheap about food. They just did not have any. The Country of Mercenaries did not produce any food. All the food in the Country of Mercenaries was transported from other places. Of course, the food was a few more expensive than in the original places. When there were natural disasters, the price would be ridiculously high. This was also the reason mercenaries could barely feed themselves even though they worked very hard. At that moment, Glory mercenary group still had some food stocked, but no one dared to use it since they understood the close relationship between League of Mercenaries and the Glory mercenary group. Therefore, the mercenaries of the League of Mercenaries and Glory mercenary group were fed first. The rest of the people were still starving.

For the past few days, a large group of mercenaries had left White Mountain City. Anfey felt he could have recruited these mercenaries and would need their help in the future. It was painful to lose them, but he had no way to stop them. He could not force them to stay to continue living without food and heat. The security in the city was getting worse. Small confrontations were everywhere. Starving people would do anything to survive.

Feller and David walked in talking and laughing. They had not had a chance to work with Anfey, but David was familiar with the people close to Anfey. To show respect to Anthony, David was not required to report to anyone, no matter where he wanted to go, because of his special background.

"David, why are you here?" Christian stood up and smiled when he saw David coming.

"Lord, Master," David said, bowing a bit. "I have a spy from Blackwater City. He dared to see my father. I am bringing him here." David waved his hand and a few Glory mercenaries dragged a white wolf in.

"Ye, he is yours now," Anfey said, pointing at a chair next to him. "David, come and take a seat."

"Thank you, master." David slowly took a seat. He took a look at Anfey and Christian and asked. "Master, is there anything bothering you?"

"Alice is coming to White Mountain City soon," Christian said.

"Alice?" David was shocked when he heard the news.

"Alice is the CEO of the League of Mercenaries. Everyone, including Anfey and me, has to listen to her," Christian said quietly. He wanted to show the importance of Alice to David so that Glory mercenary group would remember that they needed to listen to her as well, if Anfey and he had to listen to her.

"Where is Master Alice from?" David asked.

"She used to be a slave. We saved her by accident. Because of her exceptional ability, she has been taking the duty of the administration for the League of Mercenaries," Anfey said.

David looked confused. He could not understand why Anfey, with his current position, capability and reputation, had to be constrained by a female slave.

It made sense that David could not understand, since Anfey was influenced by modern civilization and had gotten used to the idea that each person had his own position and duties. A chief executive was stopped outside of the door because he forgot his pass. The rules should be strictly followed from top to bottom. Anfey did not want to be the exception. For example, after Alice forbid alcohol, Anfey immediately set an example for everyone. His behavior directly influenced everyone in the League of Mercenaries. It was largely because of Anfey's example that the League of Mercenaries could all follow the rules in a short period of time. If he thought he was special and did not have to follow the rules, then Blavi, Riska and few others might have made exceptions for themselves too. The Commanders, like Ozzic might follow Riska and Blavi and made exceptions for themselves. If this situation spread, the so-called rules would just be jokes.

"Arlango sent someone with a letter for us. He connected with the people from Storm mercenary group," Anfey said slowly. "It is time to get connected with Batusimon. We do not have much going on here anyway. Suzanna and I will go to the headquarters of Storm mercenary group tomorrow to check it out. We should be back in three days."

"Stop!" Christian saw through Anfey immediately. "You need to leave after Alice comes. You can wait a few more days." Alice made it clear in the war planning that someone had to take the responsibility for not having enough food and funds.

"We do not need to do that." Anfey looked helpless. "Christian, you are the prince. Alice would not blame you."

"I think she would consider your feelings too." Christian chuckled. "You and her had such a special relationship. I think..."

"Don't bullsh*t!" Anfey nervously looked around.

"Suzanna went to patrol the city. She will not come back until noon. Look at you. You are so nervous," Christian said.

David vaguely got what they were talking about. He asked: "Master, Lord, what makes you so concerned?"

"What could it be? Food and money," Christian said bitterly.

"I cannot help with food. But..." David smiled. "When death spirits attacked White Mountain City, many merchant wagons were stuck in the city. We took them in the city. They had nothing but money. We have beaten the necromancers, but they still have no idea of the situation outside White Mountain City. They only sent a few people back to their own cities, while most businessmen are still in the Glory mercenary group. If you are interested, I think you could talk to them.