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Chapter 443: The Influence of Power

 Chapter 443: The Influence of Power

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The gigantic magic array in White Mountain City had quietly stopped working. Groups of Glory mercenaries were either at the city gate or rushing to the city walls to block run-away soldiers from Ellisen Empire.

The battlefield seemed to move in slow motion. The soldiers from Ellisen Empire had lost their general and had no orders. In addition, Glory mercenary group had betrayed them, stabbing them in the back. It gave soldiers from Ellisen Empire no hope. They saw no point in continuing this fight. Glory mercenaries were anxious and did not know what to do either. They planned to attack the League of Mercenaries, but Anthony suddenly ordered them to attack the soldiers from Ellisen Empire. They were a little confused about who their targets were. Some mercenaries who saw how Michael died were so excited and shocked that they kept replaying that scene and telling others about it. The main story they told was just that Michael had been killed in the blink of an eye. The story made these mercenaries lose more courage.

The scene around the city gate was strange. Two parties fought with swords and knives, but few were killed. That was because the party who tried to rush out of the city was not aggressive enough, while at the same time the attackers were experiencing low morale. The battlefield seemed lifeless.

Anthony was shocked when Anfey laid eyes on him. Anfey's look was so strong that Anthony felt an unknown pressure rushing towards him like waves. As a master swordsman, Anthony had his own principle. He was not afraid of challenges and would not run away from them, even when he knew he was no match for his opponent.

Anthony put his hand on the sword shaft, slightly pushed it backwards, then pulled his hand off. If it had been the following day, he would have loved to fight Anfey, because it would become just a practice between him and Anfey. He wanted to know his weakness. Losing was the most effective way to find out where his weaknesses were without any doubt. However, he could not at that moment fight Anfey or have any form of confrontation with him.

Entos released instant teleportation magic to carefully approach Anfey. He cleared his throat, but did not know how to start the conversation.

Anfey turned around to look at Entos. Anfey still looked sharp and aggressive, but the smile on his face looked playful and proud.

The playful and proud smile make Entos get close to Anfey again. He looked more comfortable and smiled. "Anfey, what happened to you?" Entos knew it was not his position to ask this question, but he could not help asking. He sounded very hesitant.

"I accidentally learned a force that my teacher taught me when I was little." Anfey knew what Entos wanted to ask him.

"Accidentally?" Entos opened his eyes wide open.

"Yes." Anfey smiled. He looked very casual, like nothing had happened. The element currents around him quickly had disappeared. In a brief time, Anfey became a regular person. His aggression was gone.

"Ok, let's not talk about it now." Entos looked at Anfey's hand and asked, "What is that?"

"A Space series magic scroll and a Fire series magic scroll." Anfey passed them to Entos.

"Is it a Dimensional Door?" Entos opened the Space series magic scroll first and could not help yelling, "How could it be? On the whole Pan Continent, only our professor could make a Dimensional Door."

"It must have been made a long time ago," Anfey said.

"It is a treasure!" Entos exclaimed to show how great the magic scroll was. He suddenly opened his eyes wide when he opened the fire series magic scroll. He stared at the magic scroll for a while before he said very slowly, "Volcanic Group Eruption!"

In fact, no matter which series, the process of making magic scrolls was the same. It needed the same series magic crystal and the same series senior magic beast's skin. The mage would release telepathy repeatedly to carve the spells on the magic beast's skin. The series of magic scroll would begin to take shape. The fire series magic scroll in Entos's hand had five bright red magic crystals, all supreme magic crystals, in the center of the scroll. The dimensional door magic scroll only had one space series magic crystal.

"Volcanic Group Eruption?" Anfey was shocked.

"Don't you know about it?" Entos asked.

"I did not know. I only sensed very very strong magic surges from this scroll, even more terrifying than the surges when Michael released forbidden spells. That was why I changed my mind at the end." Anfey asked Entos, "Didn't you feel the intense surges?" Anfey planned to fight hard with Michael. The Shattered Will of God of War could only be started three times a year, and he had already wasted one. He did not want to waste more than was necessary, but the scroll in Michael's hand forced him to finish the fight in the shortest period of time.

"When magic surges were beyond the limit, I could not tell what magic it was," Entos said bitterly, shaking his head. "Michael was crazy, without any doubt. Anfey, you did well."

"Is the Volcanic Group Eruption that horrific?" Anfey asked.

"There are two types of forbidden magic. One is regular forbidden magic, and the other is forbidden forbidden magic, which means it is not allowed on Pan Continent. The power of Volcanic Group Eruption was way stronger than a Meteor Shower. If Michael did release that scroll, people for hundreds of miles around would have all died. White Mountain City would have been destroyed. The boiling lava would have swallowed everything. I would not have been able to escape, and neither would Suzanna. No one could escape from it. But you might have been able to escape, since you are so good to the point I really do not know what you can do," Entos said slowly.

The mercenaries in the League of Mercenaries had flooded in. The showy Ozzic rushed in front, while Suzanna, who who has been at the forefront on the battlefield, had forgotten about the battle already. Christian and others ran towards Anfey as well.

"Bro Entos, couldn't you escape with your instant teleportation magic?" Anfey asked.

"No," Entos said confidently. "Forbidden magic usually has very horrific physical effects besides element effects. Even if I could have escaped from the lava, I would have been smothered to death by the volcanic ash."

"What would have happened if Newyoheim released Volcanic Group Eruption when our professor led his troops to surround Dark Moon Magic legion?" Anfey suddenly asked.

"Well..." Entos was shocked. He did not understand why Anfey had thought of something that had happened so long ago. In fact, Anfey did not understand why he thought of it himself. Maybe it was because, after being so close to death, Anfey got sharper and his imagination got better.

"What?" Anfey took a sincere look at Entos.

"I do not know. Back then it took our professor few months to build a very large Magic-Block array. It should largely reduce the power of Volcanic Group Eruption, but no one would know what would have happened." Entos shook his head. "The Volcanic Group Eruption scroll is different than your Vacuum Confinement Scroll. The Volcanic Group Eruption scroll cannot be made by any current archmages. It is a relic from our ancestors."

"How did Newyoheim compare with Michael?" Anfey asked.

"Newyoheim was the Palace Archmage in Ellisen Empire. His reputation was way better than Michael's. Michael did not do anything splendid in his time. It does not seem right to compare the two," Entos said.

"When Newyoheim lost to our professor, he did not seem to have any threatening reaction," Anfey said casually, "but reputation is not always reliable."

"No, it is not about reputation," Entos said slowly. "I have said that forbidden magic could not be released because the power of forbidden magic was too strong. Even the top powers could not counter it. We rarely find any relics from our ancestors, but there are some. If everyone attacked each other with forbidden magic, it would be a disaster."

"I see," Anfey said.

"That was why I said Michael was way below Newyoheim. At least Newyoheim knew to follow the rules," Entos said. "Besides, Newyoheim knew it would be hard to change anything with forbidden magic if he lost the battle without forbidden magic. Do you think our professor only has one Vacuum Confinement Scroll?"

"Anfey!" Suzanna's beautiful voice shouted out. Her smile consumed her cheeks, eyebrows, and mouth. She looked like a blooming flower. She looked proud of Anfey. It was often best not to know everything. If Suzanna had seen Anfey's horrific experience and knew Anfey could have died from it, she would have cried so hard and probably would still be crying.

Christian and Blavi led some mages over to Anfey as well. Christian and Blavi were happy to see Anfey, even though they were shocked that Anfey had become so powerful that he could kill Archmage Michael with one strike. They felt like they were still brothers. They believed no matter how powerful Anfey became, he would still treat them as his brothers. The mages looked very nervous. Besides admiration, nothing could be seen on their faces. The power of Anfey seemed to dominate everything, because this was a world where everyone respected power.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Anfey smiled and gently held Suzanna's hand. He rarely showed any intimacy in public because he thought Suzanna did not like it. It was different now. They had not seen each other for a while and missed each other, especially when it seemed that Anfey might have died.

"Anfey, hurry up. This world will be stunned, stunned by you," Christian said eagerly.

Blavi, Riska, Zubin and others all nodded vigorously in agreement. They were so excited that even talkative Blavi did not how to put his thoughts into words. It took him a while to say it. "Anfey, you will get so rich! Don't forget to buy me dinner." Since Alice had become the CEO, she had developed a reward system. With a rough calculation, Anfey indeed could become rich.

Anfey was shocked for a second before he smiled bitterly. He remembered what Alice had asked him to do. He needed to rob White Mountain City because he needed to get enough funds for the league following the war. However, Anfey could not rob White Mountain City any more, since now Anthony had shown he was on Anfey's side.