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Chapter 442: Attacks

 Chapter 442: Attacks

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To a normal person, a top level power was practically a god. Sometimes, a top level power didn't even need to do anything. All they needed to do was stand there, and that alone was enough to command the situation.

As a top level power, Michael was very confident in his abilities. He wasn't worried that thousands of mercenaries were heading towards White Mountain City. The only person he was worried about was Suzanna.

He could see how calm and collected Suzanna was. He was surprised by this, because he originally planned on using Suzanna's grief and desire to revenge her lover against her. But he wasn't worried either.

Suzanna's emotion only influenced his plan, but another person's presence completely disrupted it.

Michael knew about Entos and what he was capable of. Whenever other mages spoke of esteemed young mages, Entos's name always came up. However, before this, Michael had never taken Entos seriously.

Entos's presence annoyed Michael and made him very angry.

Because he needed to defend the city against zombies and necromancers, Michael had already let up a large magic array in the city. He used this magic array and set up his soldiers outside of the city. He was hoping to take out the mages first then deal with the mercenaries.

But so far, all they were doing was hide within the magic array and watching the enemy mages attack. The array was wasting a lot of magic crystals, but Michael knew that it was a necessary sacrifice.

Entos was not directing the mages' attack. He was circling White Mountain City in the air, holding a longsword in one hand and a dagger in the other.

Michael had three senior swordsmasters with him. One of the three was injured, thanks to Entos. A few minutes ago, Entos had appeared in White Mountain City, screaming and waving his weapons. The three swordsmasters had tried to stop him, but he teleported out of their way and hit one of the swordsmasters in the head with his sword. Before the swordsmasters could do anything else, he teleported away again.

The swordsmaster had summoned his combat power, and Entos was not the best at attacking magic, which was why the swordsmaster had only suffered minor injuries. However, this incident made Michael very fearful of Entos. An enemy that could use teleportation spells consecutively meant an enemy that would be very hard to take out. If Entos appeared in front of him while he was casting a spell, Michael did not know what he would do.

Michael did not lack protective relics and spells, but he was still fearful of Entos's abilities. Mages preferred to stay away from their enemies and attack from behind a line of protection. Anthony and his mercenaries were not helping, and out of the eight swordsmasters he had started with, only three remained.

Forbidden spells weren't children's toys. If a forbidden spell was interrupted, the consequences could be fatal. If Michael tried to use a forbidden spell, Entos would try to stop him.

As long as Entos was alive, Michael knew he couldn't do anything. The enemy mages had their own magic shields, and his mages could not penetrate so many shields at the same time. The only spell that could cause massive damage was a forbidden spell, but he could not use one at that moment.

Entos appeared above the city wall and waved his sword at Michael and the swordsmasters.

When Entos was younger, he had practiced attacking spells like all the other mages. However, Saul once told him that surviving was winning. He originally said it to prompt Entos to practice teleportation and levitation spells more so he could protect himself and escape dangerous situations.

However, Entos was a very extreme person. He gave up practicing attacking spells and focused solely on teleportation. He spent more than a decade practicing the same spell because of a few words Saul once told him.

Entos waving his sword was a signal to his friends it was time to attack. Seeing the signal, Christian turned to Blavi and said, "Tell the mages to start attacking."

Blavi nodded and hurried off to give orders to his mages.

"Zubin, send the signal to Suzanna. It's time for her to attack," Christian said. "We need to stall as long as possible to make time for Anfey."

"Entos just circled the city," Zubin said. "He said he didn't see him."

"He must be hiding," Christian said. "I trust him."

Suddenly, a dark spot in the sky caught everyone's attention. The mages hurriedly summoned a few Eyes of the Sky and saw Anfey streaking through the air towards the city.

Christian's eyes widened. "Didn't Suzanna say he's going to take out Michael?"

Michael had spotted Anfey as well. He saw the flying figure and all the material elements that surrounded him. "This is impossible," he whispered, his eyes wide. He couldn't see Anfey clearly, but he knew that he was coming.

Christian and the mercenaries were just as shocked as Michael and the swordsmasters by Anfey's sudden appearance. Anthony laid his cup down and sat up, staring at the figure. Entos smirked and began flying towards Michael. He could tell what Anfey's intentions were, and he wanted to aid him.

By now, Suzanna had become a top level power and was not as affected by Anfey as the others, but she was still staring blankly at him as he landed and dashed across the field towards the city.

Michael raised his wand. He hadn't engaged Anfey yet, but Anfey's appearance had planted a seed of doubt in his mind. He didn't want Anfey to get too close to him, which was why he had just used a spell to lengthen the duration of his spells and enlarge the area his spells covered. Even though it meant that his strength would be greatly reduced, it was worth a try.

A wall of earth appeared before Anfey. On the other side of wall, a pool of bubbling lava appeared. Anfey crashed into the wall and disappeared into the lava. Before Michael could celebrate, Anfey appeared again, running on top of the lava.

Michael watched with wide eyes. He waved his wand, creating a few firebirds and sending them towards Anfey.

Anfey waved his arms a few times, slapping the birds away as if they were just small bugs. Michael pursed his lips and summoned a fire dragon. Entos was still circling around him, and Michael didn't want to use a spell that would take too long.

Anthony narrowed his eyes. He turned to one of his mercenaries and whispered, "Quick, take Shinon up there." He was very impressed by how Anfey combined strength and technique. Like Michael, he was very much in shock.

Michael spat, trying to calm himself, but he found that to be very difficult. The pressure he'd been feeling grew stronger and stronger as Anfey approached. He wanted to use a forbidden spell because that was the only thing that could stop Anfey, but with Entos around, he could not risk releasing a forbidden spell.

As Anfey drew even closer to the city, the mercenaries and soldiers who stood between Michael and Anfey sudden broke ranks. They scrambled to get out of the way and ran towards the city in fear for their lives.

Michael clenched his fists. He returned his wand to his dimensional ring and retrieved two magic scrolls. He did not know how Anfey had become this powerful in such a short time, but he knew that he must not hold anything back.

Anfey dashed towards him and threw a shiny object at Michael. He saw the magic scrolls Michael was holding and felt the magic surges from it. He saw Shinon and Anthony on the city wall as well. He needed to be in control of everything.

The shiny object hit the magic shield Michael had set up and burst into light. The magic shield disappeared and the object hit Michael's chest. Even though the magic shield had absorbed most of the object's force, the impact still caused great pain. Then Michael discovered, to his great despair, that he could no longer feel the magic surges of the scrolls and he could no longer summon magic shields.

Anfey jumped towards Michael and swung his fist, punching the man in the chest. This punch threw Michael tumbling through the air. His levitation spell disappeared and he crashed to the ground. When the dust dissipated, he did not move.

Anfey reached out and grabbed the magic scrolls Michael was holding, then he caught a shard of the Shattered Will of God of War.

"That's him, sir!" Shinon called excitedly to Anthony.

Anthony watched in silence, then waved his arms at his mercenaries. "Don't leave anyone alive," he ordered. He had made a choice because he had to make a choice.