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Chapter 439: Vicious Forbidden Spells

 Chapter 439: Vicious Forbidden Spells

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Everyone had their own strengths. The fact that Anfey could become one of the best on Pan Continent in a short period of time proved that he had many strengths. No matter what kind of danger he was facing, Anfey could always pose as absolutely calm, which allowed him to rarely make any misjudgment. He was so tough that he could take more than most humans could take. He would not give up fighting even if he was slain with axes and swords and had blood gushing everywhere.

Anfey quietly watched the gigantic Fire Dragon flying over. The dragon looked sharp and murderous. He suddenly tossed his fire sword backward. He screamed from deep in his throat, "Fight!" He reached his arms out. An almost three-meter wide fire shield appeared in front of him.

Strategies were used everywhere and on everything. Even shopping took some strategy. No one could walk around every store. Fighting also involved strategy. Anfey had judged the situation he was in. Archmage Michael looked very cautious. He had been keeping a distance from Anfey. It would be hard no matter whether Anfey wanted to kill him or hurt him. Anfey had better start with the senior swordsmen. He needed to rush out of their encirclement. Anfey did not know what Anthony wanted to do to him. If Anthony came, Suzanna and he would be in a really bad situation.

He decided to fight the Fire Dragon face to face and sent a signal to Suzanna at the same time. He thought of exposing his back to those senior swordsmen to lure them to attack him. He wanted to have a better understanding of magic, since this was a fantastic opportunity to know the power of the Fire Dragon.

Anfey was brave but cautious, crazy but calm at the same time. He countered the Fire Dragon spells from Archmage Michael and made himself bait to those few senior swordsmen. Except for Anfey, no one dared to do so. However, every one of his decisions was made after thorough calculation. He dared to do it because he was confident that he could do it. In other words, it was worth taking risks to get what he wanted.

Suzanna saw Anfey counter attack the Fire Dragon and wanted to get closer to him to cover him. She heard Anfey's screams and immediately stopped running and pulled her sword back.

Anfey's judgement was right. Those five swordsmen were stunned when they saw Anfey was able to release Series Lightning magic. Seeing Anfey not retreating under the attacks of the Fire Dragon, they thought they had a great chance to kill Anfey. They ignored what Michael had told them before. They exchanged looks and rushed towards Anfey.

Suzanna was a master swordswoman. Her combat power had very strong defensive ability, while Anfey was only a poor paladin. Anfey's defensive ability was way below Suzanna's. He did not have a magic shield or other protective magic on him, so even the most dimwitted among his enemies knew they could not miss this opportunity to kill Anfey.

Those five senior swordsmen worked very well together. Two of them started suicidal attacks on Suzanna, trying to keep Suzanna in the fight. If they could hold Suzanna for just a while, the other three senior swordsmen would be able to surround Anfey.

In an instant, Anfey released all his energy on the Fire Sword. Bright orange light spread everywhere with the fire sword as the center. The fire spread as fast as a tsunami. The fire was so hot it could turn people into ashes immediately, while the moving flames could even destroy everything. The houses on both sides of the street were crashed. Any flammable objects were burning. The inflammable objects were crushed into powder. It looked like hell in an area with the radius of 100 yards.

The residents and mercenaries in the houses on the street were very unlucky. Anfey could not help them. Elements could not identify if anyone was innocent, which was why magic would be terrifying. No matter how nice a person was, he could not take care of everyone. As an assassin in his former life, Anfey had not always been so nice.

The Series Lightning Anfey released failed to bluff the soldiers. The survivors rushed towards him again. Unfortunately, they were doomed. The ones rushing in the front were turned into ashes in the fire. The ones with some luck who stood outside the range of the fire were knocked down by the fire explosion.

The Fire Dragon Michael released hit Anfey's fire shield. However, compared with the fire sword that Anfey had released, the power of the Fire Dragon could be ignored. It was like a pair of chopsticks poking around on the plate. To Anfey, "chopsticks" were more powerful than he imagined. When the Fire Dragon hit the fire shield, he had to release all the telepathy so his fire shield would not be crushed. At the same time, Anfey adjusted the angle of the fire shield. He tilted the fire shield a little bit and stood on his toes.

The pressure Anfey took was significantly reduced. After these two moves, Anfey started to move back quickly. In other words, he was pushed away by the Fire Dragon.

Anfey was a master of technique without a doubt. "Borrowing the momentum" was a basic skill for Anfey. Breaking a fixed wood plate was easy, but it would become hard to break a hanging wood plate. The same principle could be applied to what Anfey was doing. If Anfey had to be a wood plate, he rather to be the later one. If he could keep the shape of the fire shield, Fire Dragon would not be able to hurt him. It would not be an issue even if he was pushed far by Fire Dragon. He rather be pushed 100 miles away. That way he did not even have to worry about running out of the encirclement.

The five senior swordsmen in the fire screamed in pain. Their combat power could protect them from being burned, but they still suffered the pain from the high heat. They were surrounded by fire. The fire seemed to have submerged everything, which blinded them from seeing their target. They could only release sword radiance to where they thought Anfey would be and randomly swung their swords to attack Suzanna.

The five senior swordsmen panicked, but Suzanna did not. Seeing Anfey tossing his fire sword away and hearing Anfey's screaming, she had already known what Anfey planned to do. As the fire was about to swallow everything, she was able to target those two senior swordsmen who attacked her. She took the risk of being hurt and thrust her swords at them twice.

Suzanna thrust with full force, which showcased her sword skills in accuracy and force. There were two short screams. Obviously, they were hit.

The fire started to die out while the Fire Dragon became free elements. Anfey was pushed away about 60 yards by the Fire Dragon. Luckily, he was not hurt at all, not even missing one hair. Maybe because of his strong telepathy, the elements Anfey gathered and released would not hurt him. He learned to control the elements he released, but still did not know how to control the magic released by others. He tried to control the Fire Dragon, but the fire elements the Fire Dragon contained did not respond to him. Anfey sneered at Michael as he asked himself whether he could only fight with little Shally.

Michael was so enraged that his body started to shake. Strictly speaking, he had not done anything wrong. He just did not know Suzanna was a master swordswoman and Anfey was pain in the neck as well. It was not a mistake. Someone lied to him. At that moment, Anfey and Suzanna were totally fine while Michael's people were all injured or died. Michael was both physically and mentally hurt, especially when he saw those three swordsmen all looking scared. He lost five senior swordsmen. He could not even find their bodies. They all had turned into ashes.

Seeing Anfey's sneer, Michael almost lost his mind. He raised his magic wand without a second thought and released another Fire Dragon. The Fire Dragon directly flew down at Anfey.

"Let's go!" Anfey said in a low voice and raised the fire shield. Anfey only knew to passively defending himself when the magic was new to him. He could usually skillfully counter magic he was familiar with, decoding it and even counterattacking with the same magic his opponents used on Anfey.

Suzanna slightly nodded. She turned around and rushed to the city wall. The soldiers, including the three surviving senior swordsmen, had lost their courage to fight. Watching Suzanna running away, they did not do anything.

At that moment, Anfey ran towards the Fire Dragon with the fire shield. This time the fire shield tilted even more. When the fire shield clashed with the Fire Dragon, Anfey was knocked backwards. It looked like Anfey was knocked back by Fire Dragons, but Anfey was not hurt at all. He only moved backwards with the force the Fire Dragon applied on him.

The Fire Dragon, composed of flames, seemed to be alive. Fire Dragon twisted his body and chased after Anfey. Anfey raised his fire shield again. As a huge noise was heard, Anfey's body flew away in a different direction.

If Anfey were described as the ball in the dragon dance, then the Fire Dragon would have been a fake dragon chasing after the ball. The Fire Dragon tried to bite the ball from all directions but could not swallow it.

Michael could not just stand by and watch. He took advantage of the timing and raised his magic wand to release a Fire Bird. A flame rapidly spread in the sky a hundred yards toward Anfey. Michael dared not release any magic that required him to be close to his opponents. He worried that he would be bit again by his own magic. He chose to use Levitation magic from a distance, which constrained Michael and made him uneasy. It felt like he fought with only one hand, but he could do nothing with it.

Anfey never felt dizzy, even when he had been put on pilot training to spin 1,000 times around a pole. Anfey had locked his senses on Michael. The Fire Bird's speed was super fast, but Anfey was no slower than the Fire Bird. Moreover, Anfey had seen him releasing the Fire Bird and had reacted as soon as he saw it.

Anfey moved to the side and countered the Fire Bird, with the fire shield almost parallel to the ground. With a loud noise, the fire shield in Anfey's hand did not change a bit but the Fire Bird had shot up to the sky as it passed against the shield.

Michael gasped. He finally realized that regular magic attacks would not work on Anfey.

Anfey raised the fire shield to block the Fire Bird, but got knocked away and rolled to the side. He noticed the shocking face on Michael and understood this was his best chance to fight back. When Anfey rolled, he had his back facing Michael and took out a bow from his Dimensional ring. He turned his body and took aim at Michael. A dark arrow shot at Michael.

No wonder Michael was an archmage. He was very experienced since he had been through many battles. Even though he had lost his cool, he was still observant about dangers. As Anfey turned around, he sensed the danger and immediately released a magic shield. He immediately started chanting rapidly.

With two huge crashes, the two arrows shot together by Anfey crashed into Michael's magic shield. Michael looked very cautious. He did not care if his magic shield could take the hit; he had disappeared. When he showed up again, he kept another 100 yards between Anfey and him.

Saul and Entos could perform Instant Transportation at any time, but Michael could not. His Instant Transportation took a long time to cool down. This was the difference between different series mages. Saul could not instantly release Fire Bird and Fire Dragon with top fire series magic.

"Anfey, be careful with the rage from Fire God!" Michael's angry voice came from a distance. He raised his magic wand high and started to chant.

They were Forbidden Spells! Anfey felt the intense magic surges in the air. He was shocked and dared not to stay around. He turned around and started to run away. At the same time, he heard a coarse voice: "Master, don't hurt Suzanna. You have promised me that you would give Suzanna to me."

Anfey was shocked. His sense immediately located the person who was talking. He was the mercenary Michael accidentally tossed away. That familiar face made him remember a name, Vonmerge. He used to like Suzanna a lot.

Michael looked enraged and thought to himself, Stupid ass! Because this stupid ass told him Suzanna was a senior swordswoman while Anfey was only a stupid paladin, he suffered the loss. If he were more careful and asked Anthony to come with him, he would not have ended up like this. Right now he needed to focus to release Forbidden Spells and had no time for that ass.

Those three senior swordsmen who were so shocked and disappointed at themselves seemed to come back to life. They, just as Michael, blamed everything on Vonmerge. One of the senior swordsmen yelled in anger, "Shut up!" He rushed towards Vonmerge after yelling at him. He dared not to fight Anfey, but it did not mean he dared not to kill others.

Anfey sighed. He suddenly stopped. At the same time, Suzanna had run out through the city wall. She did not hear Vonmerge's screaming. Anfey had decided not tell Suzanna about Vonmerge. He did not want Suzanna to get hurt. He decided to pretend Vonmerge was not there at all.

No matter how long the spells could be, there would be an end to it. The magic surges got stronger and stronger but suddenly stopped. Anfey had a weak smile on his face. He knew he was about to face the terrifying Forbidden Spells. It was the most terrifying power on the whole Pan Continent. He was not scared, because being scared would not solve any problems and could cause unnecessary mistakes. He stayed still because he felt he was responsible to do so. He unconsciously wanted to run away with Suzanna at the beginning to counterattack the Forbidden Spells. Anfey had a habit of approaching an issue from different angles. He immediately realized he did not have to involve Suzanna in it because the Forbidden Spells were so powerful, and he did not want Suzanna to get hurt. He rather took the Forbidden Spells himself.

Some people could only work together in tough situations but could not get along once they became successful. Others could only share joy but could not go through the tough times together. The former situation was more like "Danger gone, God forgotten," while the later was more like "A flock of birds fly in all directions when dangers come". Anfey was not all great, but he disdained both groups. Things were not just all black and white. Sometimes, Anfey had no choice but to pick one option for the people he cared about. This time Anfey chose the latter option, that is, flying on his own when danger came.

Obviously, Susanna chose differently than Anfey. She did what Anfey had asked her to do, that is, rush about 100 yards further after running out of the city wall. The magic surges seemed to get stronger and stronger behind her, to a point that the magic surges were so strong that they felt terrifying. Suzanna had not seen Anfey showing up on the city wall yet.

Suzanna immediately turned around and rushed back to the city. As the tip of her feet just touched the city wall, she saw a terrifying scene. Michael pointed his magic wand at Anfey. The magic surges were so intense that it seemed they would turn into real objects, which told Suzanna that Michael released Forbidden Spells.

Anfey made a long roaring noise as he quickly directed his internal force. He broke his own telepathy record again. Anfey observed any slight changes around him. No one, including people as powerful as Saul and Ernest, dared fight with full force with Forbidden Spells.

After a while, Anfey's roaring suddenly stopped because Michael had put away his magic wand. Nothing seemed to change around them. To be more specific, only Michael looked older and his body was a little hunched, but nothing else had changed. Anfey wondered if that was all the power of Forbidden Spells. He thought Forbidden Spells were a lot more powerful. Anfey was wrong. No one even saw what Forbidden Spells looked like.

"Anfey!" Suzanna rushed over behind Anfey and grabbed his arm. Seeing what had happened, she had a feeling that she was going to lose Anfey. She felt her heart broken. She was so terrified.

"Hahahaha..." Michael laughed out loud. He looked so happy.

"Let's go!" Anfey grabbed Suzanna and they ran out of the city together. He did not want to stay there any longer than he had to. Anfey thought that old guy, Michael, must be a nut, or Forbidden spells were not working. He wondered if Forbidden spells could expire.

"Anfey!" Michael did not seem to be the only one losing his mind. The crowd around Suzanna and Anfey stared at them, but Suzanna held Anfey and stared at him as she touched all over Anfey with her soft hands. She seemed to check whether Anfey had lost any parts. "You..."

"I am fine. That old man played a telepathy game with me." Anfey knew what Suzanna was worried about him so he lied about it to comfort Suzanna.

Suzanna heaved a long sigh. She suddenly felt weak and almost fell into Anfey's arms. She knew Anfey's telepathy was super powerful. If anyone tried to attack Anfey with telepathy, it definitely would not work.

Seeing Anfey and Suzanna disappearing on the city wall, Michael was still floating in the sky and had no intention to chase after them. After a while, he looked proud and smiled. "You are just a paladin. Do you really think you could survive after you received my Burning spells?"

Generally speaking, three spells in Fire series magic belonged to Forbidden magics. However, Michael mastered four Forbidden magics. He learned about the fourth Forbidden magic from a relic.

Burning was just a regular word in the dictionary, but also represented a very horrific magic in magic world. In other words, it was vicious. In Fire series magic, burning was a magic similar to a cursing. Every time, when the Burning magic was released, it would take a large amount of magic power. It would have a burning effect that could last one day to one month long, depending on how strong the opponent's anti-magic ability and telepathy were. This burning effect could not be countered by other elements. No matter whether Anfey jumped into the water, hid in the snow, or even buried himself in the dirt, the effects were still there for that period of time.

Michael knew some top powers could not bear this non-stop burning pain and even killed themselves at the end after they were hit with Burning magic, even though they tried to fight the burning pain with combat power and magic power. Anfey was just a paladin with weak magic and barely any combat power. Burning magic would show its burning effect the most on Anfey. Michael thought there was no chance for Anfey to survive it.