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Chapter 436: Risks

 Chapter 436: Risks

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Anfey and Suzanna had encountered several mercenaries from White Mountain City before arriving and learned more about what was happening in the city. Even though the mercenaries were not professional spies, they were still able to provide some useful information.

They learned that Anthony's life was very difficult. He originally had around six thousand men under his command, but after the attack from Tiger of Tawau mercenary group, he lost almost two thousand men in Blackwater City. Due to the loss of Davidson and Shanteler, Anthony also lost another three hundred men because he couldn't control the mercenaries as effectively.

This loss made Anthony even more eager for revenge. He had been watching Hotchbini closely and reorganizing Glory mercenary group. The arrival of Michael was another boost to his strength. Michael brought around four thousand men with him, including several senior swordsmasters and a dozen mages.

Michael's sudden change in attitude was very unexpected. No one knew how Anthony reacted to Michael's request for peace, but Anthony's son David was furious. David thought that Michael proved Ellisen Empire had betrayed them by trying to negotiate a peaceful resolution. According to the spies, David had been spreading harmful rumors in the city to hinder Michael's effort. Also notable was David's relationship with his mother, Nishieva. Nishieva came from Ellisen Empire, which contributed to tension between her and her son. In the past, they had a very close relationship, but now they were always arguing. Every conversation they had would end in a shouting match.

Despite the unrest among his mercenaries and the conflict between his son and wife, Anthony had remained uncharacteristically quiet. No one tried to talk to him about this situation, because he would grow very angry. David tried to talk to him about it and he sent his son away in a fit of yelling. Nishieva tried to talk to him as well to no avail.

"I see," Anfey said, nodding. He could tell that Anthony was angry about Michael's attitude, but he couldn't do anything about it. "Have you reported to Sacred City?"

"Yes," the spy said. "But we haven't gotten anything bad yet. Michael can detect magic surges in the city so we can't use any portal."

Anfey nodded. "I see. You can go back now. Suzanna and I will be on our way."

"Do you need us to..."

"No," Anfey said, shaking his head. "Remember, no matter what happens, I need you to pretend this conversation never happened."

The spy pursed his lips and nodded.

"Another thing. What is David like?"

"David? He's about twenty-four, and Anthony keeps him on a pretty tight leash. He keeps low profile," the spy said. "He became a mercenary when hewas fifteen and became a squad leader when he was eighteen. Now he's an intermediate swordsmaster. He's stronger than his level, though, because Anthony wanted to him to take things slowly."

"What about his personality?"

"He's a very kind person, very friendly. Everyone likes him. They always forget that he's Anthony's son and treat him just like one of their own," the spy said. "Which is why everyone was so shocked when he began criticizing Michael. No one thought David would react so strongly."

"It's normal, of course," another spy added. "Even though David is just a common mercenary right now, he will one day inherit his father's position. He cannot let Michael ruin the future of Glory mercenary group."

"Anything else?"

The spies shook their heads. "We don't know David very well," one of them said. "Everything else we know are just rumors."

"Alright," Anfey said. "Does he have a lot of friends?"

"A lot," one of the spy said. "Technically, I'm one of his friends. We go out for a drink once in a while."

"But you still don't know anything about him?"

"No," the spy said, shaking his head.

Anfey pursed his lips, thinking about their words. "I want to meet Anthony. Do you think it's possible?"

"Sir, you're mad," one of the spies said. "It's practically impossible."

Anfey frowned. "Anthony's under a lot of pressure, isn't he? The rift between him and Michael is too wide to mend now. Maybe I can convince him to work with me."

"Sir, even though there is a rift between him and Michael, Anthony won't work with us," another spy said. "This is unnecessarily dangerous." The spies have more access to information than normal people and knew that Anfey was one of the people Yolanthe had been grooming. If he went with Anthony and something happened, there would be dire consequences.

"Who will he work with then, Shansa Empire?"

"Ellisen Empire and Glory mercenary group had been working together for decades, sir," one of the spies said. "There are too many things linking the two. They won't break their relationship just because of Michael. It's practically impossible to convince Anthony to work with us."

"But Anthony clearly isn't satisfied with Ellisen Empire."

"Maybe they're putting up an act."

"For who? Anthony has no other enemies except zombies and necromancers."

The spies glanced at each other. Even though it was tempting, they couldn't let Anfey take this risk.

"What about Michael?" one of the spies asked. "Michael lives with Anthony. It's easy to startle him."

"I'll think of a way," Anfey said. "Suzanna, let's go."

The spies opened their mouths, wanting to say something. Anfey shook his head and began walking up the steps.

"What do you want to do?" Suzanna asked. If it had been just Anthony, she wouldn't be as worried. But there were still Michael and half a dozen senior swordsmasters.

"I once saved a man," Anfey said, "and sent Anthony a piece of information through him. I think Anthony will meet him again."

"What should we do about Michael?"

"I have a plan," Anfey reassured her. He leaned closer to Suzanna and whispered something to her. Suzanna frowned.

"There's no way he's letting you take it," Suzanna said.

"I'm borrowing it," Anfey corrected her. "I'll give it back."

The street was empty save for a few mercenaries slumping against the walls. One of the mercenaries glanced at Suzanna and his body shook. Suzanna turned around, alerted, but did not see anything except for the mercenaries.

"What is it?"

"Nothing," Suzanna said, turning back around. "Who's the man you saved?"

"He's name's Shinon," Anfey said. "Don't worry. He's reliable."