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Chapter 434: Prisoners

 Chapter 434: Prisoners

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"What are you saying?" Anfey asked, frowning.

Honna did not reply to his question. Recognizing her dilemma and wanting to convince her companions, she only looked at Edy. "Don't you think so?" she asked him quietly.

"Honna, don't be stupid," Edy said coldly. "You're just trying to find an excuse for your own cowardice. You can do whatever you want, but you have to remember that these people will fail and you will be punished."

"Dying now and dying in the future makes to no difference to me," Honna said quietly. "You cannot possibly think this is all just coincidence."

"What is it, if not coincidence?" Edy asked with a snort.

Anfey did not interrupt their conversation. Clearly, Honna and Edy were working together, but Honna was not as loyal to the cause as Edy.

"It's god's will," Honna said.

"God's will?" Edy repeated mockingly. "Every necromancer exists to defy the will of god. That means nothing."

"Then attack me with your great, god-defying magic, Lord Edy," Honna said sharply. "If you're just using the fear spell, then don't even bother. You know that has no effect on me."

"You..." Edy spat angrily. "You don't want to see your brother again?"

"I've been trying to protect him for ten years now," Honna said softly. "It's time I live for myself."

"By condemning him to eternal suffering," Edy said. "I never took you for one so selfish, Honna."

Honna spat at Edy. "If I die, then he becomes nothing. Nothing but a zombie, and that is the best case scenario, am I right?"

"You're a poor, pitiful thing," Edy said. "If you're going to abandon him now, then why did you waste ten years protecting him and suffering?"

Honna stared at Edy, her eyes burning with rage. Then she lunged at him, her fingers clawing at his face and neck. Edy did not pushed her away. He wrapped his fingers around a small dagger and stabbed at Honna's stomach.

Anfey spotted his movement. He moved over to Edy and grabbed his wrist before he could do anything to Honna. Then he grabbed Honna and pushed her towards Suzanna. "Keep an eye on her," he said. Suzanna nodded. Honna was at a disadvantage in the argument with Edy and she was not as loyal to the necromancers as Edy. She must have been repressing her feelings for a long time, or else she wouldn't have changed sides so easily.

Unlike normal necromancers, there was blood seeping out of Edy's wounds. No wonder he could walk around without arousing any suspicion.

"Edy, tell me, have you met me before?" Anfey asked.

Edy lifted his chin and did not reply.

Anfey wanted to change the subject and ask something when he was interrupted by one of the mercenaries, "Sir, there are a lot of cavalry heading this way!"

"Cavalry?" Arlanga repeated. He frowned and glanced at Anfey.

"Tell them not to worry about it," Anfey said. "Those are my men."

"Don't worry about it!" Arlanga yelled to the mercenaries outside. "They're not enemies."

The mercenaries and guards were very confused by this development. A lot of the guards and mercenaries knew that Arlanga was not rich and only stayed in business because his friends had been aiding him. If those riders really were his people, why would he hire other people as guards?

Soon, the riders reached the caravan with Ling and Long in front. The riders had only been training for a few weeks, which was why they did not have standard uniforms and did not stay in formation. However, this was only a scouting team, and formation was not the most important thing.

A few moments later, Long appeared by the carriage.

"Come in," Anfey said. "What's the situation?"

Long glanced around the carriage and did not say anything. "Don't worry," Anfey said. "Go ahead."

Long nodded. "We found a few who were going to White Mountain City. We took care of them."

"What about the other directions?"

"We have almost twenty thousand people, sir," Long said. "There is no way we can hide for long. They will know we're coming."

"I see."

Arlanga's eyes widened when he heard there were almost twenty thousand mercenaries working for Anfey. Even Edy seemed surprised.

"Let me introduce you," Anfey said. "This is Lady Honna. This is Edy, who is also a necromancer. I trust you to take care of them while I'm gone."


"Don't worry," Anfey said. "He's not a very good one."

"Should I take them now?" Long asked, looking at Edy.

"Be careful," Anfey said. "Edy here has a temper."

"I'll keep an eye on him myself," Long said.

A sudden ruckus interrupted Long. Anfey frowned. "What was that?"

Long shook his head and shrugged.

"Arlanga," Anfey said. "Go take care of your men. Don't let them do anything out of line."

Arlanga did not like being ordered around, but he did not have any choice but to follow Anfey's directions. He nodded at Suzanna and Anfey and hurried out of the carriage.

"This caravan..."

"Don't worry about them," Anfey said. "They're going to Maho Empire for food. If you find anything in the next few days, contact Christian. No need to look for me."

"Yes, sir," Long said with a nod.

Anfey glanced at Honna, who was sitting next to Suzanna and staring at the ground. She was in shock, and he knew he couldn't get anything useful out of her. Better to let her rest for a bit before talking to her.

"Take them away," Anfey said. He glanced at the ring he just found. He pointed it at Long, and the ring burst into green light.

"What is this?" Long asked curiously.

"A useful addition," Anfey said.

Long nodded and did not ask any further. He turned to Edy and said, "Come with me."

Edy glanced at Long but did not move. Long asked again, and Edy still did not move. Long sighed and reached over, grabbing Edy's hair and knocked his head against the wall of the carriage. Edy cursed loudly and passed out.

Long sighed and grabbed him by the shoulder, dragging him out of the carriage.

"Wait!" Anfey said, suddenly noticing the calluses on Edy's hands. "Honna, is Edy just a necromancer?"

Honna stared at Edy and said quietly, "I don't know."

"Didn't know there are twin-discipliners among necromancers as well," Anfey said. "Long, be careful. He may be difficult."

"I will," Long said before disappearing from the carriage with Edy.