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Chapter 431: Wings

 Chapter 431: Wings

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It was undeniable that everything existed for a reason. Anfey thought the different types of management systems on this magic continent were not as good as they should be. They were too simple, but the imperfect management system in the League of Mercenaries was actually very effective once it was implemented.

Alice only gave-newly recruited mercenaries very low wages, but the mercenaries who had followed Anfey in battle received a much higher salary. A large group of mercenaries were sometimes short of food, while the other mercenaries could buy luxury goods and drink extravagantly. There was obvious contrast between the lives of newly-recruited mercenaries and veterans. Of course, if this situation lasted too long, it would likely cause conflicts among mercenaries, but in a short period of time the new mercenaries were just jealous and wanted to be considered veterans.

Mercenaries had left Stormenburg two days previous. Some of them had been extremely excited. They all happily talked and dreamed. Alice came to see Anfey a couple of times before they left Stormenburg. She made a budget for the post-war expenses. Basically, Anfey needed to get at least 100,000 gold coins. It did not matter if he had to rob White Mountain City: she made it clear that Anfey had to come back with at least 100,000 gold coins.

Alice stressed how important money was to the league after the war. She told Anfey many stories about legions failing because they had no money after war. There were very few legions who never lost any battles. The fighting ability of most legions was just mediocre. As the legions regrouped, they usually ended up in one of two extreme situations. Some legions would be able to shake off their failures and rebound, while others just gave up on themselves. How the losing legions treated their mercenaries after they lost battles greatly affected them. The uncertainty crushed them more than from the frustration and disappointment from losing the battle. Only when people with power did not judge mercenaries who lost in battle and still treated them well could mercenaries shake off negative attitudes and rebound from their failures. Of course, how those in power treated their mercenaries after losing the battles largely depended on their own financial ability. A country definitely could not have the financial ability to afford more than one military. Whether they would spare some money for the mercenaries was uncertain.

Alice also said power and money were a pair of wings for humans. No matter which wing was missing, that person would not be able to fly. The best that person could do would be to stay away from others and be well on his own. She even hinted that they had an example around them, trying to prove she was right. In fact, Anfey did not need Alice's hint to know who she was talking about. Master Swordsman Ernest was poor without any doubt. He did not own anything valuable. Ernest had travelled alone everywhere with his sword. He never gave Anfey anything valuable. However, it was not a big deal for Anfey. Anfey felt nothing would be better that Ernest's sincere care for him. Ernest tried to take care of Anfey and did not care whether Anfey knew what he had done for Anfey.

At dusk, the mercenaries stopped to set up their tents. This time the League of Mercenaries literally travelled all together. It would be an exaggeration to say they formed a line with thousands of mercenaries and horses that no one could see from front to back. It was indeed spectacular to see a few hundred thousand people and horses travelling together. Marino also sent some mercenaries to travel with them. Entos led some mages to join the mage group in the League of Mercenaries. The participation of Entos made Christian and others more confident about this trip. They worried about their mage group's lack of fighting experience. Entos was in charge of the Band of Brothers mercenary group at times, and then went back to Saul and helped him with different battles. No matter whether in large-scale battles or small fights, he had developed a good understanding of fighting, almost as good as that of Archmage Michael.

"I cannot believe we already have so many mercenaries in our league!" Ozzic said excitedly as he looked around from his horse.

"Yes!" Blavi responded with a smile. He had been trying to do as Anfey had told him. He not only got along with lower-level mercenaries but also with the two commanders, Ozzic and Stein. Ozzic and Stein were not stupid. They knew Blavi was close to Anfey and Anfey trusted him a lot. Ozzic and Stein knew why Blavi was trying to get along with them. Therefore, they catered to Blavi's needs and tried to build their relationship. Very soon, they became very close friends.

"Master Alice can finally take a break," Ozzic said.

"Do you like her and feel bad for her?" Blavi joked.

"Don't joke about that matter!" Ozzic was scared, and his face turned a little pale after hearing what Blavi said. Alice might hear this joke! He was scared of Anfey the most, and then Alice. Blavi dared to joke about Alice, but he shouldn't. He'd better not trouble her and cause problems for himself.

It was true that all men liked beautiful girls, but they would often dream about things that were not realistic, like frogs dreaming about eating a swan, as the saying goes. Very few men had tried to approach Alice, even though most men wanted her. Ozzic was not young and impulsive anymore. He had been in the Country of Mercenaries for over 20 years. Depending on their fighting ability and skills, people enjoyed different positions. Ozzic knew people had different visions, needs, and desires because they were in different positions. There were only two people in the whole league who could be a match for Alice. However, he was not one of them.

"Look at you! You are so scared," Blavi said, laughing at Ozzic. Suddenly, they heard drum beats in the distance. "Anfey is calling us. Let's go."

At the headquarters, Hui Wei absentmindedly stared at Anfey, who was twirling a knife. He looked very skillful. "Anfey, what are you doing?"

"Playing with the knife," Anfey answered.

"Playing with the knife?" Hui Wei rubbed his nose. "I thought you were practicing with it."

"This knife is made of a manticore's tail needle. It likely would stiffen the enemies' muscles if the enemy could be stabbed with it, but the life of this knife is limited. The more often it is used, the less chance it could be effective stiffening muscles," Anfey said.

"Nice!" Hui Wei said.

"It is nice, but I have not had a chance to use it since Hagan gave it to me," Anfey said.

"Why haven't you used it?" Hui Wei asked curiously.

"I do not like things that don't function as they should," Anfey said casually. "It does not give me confidence. This knife is garbage to me," Anfey said, tossing the knife to Hui Wei.

"What are you doing? Are you giving it to me?" Hui Wei asked.

"No, can you pass it to Alice. She is really weak with combat power and magic power and has nothing to defend herself with," Anfey said.

"Anfey, why don't you give her something better if you want to give her a gift. You just said this knife is garbage. How could you give her junk as a gift?" Hui Wei smiled. "Besides, why are you asking me to give it to her? Why don't you give it to her yourself?"

"Why are you talking so much bullsh*t? People will misunderstand me. Besides, you are the chief of staff. You are the best person to do it."

Hui Wei looked at the knife in his hand and then looked at Anfey. After awhile, he said slowly, "Anfey, you are really a good person."

"A good person? What do you mean?" Anfey asked.

"I have been running around the city with Alice for the past few days. She talked about you a lot. It sounds like she secretly..."

"Stop. I don't want to hear about it," Anfey retorted, lifting an eyebrow.

"Ok, I will stop." Hui Wei shrugged.

"Anfey!" someone called, and then Christian, Entos and few others landed near him. Christian asked hurriedly, "I heard from Suzanna that you will go with her to White Mountain City to scout it out first?"


"Is it necessary to do that? Isn't it too risky? If we want to know the situation in White Mountain City, we could just get the information from mercenaries. We met many mercenaries from White Mountain City on the way."

"Hearing does not give us information as accurately as seeing does. I'd like to check it myself," Anfey said.

"You can send Ling and Long there," Christian continued, trying to convince Anfey not to go. "What if you and Suzanna were discovered?"

"Christian, don't you think Alice's analysis made sense? If we really could sabotage the relationship between Anthony and Michael and cause them to fight, it would be less costly to win this battle," Anfey said. "If Ling and Long went, they might not be able to grab the opportunities, even if the opportunities presented themselves. Suzanna and I could do a lot more there. Besides, I have a different assignment for Ling and Long."

Christian just shook his head after he saw that Anfey had made up his mind.

"Kumaraghosha!" Anfey called out loudly.

"Yes, master!" Kumaraghosha said as he strode over.

"Christian, you will be in charge of everything after I leave. Kumaraghosha, you will assist Christian." Anfey paused. "I will try to get to White Mountain City in three days. You guys rest tomorrow and leave here the day after. The league should be travelling with regular speed. You will start the fight in six days no matter whether you receive any information about me or not. You have to do everything according to the plan."

"I got it, Anfey," Christian answered quietly. He suddenly thought of something. "How about having Bro Entos go with you?"

"I cannot go with Anfey," Entos said, shaking his head.

"Many people know Bro Entos. We probably could not even enter the city if he went with us," Anfey said. "Don't worry. I will be fine. Suzanna will be with me."

"At critical moments, we see you are taking risks for us again," Christian said bitterly. "Ok, I am not going to make it awkward. Just be careful!"

Anfey nodded. He turned to Kumaraghosha. "Kumaraghosha, do not let professional guards join the battle if it is not necessary."

Ozzic and other commanders walked over one after another. Suzanna, Ling, Long and the whole scout team showed up outside the station.

"Christian, can you give orders? I have to leave now." Anfey slowly stood up. He lowered his voice and said to Christian, "Don't ever forget you are the prince."

Anfey meant this in more than a literal way. The main point was to remind Christian what a chief commander should do.

Christian slowly nodded. "Remember, do not fight for the sake of fighting. Once you notice something wrong, come back immediately."