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Chapter 420: Paladin’s Advantage

 Chapter 420: Paladin's Advantage

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"Please!" Anfey said, holding his hands out.

Suzanna smiled and bowed to Anfey. Anfey took a few steps back and, before Suzanna could react, jumped towards her and kicked at her chest.

Suzanna had always thought Anfey was fair, so she did not expect him to attack before she was ready. She was still a grand swordswoman, though, and easily avoided the attack.

"That's cheating," Suzanna complained.

Anfey grinned but did not say anything. He drew his sword and jumped at Suzanna again without warning.

Suzanna blocked his attack with her sword. Their swords clashed, and both jumped back a few paces. Anfey attacked again, and this time he did not back down. Instead, he kept moving closer to her and his sword was held level at her throat.

Suzanna frowned, summoned her combat power, and burst into light. She did not move, but Anfey's sword was thrown back. Then she flicked her wrist and sent an arc of sword radiance after Anfey.

Suzanna went on the offensive while Anfey changed to defense. He avoided exchanging blows with Suzanna head on and chose to attack her from the side or from the back. Anfey knew his own strength, and he knew that it would be unwise to try to fight with a grand swordswoman head on. There was too big of a difference between Suzanna's combat power and his power.

The first time Ernest had practiced with Anfey, Ernest felt very uncomfortable, but that did not show in his fighting. Ernest was a top level power, and he had enough experience to adapt to anything that was unfamiliar to him. Suzanna knew Anfey's style of fighting. His style might have been confusing to others, but not to her.

Suzanna spun around as Anfey snuck around her and tried to stab her in the back. She could tell that he was already moving to her left. She was holding her sword in her right hand and she would have to turn right in order to block his sword quickly. This was why he was moving to her left.

Suzanna knew his method of attack, and she had been pretending to fall for it in order to lower his defenses.

Suzanna blocked Anfey's sword, then quickly turned to her left and slashed her sword at Anfey's neck.

Anfey did not expect her to realize what he was doing and did not move out of the way in time. Suzanna's attack threw him back and sent him crashing to the ground.

"You lost," Suzanna said.

"Not yet!" Anfey said. Instead of jumping up and lunging at her again, he remained close to the ground. He kept trying to attack her legs and ankles, but did not stand up.

Suzanna frowned. She had a lot of ways to attack a person, but she did not know how to attack someone who was attacking her while staying close to the ground.

She couldn't attack him, but Anfey could attack her. His attacks restricted his movement, but no matter what she did, she felt strange having someone stabbing at her feet.

Suzanna sighed and jumped forward, landing a few paces away. Anfey watched her and grinned. "Come," he said, without getting off of the ground.

Suzanna snorted, and her sword burst into light. She waved her sword, sending sword radiance hurling towards Anfey.

Anfey flew up and moved out of the way of her attack. A moment later, he landed on the ground again.

"Come here!" Suzanna said angrily. She was not used to losing and was getting angry. She was trying hard to think of a way to defeat Anfey. She was like Ernest and was not used to his way of attack. Also like Ernest, she could quickly adapt and change her tactics.

Anfey grinned and dashed towards Suzanna, still staying low.

Suzanna grinned as well. Her sword glowed and she waved it, sending a large sword radiance flying towards Anfey. She needed to control the distance between her and Anfey.

Anfey jumped off of the ground, trying to duck. He knew that whatever he did, he could not touch the sword radiance. If he did, he would lose.

Before he could land on the ground again, Suzanna sent another sword radiance after him. Anfey retreated, staying away from Suzanna's sword.

Suzanna had speed, patience, and strong combat power. Nothing could touch her unless she wanted it to. Anfey jumped up and down outside the net of combat power, but he could not approach Suzanna.

Although Anfey had a strange way of fighting and some strange ideas, he was still not as powerful as Suzanna. He was fast, but Suzanna was equally fast.

He knew that Suzanna could not keep this up for long, but this was not a fight to the death, and he did not need it to be too serious. Anfey took a deep breath and backed away, then he waved his hand and summoned a large wall of earth.

Suzanna grinned. She dashed towards the wall, but before she could reach the wall, she felt a familiar surge of magic. She frowned, and before she could react, someone grabbed her from behind.

"You lost!" Anfey said with a wide grin.

Suzanna stomped her foot angrily. "That was unnecessary," she said, shaking her head.

Before Anfey could say anything, a voice distracted them. Ozzic was hurrying towards them, waving his arms. "Lord Anfey!" Ozzic called. "Something's wrong!"