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Chapter 411: Better To Be the Killer than on the Chopping Block

 Chapter 411: Better To Be the Killer than on the Chopping Block

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Seeing their general defeated, the knights of Shansa Empire were in chaos. They were scared by Anfey's cruel way of killing, even though they did not see a lot of blood. They did not want to continue fighting. They all started to flee.

Anfey not only wanted to keep his own losses to a minimum, but also wipe out his opponents. Otherwise he would not have put so much effort into this battle. Suzanna and he did not chase the knights. They simply followed behind at a distance. Mages in Elizabeth's unit were divided into two groups and channeled the knights from Shansa Empire. They herded the knights like shepherds.

The knights from Shansa Empire ran for a while and caught up to their cavalry. Because of the differences in stamina, the cavalry in armors walked in a long formation. The formation stretched about nine miles long. The stronger soldiers marched in the front of the group, but they were all out of breath. The knights from Shansa Empire were so terrified that they ran through the cavalry formation in panic. The cavalry were jostled around and yelled at the knights. Some of them were knocked into the air, while others were trampled under the horses.

The surviving members of the cavalry started to curse. When they saw Suzanna covered under the golden lights and the strong and incomparable combat power, they wondered if Suzanna was a master swordswoman. They looked around for their flag but could not find it. They immediately realized why their peers acted in such a way. They stopped cursing. Their almost-exhausted energy was rejuvenated and they started to run after the cavalry.

Thompson led more than a hundred mercenaries behind Anfey. Thompson's job was to clean up the battlefield, which meant every opponent should be killed. They all dressed neatly when they walked out. Oddly, they all started to take their shirts off and showed their fair and tanned chest. In the aftermath of Anfey's Fire Sword, it was so hot that they had to partially undress. Every being on the whole battlefield was down on the ground xcept for one horse. There was a person riding on that horse who struggled hard but could not rein in the horse.

A mercenary strode over and smiled. "This should be the only person alive, as Master requested." He grabbed a sword that Suzanna had embedded in a rock, trying hard to pull it out. However, after trying for a while, the sword did not seem to move one bit. He said out of surprise, "Master Suzanna is so powerful!"

"Of course!" Thompson walked over. "Let me try." Thompson performed combat power as he held the sword shaft in his right hand. He did not look like he could handle it either, and grunted many times as he pulled. However, it was undeniable that the sword in the stone started to jiggle a bit. With a huge noise, Thompson pulled the sword out and gave a yell.

"God-like strength, Master!" the mercenary said playfully.

"Go away!" Thompson scolded, also playfully. The mercenary seemed to be making fun of him rather than giving him a compliment. "God-like strength" should be left to Master Suzanna. No one else could be referred to in that way.

"Why are you trying so hard to pull it out? You could just cut off the rein," another mercenary murmured.

"Why do you talk so much?" Thompson stared at the mercenary, but his face was red. "Hurry up! Do you work!" He pulled the sword out himself because he wanted to see the difference in strength between him and Suzanna. He got what he wanted, but he silently swore he would not do anything like that again.

The soldiers from Shansa Empire had no idea how long they had been running. Every knight had become a criminal recently. They were either sentenced to involuntary manslaughter or intentional homicide. The hooves of most of the horses on the battlefield were red. They seemed to have come to the end. Thousands of mercenaries stood in a neat formation and blocked their path.

Even though mercenaries barely kept their formation after the battle started, at that moment they were in perfect formation. What terrified the knights from Shansa Empire the most was the woman, quietly standing in front of the formation.

Sinbella was tall and slender. The sword in her hand was longer than others. She looked different than Suzanna. Suzanna always looked feminine, quiet, and sweet, while Shinbela looked more like a female leopard, ready to fight at any time. She looked especially sharp and wild when she was ready to fight.

The knights from Shansa Empire had been terrified by Anfey and Suzanna. Now when they saw Shinbella stand out in front of her unit and look like she could fight all the knights on her own, they unconsciously thought she was a top level power as well. She did not perform her combat power, but it was understood that she did not care and looked upon them with disdain.

The knights wondered what had they done to make three top level powers chase them down and try to kill them. They could not help sighing. They instinctively turned their horses around and tried to run in the opposite direction.

An orange fire appeared in the air and fell straight down. It was a Fire Sword. Half of the blade stuck into the ground. The other half above the ground had flames which seemed to be able to keep going for ever and kept going upwards. The soldiers from Shansa Empire suddenly remembered a rarely used term after seeing the sword: turn elements into real object. The next second, they saw Anfey and Suzanna walking shoulder to shoulder toward them.

The soldiers had two totally opposite reactions. Knights yelled and directed their horses toward Shinbella and the mercenaries. The top level powers had left an indelible horrifying impression on them, so they chose to ignore thousands of mercenaries. With two top level powers on one end and only one top level power on the other end, they definitely would choose the latter.

The cavalry from Shansa Empire chose to run towards Shinbella from the other side. They did not think they could beat a top level power. At the moment, it was all about luck. They thought they might have a chance to escape the top level powers since they could not kill everyone. If they ran together, the luckier ones definitely would have a chance to escape. Luck was indeed very important. Thousands of soldiers were running to get around the Fire Sword. Some did pass it. In fact, they had no other options. They were surrounded by people and forced to run forward. They had never seen Anfey killing anybody, so they had no idea how powerful the elements would be when turned into real objects.

Suddenly, the soldiers running in front screamed in pain. But they were not willing to give it up. They stumbled forward a little bit more and got closer to the Fire Sword. As a result, they were set on fire. If they could keep running forward, they would get killed by fire elements, which actually could reduce their pain before they died. Unfortunately, they fell to the ground one after another. They rolled on the ground as they screamed in pain. They were suffered in burning pain but could not die fast enough.

More soldiers ran around the Fire Sword, fire elements could not cause any burning damage to them. They yelled as they approached Anfey and Suzanna.

Anfey had locked his telepathy on the Fire Sword. He suddenly pointed his finger and the Fire Sword started to shake. The heat waves spread out from the Fire Sword. In the blink of an eye, they had spread about a hundred yards in radius. The people and horses caught in the waves of fire were burned in cloud of flames. Even the weapons and armor on the ground lost their shape immediately.

The color of the Fire Sword had changed from light orange into light red. The flames on the sword blade seemed to get even wilder and jumped dozens of yards into the air, like a gigantic torch.

"I see." Anfey raised an eyebrow. "Practice is the only way test the truth." The Fire Sword seemed to be more powerful now, but Anfey knew he had released almost all the elements he had accumulated for a long time.

The cavalry suddenly stopped and focused on Anfey with terrified looks. They now knew why those knights chose to go in the opposite direction. The spreading heat waves Anfey created was like a fire hell. Regular soldiers could tell Anfey must be an archmagi, since he could instantly perform senior-level magic.

The cavalry turned around and started to run the opposite direction. As a result, they crashed into the knights who were retreating again. The knights were not in a better situation than the cavalry, which was under attack of about a hundred of mages led by Blavi and Riska. A mage group actually could decide the fate of a battle on the battlefield. A Silver Knight was no match for a group of mages, but a magister could beat a group of knights. Mages had too many ways to play and kill knights, for example with wall magic, fire wall magic, marsh magic, and storm magic. Knights had to fight hand-to-hand. The power of a hundred mages simply was not equivalent to the power of all the knights added together.

The strategies the mage group used were getting better. Without Shinbella's help, a few mages could use wall magic to block the knights' advance. A few other mages together could divide knights into two groups with fire wall magic. After the fire walls were created, the main force of the mage group released big fire balls to start the blanket attacks. A couple of mages released marsh magic between the fire walls and walls, which swallowed about a hundred knights immediately. Many knights were killed by big fire balls as well. The mage group had shown those knights in fierce magic that there was no way they could pass.

Thousands of soldiers from Shansa Empire were in chaos. Some believed it was safer ahead of them and tried to push forward, while others believed the opposite direction was safer and tried to move backwards. Some soldiers were about to go crazy. They just simply swung their weapons at other knights when they were knocked by horses. The knights counterattacked the soldiers, but their moves threatened some cavalry, and they were attacked by other groups. Other knights joined the fight to help their peers. Soon, individual fights turned into group fights. They forgot their real enemies and became even more chaotic.

"Honey, no, my sweet wife, my love, please." Anfey bowed with a smile to signal Suzanna to start her fight. His Fire Sword had almost lost all its fire elements. His fighting ability had been reduced and it was Suzanna's show time.

Suzanna sighed and smiled at Anfey. Her sigh was because she did not want to kill so many people. She could face her opponents ruthlessly, but these soldiers from Shansa Empire were not her opponents anymore. They were just a herd of sheep, waiting to be slaughtered. By smiling at Anfey, she indicated she would follow Anfey's order.

This was the difference between Anfey and Suzanna. Anfey was cold. The principles Anfey followed were simple: he would kill others if others wanted to attack him first. Anfey would not show any mercy after he saw them trying to surround and attack him. If Suzanna and Anfey had been caught by the soldiers from Shansa Empire, Anfey did not think they would show him any mercy.