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Chapter 405: Mage Group That Cannot Be Humiliated

 Chapter 405: Mage Group That Cannot Be Humiliated

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Seeing the specters killed, Hans did not have time to feel bad. He knew he could be next.

Hans turned to run in the opposite direction as fast as he could. He would rather fight with a powerful swordsman or mage than an opponent who had released the Forbidden Abyss magic. If Hans took off the mage gown, he would look no different than a zombie. The only difference between him and zombies was his immortal spirit and powerful telepathy. He could release all kinds of death magic. As far as Hans knew, the evil spirits from the Evil Abyss were destroying the spirits of their opponents. Seeing his opponent could release Mental Destruction, he thought his opponent must know other skills. He worried that his spirits could be destroyed by Anfey By then he would be no different than a zombie, maybe even worse. He knew about zombies, which made him even more scared about becoming one of them.

Anfey had been very skillful in battle. Hans regretted that he had not paid more attention to Anfey's skills. The word "paladin" had the meaning of both magic and swords, but magic was more prominent than sword.

After flying about a dozen yards, Hans felt something was not right. He turned around and found Anfey using Levitation magic to follow right behind him. The distance between them closed. They both released Levitation magic, although neither possessed the magic power or telepathy to fly as fast as Archmage Saul. Anfey's magic power was not high, but his ability to controlling elements were phenomenal. Anfey could fly a lot faster than Hans. If Anfey could be described as a flying eagle, Hans was just a sparrow running for his life.

Hans felt a numb feeling in his scalp. If he still could sweat, he would have had cold sweat all over him. He turned around with a weird screaming sound. He released all his magic power and lowered his altitude, diving to the ground.

As Hans turned around, he suddenly realized something that made him want to smack himself. He was a terrific necromancer. He had millions of ways to interfere with his opponents' flying speed. He should have been able to escape from Anfey with a magic spell.

Hans plucked up his courage and turned back again. He was almost stunned. His millions of ways to interfere with his opponents seemed pointless now. More than twenty big fire balls shaped in a dome flew at him.

Some fire balls flew slow while others came at him faster. Some fire balls shot upwards into the sky, while others shot underneath Hans. These fire balls did not look like they would hit Hans, but he had a weird feeling that all of them would hit him directly.

With no other option, Hans had to take the risk. He released a bone shield first and then a magic dome. He tossed a bone spear backhanded. Unfortunately, a bone spear was nothing compared with dozens of big fire balls. Hans still hoped he could escape. He had never seen anyone with this kind of magic. The senior mages indeed could instantly shoot big fire balls, but could not shoot out so many. It took time for the big fire balls to cool down. Hans thought the power of the fire balls would die out, even though Anfey's magic was scary. He felt he could counter the big fire balls with his magic dome and shield.

Just as he came to this conclusion, those big fire balls shot toward him all at once. They exploded next to him at the same time. What surprised him was the magic dome he released got smashed immediately, then the bone shield shattered, and then his body exploded into millions of pieces. The explosion shot his body out like fire works with flesh and blood.

Anfey swung his Fire Sword and hit away the bone spear pieces. He paused in the air and slightly closed his eyes. Making the Fire Sword had taken more than half his magic power, and then he had used the rest on the fight. He did not have strong magic power from the beginning. Now he had completely exhausted his magic power. Luckily, he could do deep meditation at any time to refill his magic power. He usually repeated this cycle more than ten times every day. It became his routine. Soon, when Anfey opened his eyes, more than half his magic power had been restored.

Anfey laid his eyes on Suzanna in the distance. Suzanna looked like a strong, isolated island. No matter how many groups of death knights kept coming at her, she could counter their attack without changing her stance. Suzanna would be swallowed by waves of death knights in black, but the next moment, golden light would appear again. It was so bright that it seemed like it could blind people.

Anfey's vision was amazing. Even though he was quite far from Suzanna, he still could see the sweat on her nose. Obviously, Suzanna was not having an easy time. Anfey frowned, but not because Suzanna did not fight the hardest. The reason Suzanna struggled some in this fight was because of her fighting style and the unique opponents she faced.

Death knights inherited the characteristics of their previous life. They fought fiercely. They lost their combat power, but the power of death spirits made up for the lost combat power. They were extremely tough. Zombies would die immediately if their heads were chopped off. Headless death knights could still fight. They would crawl back up unless they exploded into pieces. Suzanna's sword skills were very direct. She counterattacked with force. She would become stronger if her opponents were stronger. She could put a lot of pressure on her opponents. She had put herself at a disadvantage when she fought the death knights, who did not have any feeling and did not mind losing their lives.

Anfey thought maybe it was time to show Suzanna different sword skills. He had considered it before, but it was not easy to change someone's poor habits, which in Suzanna's case had resulted in backward progress in terms of overall fighting ability while she was the main force of his legion. Anfey had suffered from this kind of experience. He used to practice punch as fast as he could and then learned about Large Hand Wrapping in tai chi. When he was practicing with his dad, he did not know if he should block the punch or using the skill of Grasping Hands as he saw the punch from his dad. He had been so hesitant that he lost the fight as a result. Anfey did not figure it out for a full six months until he completely mastered Large Hands Wrapping.

Suddenly, a change caught Anfey's attention. Five necromancers had started fighting with mercenaries. The holy light from the Book of Life could pose a fatal threat to them, but it did not stop them from releasing magic outside the range of the holy light. There were more mages than necromancers, but they were not at a senior level and were not highly lethal. If a mage stepped out to fight with a necromancer, that necromancer was sure he would win. That was why they could start the fight without any concerns.

Luckily, these necromancers were not Fallen necromancers. The so-called Fallen necromancers were those who had been mages in a previous life but had been allured by the death spirts and stooped to become a necromancer, and finally became a death spirit at the end.

Magic academies in different areas contributed to the spread of magic. After systematic training, the best people were selected. Necromancers had their own academies as well. They would not produce enough necromancers if they only relied on voluntary fallen necromancers to pass on death magic.

Students in a death magic academy were the orphans or abducted kids from all over. They were brain-washed to select the best candidates to be necromancers. When they reached adulthood, the academies would make them necromancers. In their minds, the existence of death spirits was reasonable and honorable. Living things with blood and flesh needed to be killed or assimilated.

Mages and swordsmen needed to do an internship after they graduated to develop their social skills and built experience in fighting. However, necromancers did not have such opportunities. To go out to do an internship? It would be nothing more than asking them to kill others. What these necromancers had done was something even Annunciata would not dare to do: pick a fight with a mature mage group.

The mage group in the League of Mercenaries had been together for a while. They had consensus on fighting techniques. When bone spears flew over, the mages who were waiting for orders released magic spells at the same time.

Silver snakes danced in the sky. Lightning tore the dark sky and shot down at extreme speed. The clanking sound from the sky almost pieced their ear drums. While continuing to attack the necromancers, mercenaries could not help covering their ears with their hands, in pain.

Any mage group's fighting ability should not be neglected. Dark Moon Magic legion in Ellison Empire was so powerful and intimidating because they had about a thousand mages under their command. The magic they released together could change the color of the ground and the sky or destroy a city. No one could stop them. Even if they fought with a top level power, they could explode him into powder.

The necromancers were stunned by what the mage group could do. Only one necromancer realized what had happened. He took out a magic scroll from his Dimensional ring. But he looked like he was trembling. His judgement was right though. No matter what kind of magic dome and magic shield they released, they would not able to counter hundreds of magic lightning bolts.

A phantom dragon appeared in the sky. It was not a real phantom dragon, just one created by magic. It was just a personalized phantom dragon. It's attacking and defensive abilities were only half those of a real phantom dragon, but it was large and it could cover those necromancers under its bony wings.

With a huge blast, about a hundred lightning bolts neatly hit the phantom dragon all at once. The phantom dragon twisted in pain. There were so many cracks of different sizes in the bony wings that it looked like spider web.

Necromancers did not get hurt, but mages did. Because of the differences in their levels, two of the mages were hit by bony spears and fell, screaming.

Blavi got mad immediately. Every mage was a treasure. This saying was carved on the door of the mage academy to encourage people to study magic. If students who were still learning magic were considered so important, then definitely so were mages who had already finished their studies and worked in their internships.