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Chapter 399: Internecine Warfare

 Chapter 399: Internecine Warfare

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As the sun went down in the west, the tough battle finally ended, but morale among the mercenaries in Zagreen City became very low. The attacks from death spirits never stopped from morning until night. Anfey had about 200 priests join the battle, but the fatality rate was exceptionally high for the day. Including the fatalities of the past few days, the mercenaries had been reduced by one third. They also lost about one hundred knights and priests.

Everyone knew death spirits were more powerful at night. If it was already very tough during the day, but it would be a lot tougher at night. The necromancers had ordered many death spirits to fight for them during the day to exhaust the fighting ability of the League of Mercenaries, but the real battle would break out at night.

There was a saying that misfortune might be blessings in disguise, while misfortune lurked within good fortune. As the sun went down behind the mountains, good news finally came. Archknight Fernando had brought his Shield of Light legion. He sent a homing pigeon with a letter, telling the mercenaries to hold on tight for another 24 hours at any cost.

Anfey was sitting in the room and playing with the homing pigeon on the table. This mutated pigeon had a small body, only slightly bigger than a sparrow, but it could fly extremely fast and understand people well. It's only drawback was that it could not fly long distances. It was bred for sending messages between two places that were not too far from each other. Anfey was thinking he should talk with Fernando to see if they could buy more of these homing pigeons to build an information network of their own. As to the content of the letter they received, he did not see and could not see it, just as the Knights of Light could not give commands to mercenaries. If he asked to see the letter, he would bring humiliation on himself, since the conflict between Anfey and the knights was obvious. The Knights of Light and priests would not lose any opportunity to make fun of Anfey.

Someone knocked on the door. Anfey looked up. "Come in, please."

Ye pushed the door open and walked in. He listened at the door for a moment after he closed the door behind him. He slowly approached Anfey.

"What happened?" Anfey asked.

"Master, let's do it now," Ye said quietly. "It would be hard to hold out tonight with just those Knights of Light and priests. Why don't we just bet on Warner? If we lose the battle, it would be hard for us to get back on our feet again."

Anfey gave the matter a bit of thought, then said, "Fernando is getting close. I am worried that..."

"Master," Ye said worriedly, "it shows that Warner is not able to help us when Fernando asked us to hold out for another day and night. We would never know if he could beat all those death spirits. We have to protect ourselves. If Fernando loses the battle, we have to be able to break through the death spirits' blockade. Master, we used to have more than 4,000 mercenaries, but now we have less than 3,000. If we lose more of them, I am afraid..."

"Ye, there are many people watching us. It would not be easy to kill those Knights of Light and priests. If anyone noticed...I think, we'd better wait," Anfey said.

"Master, you don't trust those mercenaries, do you? In fact, they do not care about the church. In addition, we have secretly killed some of the Knights of Light and priests," Ye said.

Anfey suddenly gave Ye a look. The next moment, there was someone knocking on the door. "Is Master Anfey there?"

Anfey lifted his chin to signal Ye to open the door. Ye walked to the door and opened it. A Priest of Light and few Knights of Light stood outside with big smiles. Anfey knew two of the Knights of Light, Hilde and Martin. Hilde had been hostile towards Anfey, while Martin was the spy Yolanthe set up in the church.

"Master, can we come in?" the Priest of Light asked with a smile.

"Please come in, come in." Anfey slowly stood up. "You are here..."

"Master, I have a secret order from the Pope!" the Priest of Light went directly to the point and then turned to Ye. "Master Ye, are you..."

"Secret order? To me?" Anfey looked a little shocked. He nodded at Ye. Ye turned around and slowly left.

"Yes, master." The Priest of Light held his hand out and took a letter from his Dimensional ring.

Anfey smiled and reached for the letter, but he was just a little off and did not get the letter. Instead, he touched that Priest of Light's hand. In the blink of an eye, he grabbed the Priest of Light's hand and pulled it down as he kicked him in the groin. The Priest of Light flew into the air. As the priest screamed out, Anfey jammed his knee into the priest's face and stifled his screaming.

Martin pulled his sword out and thrust forward with full force. However, he did not thrust at Anfey. Instead, he stabbed at his peer, Hilde. Hilde never thought Martin would attack him. Martin's sword pierced his back and through his chest before Hilde had a chance to pull her sword half way out.

At the same time, Ye ran back in. The sword in his hand created a light screen. He thrusted his sword into the neck of a Knight of Light. The way Ye thrust his sword was cruel. His sword had cut off half that knight's neck.

These Priests and Knights of Light had not come with a good intentions. They should have not brought Martin with them. Anfey was smart and responded quickly. He looked at Martin and understood what Martin was trying to signal him. As a result, the killers were killed. The Priest of Light with the highest fighting ability did not even get the chance to release his magic scroll before he was killed by Anfey.

Anfey did not think the two Knights of Light who were still alive could pose any threats to them. Anfey indicated to Martin that he had no idea why these Priests and Knights of Light attacked him. He hoped to find the answer from Martin.

"Master, be careful!" Martin yelled to Anfey. He threw himself at Anfey to protect him. At the same time, the iron door was torn to pieces and a bright sword radiance shot into the room.

Martin had used all his combat power to block the sword radiance from Anfey. As the sword radiance pierced through Martin's body, his body was torn apart.

"Go, hurry up!" Anfey yelled. He now understood that there was a top power among his opponents. He worried about Ye. If Ye wanted to fight without considering the fighting ability of his opponent, he would be killed as quickly as Martin.

"Where do you think you are going?" Laughter rose from outside, and then another sword radiance shot at Anfey.

Ye was wise. He turned around, crashed through the window and jumped out. A Fire Shield appeared on Anfey's left arm, and he fearlessly countered the sword radiance. After a huge crashing noise, Anfey realized he could not even control the shaking from the fire elements on the Fire Shield. The whole Fire Shield was smashed to pieces while Anfey was knocked into the bedroom.

"Suzanna has been led to the north of the city, so..." A person slowly walked into the bedroom and looked at Anfey, who stood there with his sword. Anfey said calmly, "Go to hell!"

This time the person did not feel the sword radiance was enough to kill Anfey, so he did not release sword radiance. Instead, he slashed his sword at Anfey.

This slash looked very simple, but its speed and power were beyond anything Anfey had experienced. The bright combat power lit up the bedroom even brighter than day light. The moving air currents tore the bedframe behind Anfey. The frame shattered against the wall with a loud crash.

Anfey's counterattack was simple as well. With his fighting skills, he could move to the side to dodge the sword, but he chose to counter it directly because he wanted to understand the difference between him and a real top power.

In addition to Anfey's bed the vases, cases and other stuff in the bedroom could not take the pressure and were all crushed into pieces. The Fire Sword became blurry.

The stone floor shattered underneath Anfey, surprising both of them. A black hole appeared. Anfey could not fall down the hole because of the enormous surprised he received.

There was a big secret chamber underneath the bedroom. The secret chamber had a few floors. It had been built for its previous owner to store treasure. Anfey had never noticed this secret chamber before.

"Huh?" The person looked really surprised and immediately jumped into the hole. Maybe because of the two rounds of fighting, he believed Anfey was not as strong as him, so he made such daring move. If their fight abilities were similar, he probably would have put himself at a serious disadvantage if he simply jumped into the hole.

Anfey stood up straight. He released his telepathy as fast as he could. The blurry Fire Sword started to look clear again very quickly. Seeing the person jumping down, he did not immediately start his attack.

"Did you prepare this for yourself? Not bad! It is very hard to find," the person said as he looked around the chamber.

Anfey kept quiet as his internal power was moving faster and faster.

"Are you desperate now? Do you know who I am?" The person smiled and looked to Anfey like he was playing a cat and mouse game.

"I do not want to know," Anfey said calmly. "You are a top power, but unfortunately, you do not know how to kill others."

"Do you know? Unfortunately..." The person tried to copy Anfey. He said calmly, "You are a professional killer, but you are going to be killed by me today!"

Anfey slowly raised his sword to indicate to his opponent that he was ready to fight. As an assassin in his previous world, he never talked bullsh*t with his targets, trying to tell them why he was going to kill them and other stuff. Those were pointless conversations. Instead, talking bullsh*t would give his opponents time to find a good opportunity to fight back and beat him.

"Do you still hope you could win this fight? Not bad, not bad," the person said with a wry smile. "I can tell you have a strange power inside of you. Is it power that could help you become a Supreme Power?" In fact, he secretly had a feeling that whatever power he had would not work on Anfey. From the time he practiced combat power until he became a top power, he had been under the supervision of his master. He never really got a chance to interact with others. That was why he was a little naïve when he was arguing with Anfey.

"You really like to talk!" Anfey said rudely. Dragging the time was really doing him a favor, but he did not want to wait anymore because he did not want to rely on Suzanna all the time.