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Chapter 396: Three Discipliner

 Chapter 396: Three Discipliner

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The zombies arrived only minutes after all the mercenaries had retreated into the city. Because the mercenaries would rather be on the offensive than on the defensive, the cities in Country of Mercenaries did not have good defense system. Even the two major cities, Blackwater and White Mountain City, did not spend much on the city's defense. Zagreen City was even worse. However, the large city walls acted as a deterrent. Anfey knew that all he needed was some time.

Ozzic and Shinbella arrived with their men. They stood on the wall and watched the zombies in silence.

"Ozzic, take the east. Shinbella, go to the west with your men. Orsie take the north, and Thompson will stay with me," Anfey said.

Ozzic nodded. He waved to his men and began heading towards the eastern part of the city. Anfey glanced around and asked, "Who's in charge of this place?"

"I am, my lord," a large man stepped forward and said. He was very worried about the zombies, but seeing how calm Anfey and his men were, he felt strangely comforted as well, despite the fact that imminent death was waiting for him outside the wall.

"What's your name?"

"Guri," the large man said.

"Divide up your men," Anfey instructed. "You'll join my men. You know this city better than we do. We need your help."

"Yes, sir."

"How many men do you have?"

"About five hundred," Guri said with a frown. He was worried that he might not have enough men to make it through this battle.

"That's more than enough," Anfey said. "Go."

Guri nodded and jogged off of the wall, following Ozzic and his men.

"Why are these zombies concentrating on us?" Suzanna asked with a frown.

"Maybe we're irritating the necromancers," Anfey said with a smile.


Anfey nodded. "Can you go talk to the Knights of Light? I want them to divide into four groups as well and join the four fronts. We need to strengthen our defenses."

"I can't assure you that they'll listen."

"They will right now," Anfey said.

"Alright," Suzanna said. She paused and glanced at Anfey and asked, "Are you even planning on breaking out?"

"Why would we do that?" Anfey asked.

"I'm serious," Suzanna said with a deep frown. "There are too many zombies."

"Don't worry," Anfey said. "I have a plan."

Suzanna narrowed her eyes, then sighed and shook her head. She turned and began her descent from the wall. She knew that the more stressful the situation, the calmer Anfey will be. She had known very few people like that, and she respected it.

"Blavi," Anfey called.

"Yes?" Blavi said, walking over. "You're doing it?"

Anfey nodded.

"You're a madman," Blavi said. It was very hard to destroy an established magic group because the mages could simply use levitation spells to escape the battlefield. However, Blavi had never thought about using levitation to escape. Even if Anfey ordered them to use all of their magic, he would still follow his orders. Blavi was very loyal to his friends, and he would do anything to protect and help his friends and his men.

"Don't do anything unless I tell you to," Anfey said. "Let's see what those priests can do."

"I know what you mean."

Blavi had hardly finished his sentence when the zombies surged forward and began attacking the city. The zombies were not very smart, and their attacking technique was very simple. In some situations, though, the simplest strategy was the most effective as well. Countless zombies stacked themselves on top of each other, building a slope that acted as a pathway for more zombies. The zombies staggered up the slope, howling.

All sides of the city were simultaneously attacked. Even though they lacked aid from mages, the mercenaries were still very powerful and blocked the attacks from the zombies.

However, the number of zombies was too great. Even though the mercenaries were strong, they were outnumbered. Countless zombies were running up the more than a dozen slopes all around the city, but there were only about five thousand fighters in the city. Except for the priests whom Anfey kept back, everyone was fighting.

With the zombies threatening to overrun the city at any moment, the mercenaries fought even harder. The mercenaries knew that they must do everything in their power to stop the zombies, because everything would be over if the zombies broke into the city.

The number of injured mercenaries was steadily increasing, while others were pulled off of the wall and into the pile of zombies.

The situation began to turn as the priests join the fight. Even though light magic was not as effective anymore, it was still very good at delaying the zombies. Light magic did not require a large reserve of magic. One spell could injure or destroy a dozen zombies. The priests knew how to use their power to the fullest, and soon the slopes of zombies began to collapse.

In the forest not far from the city, a few necromancers were conversing quietly. After a few moments, one of the necromancers raised a wand made from bones. As soon as the necromancer raised the wand, the attack from the zombies ceased.

Anfey knew why the necromancers must be retreating. He had more priests than the necromancers had anticipated, and if this continued, the zombies would all be defeated.

It was important to know one's enemies, but in a war against the necromancers, it was an impossible task. The necromancers could conceal their identities, while other people could not gain their trust. Spying was impossible.

A dark figure rose into the air and floated towards the city. Necromancers could not use the Eye of the Sky and needed to be close to keep an eye on the situation near the city.

"Is that a necromancer?" a nearby mercenary asked loudly. Hearing his question, the other mercenaries around him began muttering amongst themselves.

Anfey retrieved his longbow from his dimensional ring and aimed it at the dark figure in the sky. He quickly released an element arrow. The arrow flew very fast. The necromancer did not have enough time to react and was struck in the chest by the arrow.

The necromancer gurgled and his figure bobbed in the air before stumbling to the ground. He crashed into the ground a few pace behind the zombies.

Anfey lowered his bow. The mercenaries glanced at him with awe and shock.