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Chapter 394: Throne of Bones

 Chapter 394: Throne of Bones

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A transparent magic barrier separate Greenwich Island and the rest of the world. The magic barrier prevented the rest of the world from seeing what was happening inside it. Anyone who tried to peer through the magic barrier could only see heavy fog. A magic barrier this big was very rare. Apart from the one Saul used to trap the Dark Moon Magic Legion, this was the largest known barrier in the world.

Even though the presence of the necromancers threatened the entire world, the nations of the world had no intention of working together. This was because there had been too many conflicts between nations, and the nations did not trust each other. No one took notice of this large magic barrier because no one had the energy to sail all the way to Greenwich Island. Moreover, no one would try to attack an island when there were still zombies to take care of.

Inside the barrier, the entire island appeared very eerie. Countless bones formed a large dome that covered half of the island and shielded the island from the sky. Greenwich Island was a large island, and there must have been thousands of dead bodies in that dome.

Hundreds of necromancers were busy at work on the island. In the middle of the island was a large pillar that disappeared into the bone dome. The pillar was enormous and composed entirely of bones. The pillar appeared as if it was holding up the dome.

A tall, thin figure was standing nearby, watching the pillar. There were very few necromancers working. Clearly, this man was a powerful one. The other necromancers did not even go near him. Judging from the careful movements others use around him, it was easy to tell that the other necromancers were afraid of this man.

A gust of wind blew across the island, sending bones scattering along the ground. A large phantom dragon appeared in the air, flapping its large wings. Even the phantom dragon did not want to go near the man. It landed a few paces away. A necromancer in a colorful robe jumped off of the dragon and hurried towards the tall figure.

The new necromancer was very strange. Most necromancers preferred dark robes, but he had a very beautiful, colorful one. Unlike the other necromancers, this one was very young and handsome. He appeared only to be in his mid-twenties.

"Master," the young necromancer said to the tall figure, "I'm ready."

The tall figure turned to look at the young man. He removed his hood, revealing what was underneath. The figure's head was a large skull covered in cracks. It was as if someone had broken the skull and created him by putting it back together. Two red lights shone in the skull's eyeholes.

The young man lowered his head and did not say anything.

"Let me see, then," the skull croaked. "But, Morgan, you have to be prepared. I am just a mage, not god."

"You are to me, Master," Morgan said.

The skull sighed, "You've been saying that for centuries."

Morgan smiled. He could tell that his teacher was in a good mood today, so he was not as nervous. He retrieved a broken skull and a black crystal ball and set it on the ground. The crystal ball had trapped some green fog in it. The green fog surged as if trying to break free.

"This is all you could find?"

"Yes," Morgan said. "Most of her body is useless. This is all I could find."

The skull sighed again, and the red lights in his eyes began blinking as if it was thinking. After a few moments, he reached out with a bony hand and pointed at the sky. The skull began chanting, his voice becoming guttural.

The bone dome began rattling as the skull chanted, and then the dome began rippling like the ocean. A black swirl appeared under the broken skull on the ground and sucked the skull into it.

The skull did not stop chanting. He kept chanting his spell. Dark clouds appeared from the dome and floated down to the ground. Then those dark clouds were sucked into the swirl as well.

"The throne is not yet complete," the skull said, "but what you found has strengthened it."

"Thank you, Master!" Morgan said excitedly. He began chanting as well. The crystal ball in his hand shattered, and the green fog inside the crystal ball disappeared into the black swirl as well.

The skull's spell was coming to an end. A human body appeared as the skull's spell was finished. It was a woman. She appeared to be human, with long limbs. Her eyes were closed, but she seemed to be a beautiful woman.

"Master!" Morgan cried, sinking to his knees. He did not expect this result and was very grateful.

"This body is not hers," the skull said. "If she wants her strength back, she needs at least fifty years to recover. If you like her, then you should take care of her." Morgan nodded, his eyes swelling up.

The skull waved its hand and a red flash of lightning struck the woman's head. The woman's body jerked as she was hit by the lightning.

The woman's eyes blinked open, and her body began thrusting around on the ground, screaming as if she was in pain.

"Annuciata!" Morgan cried, wrapping his arms around the woman to prevent her from hurting herself. "Wake up! Wake up, please!"

The woman's frantic eyes moved to Morgan. "Ernest!" she screamed, her voice filled with pain and hatred.

"Look at me, Annuciata! Look at me!" Morgan called again.

The woman did not appear to hear Morgan's calls. She kept chanting Ernest's name, her voice hoarse.

Morgan frowned, hugging the woman tighter.

"Be quiet!" the skull bellowed. He shook his head and sighed. "Control her! She cannot make a scene here." Morgan nodded. He grabbed the woman's hand.

The woman stopped her screaming when she heard the skull. She looked around, and her eyes widened in shock.

"Remember who you are now?" the skull asked coldly. "Annunciata, you cost me a phantom dragon, but you still managed to take out Slanbrea. That is the only reason I'm willing to waste my magic and revive you. The next mistake you make will your last.

"What? I did?" Annuciata whispered, frowning.


"I... I didn't kill Slanbrea."

The skull paused, then laughed. "I see. I've always wondered how you managed to take out Slanbrea. In-fighting is more effective than I expected."

"But why would they do that?" Morgan asked, surprised.

"Who knows? I don't care why," the skull said. "All I want to know is how Pope William reacted to this."

"They may not believe it," Morgan said.

"They will," the skull said. "You don't need to worry about that. Morgan, you need to get back to your work. You've already stalled for twenty years, and I don't want to wait another twenty. You need to return with the Ring of the Undead and that traitor Golman by the time the Throne of Bones is complete. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," Morgan said. "I found something, but Bruzuryano..."

"The Heart of Nature is powerful, but I have no use of it," the skull said. "I need the ring and Golman. Know your priorities, Morgan."

"Yes, Master!" Morgan said, lowering his head respectfully. "I will depart immediately."