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Chapter 393: Ambition

 Chapter 393: Ambition

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No matter whether mercenaries were with Ozzic, Shinbella or Wendorf, they all knew how dangerous the situation was and were prepared for the worst. The riot in the south of Shuklan City could trigger a larger fight in the city, without doubt. The fight happened quickly, but also ended quickly.

Suzanna never even joined the battle. To put it simply, a top power was more like a strategic weapon. She functioned more at a strategic level to scare the opponents. A top power's fighting ability could not only be evaluated by the amount of people she killed, but how many people she could scare.

Suzanna walked just once around Shuklan City. Everywhere she went, the mercenaries in Ozzic and Shinbella's units cheered loudly for her. They were excited and confident they would win the battle, which helped with their fighting ability, while the mercenaries in Shuklan City instead lost their morale fast. When the news that Wendorf was killed reached them, groups of mercenaries put down their weapons and surrendered to the League of Mercenaries.

The Knights of Light and priests who excitedly rushed out to try to pacify the conflict were stunned by what they saw. They had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. If the mercenaries from those two parties started to fight, they could do nothing but benefit from it. On the one hand, it was a great opportunity to reduce the League of Mercenaries' fighting ability. On the other, Knights of Light and priests thought they could ally with mercenaries in danger to give them a good opportunity to make a name for themselves in the Country of Mercenaries. The appearance of Suzanna crushed that unrealistic dream. In Shuklan City, no one could be a match for Suzanna. In other words, the fighting abilities of the two parties was never balanced. They had to choose to keep quiet at the end.

When Suzanna landed next to Anfey, the yelling and screaming gradually quieted down. Anfey saw the Knights of Light quietly leave the battlefield. He turned around to a person in armor behind him and said, "Warner, did anyone notice you?"

"Master, I was like a mouse, hiding from everyone all day long. How could anyone notice me?" Warner said with a sly smile.

"Don't worry," Anfey said quietly. "I will send those Knights of Light and priests away shortly. Then it will be your show time."

"I cannot yet deal with a large-scale fight." Warner hesitated for a second and added, "The more death spirits I can save, the strong the power of the Book of Life will get. If I am given a certain period of time, I ..." Before he finished talking, Warner saw Anfey's look and suddenly realized he should not continue.

"Don't worry." Anfey smiled. "I am not jealous of your achievements."

"Master, you are so open-minded," Warner said, smiling at Anfey. He was not sure he really believed what Anfey said.

"I am very generous to my friends," Anfey said calmly. "Pope William is getting older, while some people in the church hold prejudices against me. I could even say they treat me as their enemy. Instead of having them in power, I would rather help my friends be successful."

"But I am only one person," Warner said.

"I remember you told me that St. Robin was by himself when he was born," Anfey said.

Warner slowly nodded. He still looked very serious, but the excitement in his eyes exposed his real thinking. Anfey had reignited his ambition of long ago. He pondered Anfey's idea for a bit just to show he was humble. If this were not the case, he would not have asked Anfey if he could fight on his own.

Anfey looked like he did not understand Warner's intention and casually switched the topic. "Warner, why didn't you find me before?"

"Master, when I had just gotten the Book of Life, I did not know anything else besides the spell," Warner said bitterly. "I had nothing to do for the past few days. You did not allow me to do missionary work, so I studied the Book of Life. The script in the Book of Life was God's language. I did not understand it. I asked Master Ye for help and paid a high price for a dictionary from a priest. I have translated every chapter of the Book of Life and found the secret of it."

"Don't all priests have a Bible and dictionary? Don't you have one?" Anfey asked.

"I lost them when I was attacked last time," Warner said.

"Warner, you have to be more careful in the future," Anfey said quietly. "If you knew the power of the Book of Life, you could have done a lot in Moramatch and would not have needed to wait until now."

"Back then..." Warner tried to explain.

"Back then you were busy preaching to the dwarves," Anfey said, smiling.

Warner cleared his throat and shifted his eyes, and then he suddenly found a very good excuse. "Master, I could not study the Book of Life back then. Master Ye got the dictionary for me later. That was why I did not know the secret of the Book of Life until recently. Maybe it is fate."

Anfey smiled but did not respond. The situation in Shuklan City was stabilizing as they talked. They did not get any further resistance as they recruited the mercenaries in Shuklan City to the League of Mercenaries. It was like a rolling snow ball. Every time they went to help a city, they recruited the mercenaries in that city to the League of Mercenaries to make it stronger. It was a little challenging at the beginning because initially the League of Mercenaries was not that strong. As they recruited thousands of mercenaries, nothing could stop Anfey recruiting more mercenaries into his League of Mercenaries, including the three super mercenary groups. Marino's Band of Brother mercenary was an exception, since they were already allied with Anfey.

Moving forward, it would not be that difficult to conquer the Country of Mercenaries. Anfey felt excited and proud. However, under the circumstances, Anfey was not the only one feeling that way.

At Kulmalashine Fort in Shansha Empire, about 200,000 soldiers neatly stood in formation, quietly waiting for the city door to open. Over 200,000 people gathered together, but no one moved, nor did anyone made any noise, in contrast to the loud yelling and horses neighing inside the fort.

The city door slowly opened and more than one hundred knights rushed through. The soldiers at the suspension bridge pulled up the bridge and then ran to the front of the squad. The knight in the front stopped his horse and yelled, "General Scarlet, what are you doing?"

"General Kuiper, can you open the city door?" Scarlet, at the head of the troops, slowly took off her helmet. Her blond hair fell in waves. She still looked ant talked normal, but she showed a bit of tiredness in her eyes. She gave a feeling that she had been through so much. Oddly, her body and face looked young. It was a very mixed feeling she gave out.

Seeing the face of Scarlet, the knight in front was shocked for a second. Scarlet had been famous for a short period. This was the first time he had seen Scarlet in person. Even though he heard Scarlet was beautiful, he did not expect her to be so young. He could not imagine how this little girl could have over 200,000 mercenaries listening to her.

"General Scarlet, as far as I know, you should be traveling northeast right now with your mercenaries to save the people who are suffering from attacks by death spirits. You should not be here." The knight sounded kind, since he really could not scold a little girl.

"General Kuiper, I am trying to save a country, not just the people in certain areas. Open the door. I am asking you now," Scarlet said slowly.

Kuiper looked like he did not know if he should laugh or cry. How could a little girl say she is going to save a country? Kuiper thought to himself. He felt weird because he felt a strong soldier should protect the country, while a little girl should be whining to her parents or trying to become a social butterfly at dance parties. This was not a place for Scarlet.

Kuiper thought for a second and smiled. "General Scarlet, do you have to order from the king?"

"Not yet," Scarlet said.

"Not yet? Please come back when you have an order from the king," Kuiper said.

"General Kuiper, that would be too late." Scarlet had a helpless smile. She seemed to have more bitterness on her face. "Right now Baery does not know which direction my military will go. When he realizes, it will be pointless then."

"Baery?" Kuiper almost laughed out loud. Why would God-like General Baery care about where this little girl would go? What a joke! Kuiper thought to himself.

"General Kuiper, Prince Chiellick knows what I am doing. Do you think you can open the door for us?" Scarlet could tell the disdain Kuiper had towards her, but she did not get offended by it. She only mentioned her finance to see if that would work.

Kuiper looked very serious now. Chiellick was the first successor according to age. The little girl here could become a queen of the empire. He could not deny her, but the problem was taking in 200,000 of her troops without orders from the king. If anything happened, the king would not kill his daughter-in-law, and Kuiper would take all the blame. Some discussion should have happened in a more private setting. Scarlet was just a little girl. She did not even know to find an appropriate place to talk. There were so many people listening to their conversation. If he gave in just because he heard Chiellick's name, he would lose his authority.

"Still no? I got it." Scarlet heaved a sigh and tossed away her helmet. As Kuiper looked shocked, a cloud of combat power arose on Scarlet. She rode her horse at Kuiper with her knight spear pointing at Kuiper's chest.

"Are you crazy?" Kuiper yelled as he hurriedly took out his spear. Before the two knight spears clashed, they looked at each other. Kuiper felt he was falling into an icy cave. What eyes Scarlet had! There was something burning in her eyes, even the places she looked. The crazy facial expression indicated a strong will that controlled thousands of people. Such a strong will seemed to be able to melt steel, the fort behind Kuiper, or anything else. Kuiper understood that even if the king tried to stop Scarlet, she would rush over his dead body without any hesitation. Nothing could stop Scarlet.

With a loud bang, the knight spear in Kuiper's hand turned to pieces. The next moment, there was a hole in his chest as big as an bowl. When his body was flying in the air, he saw Scarlet's personal bodyguards run towards the door while, the horn arose to signal other mercenaries to start their attack.

As death approached him, Kuiper finally understood how Scarlet could have thousands of mercenaries listening to him, but he could not change anything now.