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Chapter 389: Running into Suzanna

 Chapter 389: Running into Suzanna

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When Anfey saw an enormous eagle and a cloud of flashing gold lightning with the help of the Heart of Nature, he opened his eyes suddenly. It was neither the speed of the eagle nor the flying sword radiance in rainbow colors that shocked Anfey, but rather a familiar figure.

Anfey had seen Ernest fighting with full force. At that time, the combat power hovering over Ernest had made it hard to see his face. This cloud of gold lightning seemed very similar to Ernest's combat power. Although difficult to see, Anfey could make out that the person inside the gold flash was small, with long hair. The sword radiance the person released was so strong that it could easily shoot out dozens of yard into the air. Every sword radiance posed a threat to the enormous eagle. Obviously, this was a fight between two top powers.

What made Anfey suspect the person was Suzanna was the armor she wore. It was similar to the Ocean Blue Armor. It was not just the color of the armor but also the bright gold color. Anfey's heart pumped really fast.

Anfey had strong self-control, so he did not rush over to check whether the person was really Suzanna. Instead, he held his breath and quietly walked forward. He only walked a few steps before he stumbled and almost fell into an ancient tree, because he saw a little unicorn in the range of the Heart of Nature.

Anfey felt so happy because the swordsman fighting with the gigantic eagle had to be Suzanna: there was no other possibility. Suzanna had moved one level up and become a real master swordswoman. Ernest had told Anfey that it was really hard to break the bottleneck to become a master swordsman from being a senior swordsman. The process varied for each individual. Some broke through after long-time experience, others did it after surviving risky situations, while others got inspiration from some agent, even though they only muddled along the life without any purpose. Anfey had no idea Suzanna had already broken through to the top.

Anfey felt happy for her but a little regretful at the same time. He was not jealous of Suzanna's achievement. He had been thinking that he would be able to be there and witness this special moment with Suzanna. Unfortunately, life had taken them in different directions. He had missed this special moment for all kinds of reasons.

Anfey quietly floated up and flew forward quickly. He was in a hurry to see Suzanna, but he needed to kill that other guy first.

As he sensed the direction where the fight was moving, he was searching for the best place for him to attack the guy in surprise. When that enormous eagle was less than a thousand yards away from Suzanna, Anfey found a tall ancient three. He quietly climbed up the tree as swiftly as a snake and hid himself in the thick branches.

The eagle was Eagle King Mauso. Anfey wasn't sure at first, since he did not understand why Mauso would rather stay in a disadvantaged position in this fight instead of fleeing, since Mauso could transform himself into an enormous eagle. It did not take long for Anfey to figure out the answer. Mauso apparently wanted to exhaust Suzanna's combat power and give her a fatal attack. He figured Mauso could wait any longer for that chance.

Anfey's judgement was right. The eagle was Mauso, but he had forgotten about the strong sensing ability Mauso had and the reason Mauso was called "The Observer". Mauso's sensing ability was not as good Anfey's after he bonded with the Heart of Nature. Mauso could distinguish all the disdguises and release Eagle Eye magic all the time. As a top power, Mauso could not only sense disguises, but also the emotional changes of all kinds of living organisms within a thousand yards, which was exactly the range of Eagle Eye magic. As Anfey sneaked up into the tree, Mauso had already noticed Anfey.

The eagle's eyes were as big as fists. The eagle had a playful look and suddenly flapped his wings, flying towards Anfey. As he was less than 50 yards away from the tree where Anfey was hiding, a tiny magic surge caught his eye. Mauso flapped his wings and instinctively went into a dive. He just sensed that he should do that.

Anfey suddenly appeared behind the enormous eagle with a Fire Sword in his hand. He swung the Fire Sword and created an area of light in the sky. Mauso increased his speed, flying so fast that Anfey did not even touch a feather, even though he thought he could definitely hit him.

The enormous eagle flew straight up with a series of screeches. It sounded like he was cursing something.

Anfey dropped straight down as a pile of debris sprang up from the ground. Anfey put his feet on it. After holding up Anfey, the pile turned into moving earth elements and disappeared. Another pile showed up and held Anfey in the air again. They looked like stairs to send Anfey to the ground. In fact, he had already released Levitation magic. Facing Mauso's threats, it was too dangerous to control his body with just wind elements, so he liked the feeling of stepping on the piles better.

This time, it was Suzanna's turn to get shocked. She stared at the back of Anfey as the thick golden lightning gradually faded away and showed her feminine figure. Since Suzanna left Sacred City, she had been missing her husband. Besides Shally, Anfey was her only family. When she was attacked and in danger, the feeling of missing Anfey seemed to be stronger. She had so much she wanted to talk about with Anfey, but she felt dizzy, with a lump in her throat, and no words came out when she actually saw Anfey.

After giving Suzanna a loving and caring look, Anfey turned back to Mauso and chased after him in the sky. Unlike Anfey, Suzanna had lost her sharpness. It seemed that she could see only Anfey and nothing more. Maybe this was the difference between being emotional and being reasonable.

Suzanna finally ran at Anfey and held him from behind. She seemed to hold tremendous pain as she grabbed his gown and held him tightly. She put her face on Anfey's broad shoulder.

Anfey did not move. He did not put away his Fire Sword until Mauso had flown far away and did not pose any threat to them. He heaved a sigh because he knew why Suzanna had gone back to Sacred City and understood the pain of losing her mother. Anfey had experienced the same kind of pain in his previous world.

Anfey felt the coldness on his shoulder and heard the muffled crying. He patted Suzanna's hand and slowly took her hands away from him so he could turn her around and hold her in his arms. Suzanna had been aggressive in the fight a second ago, but now she was just a helpless kid. She felt weak and let Anfey caress her. She had her eyes closed but tears ran down her cheeks and wet Anfey's chest.

This was the first time Anfey had ever seen Suzanna crying. Suzanna was tough and strong. If she were not in extreme pain, she would not show her weakness in front of others. Even if she showed it, she would only show it in front of Anfey.

Anfey did not say anything. He only held Suzanna tighter. There had been too many times in his life when Anfey had missed romantic moments because he had been involved in some dangerous situation. He looked cold and could not come up with any sweet and comforting words, even though he loved Suzanna very much. Anfey had never been good at expressing himself. Instead of forcing himself to say sweet words, he would rather show his love in action to let Suzanna know he cared about her, just as he had killed on the previous day to show his hatred and resentment.

It was undeniable that most women wanted to hear sweet words, even though they knew their men loved them. A man like Anfey might be attractive at the beginning, but they could run into trouble once the couple was living together. Luckily, given her experiences in life, Suzanna did not have too many desires, including at this moment. She was happy to be able to feel cared by Anfey, and she gradually stopped sobbing.

They held each other in the forest. If it were not for the breeze, it seemed that time had stopped.

The little unicorn slowly walked over. He looked up to watch in curiosity and then ran to Anfey. He excitedly rubbed himself on Anfey's leg, but Anfey could not spare himself to attend to him. The little unicorn noticed that no one was paying attention to him and made some screeches after rubbing a few times.

Anfey held his upper body still as he kicked the little unicorn with the tip of his foot. He liked this little guy, but it was not comparable to the love he had for Suzanna. He did not want anyone or anything to disrupt him and Suzanna right now.

The little unicorn jumped back in shock and ran away. He laid on the ground and felt wronged by Anfey.

As time went by, and without knowing how long they had been standing there holding each other, Anfey whispered to Suzanna, "Master swordswoman, my master swordswoman."

"Yes," Suzanna murmured. It was unbelievable that she had fallen asleep. For the past few days, she had been attacked by surprise, fled, fought back, chased after and fought with Mauso, and she was not able to eat, sleep, or rest well, which had made her exhausted. After she was able to cry out her sadness and felt Anfey's firm chest, it seemed that she could not find another place warmer and safer than being next to Anfey. She finally had a moment to take a breath.

Anfey did not expect she would fall asleep. He was definitely shocked. He thought Suzanna would tell him her pain and sorrow after seeing him. After she calmed down, they could talk about how much they missed each other and snuggle together. They might even find a a quiet spot to make love to each other. Being apart from each other made their hearts grow fonder.

At that moment, Suzanna put her whole weight on Anfey, and felt she might fall if he did not hold tight to her waist. After hesitating for a while, Anfey sighed again. He decided to continue to stand like this because he did not want to wake Suzanna up. He could tell she was very, very tired.