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Chapter 388: Beginning

 Chapter 388: Beginning

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Anfey kept running at an incredible speed. In his previous world, he would never dream of reaching such a speed because of physically limitations. Here, however, he was aided by his newly-developed magical power.

Because of the Heart of Nature, he was able to see everything before him and find a path very easily. The Heart of Nature allowed him to concentrate much better and helped him see the elements that made up everything. Because of this ability granted to him by the Heart of Nature, he found it very easy to avoid any obstacles that might have been in his way.

Ahead was a wide river. Anfey did not stop or slow down. Instead, he waved his hand and concentrated on the river. A small piece of ice appeared in the middle of the river. He jumped and landed on the ice. He jumped again and landed on the opposite bank. The piece of ice bobbed in the river a few times, then slowly sank into the water, disappearing as the element dispersed.

A few minutes after Anfey crossed the river, he came upon a very large group of at least a few hundred zombies. The group was moving very slowly, but the sheer number of zombies was very terrifying. However, Anfey did not waver or change his path. As he approached the group of zombies, he jumped up into the air. He waved his hand and summoned an earth spike. The spike burst out of the earth. The zombies moved around the spike as if they did not even see it. Anfey landed on the spike and pushed off of it. He summoned another one, landed on it, then jumped off, landing beyond the group of zombies. He didn't know where the zombies were headed and did not want to just leave the zombies alone, but he knew that he did not have time to take care of them. He could find them again after he finished taking care of what he needed to do.

He kept pressing on, passing the zombies before most could react to him.

After he passed the zombies, he kept on moving for a few minutes and came upon a group of soldiers.

The group of soldiers was bigger than the group of zombies and were in uniform. They marched in formation, surrounding a few dozen carriages. Clearly, this was a group of soldiers that was protecting supplies. The general sensed the surge of magic and saw Anfey moving towards them. He was sure that whoever was coming towards them wasn't a necromancer, but he still wanted to keep up his guard.

He waved his hand at his men and drew his sword. The archers readied their bows and the soldiers drew their weapons. Before the general could bark another order, Anfey had already dashed past them.

The general narrowed his eyes as he watched Anfey disappear into the distance. Clearly, the person that had just brushed past them was very powerful, but he wasn't interested in the things they were protecting.

Anfey did not stop until almost noon. He was running very fast, but his expression did not change and his breathing was still very smooth. Normally, he would be careful not to use all of his strength, but he was alone and did not worry about any enemies.

Soon, he was spotted by an elf standing in the crown of a tree. He was already approaching Transverse Mountains, but he was still too far for anyone to make out who he was. "Is that an Earth Dragon?" the elf asked curiously.

"There are no Earth Dragons living in the area," a nearby druid said, frowning. A few other people joined the elf in the tree, trying to figure out what was heading towards them. They were a search party and were searching for their missing friends and enemies. They did not find who they were looking for, but instead they found a strange creature.

The trees suddenly began shaking, and a figure appeared through the trees.

"Is that a person?" one of the druids asked, confused.

"Do you know who he is?" another druid asked. The others all shook their heads.

A few moments later, Anfey landed on a branch not far from their tree. He glanced at the elves and the druids and asked, "Who are you working for?"


"Who are you working for?" Anfey asked again. "Bruzuryano? Mauso? Or Manstuly?"

"We are with Lord Manstuly," one of the druids said. They were surprised by Anfey's young age and were even more shocked by the fact that he was referring to Bruzuryano by his name. If he could refer to Burzuryano, Mauso, and Manstuly by their names only, this man might be very powerful as well.

"Manstuly?" Anfey repeated, frowning. He sighed and jumped towards the druid, kicking the man in the stomach.

The druid, caught off guard, was thrown from the tall tree. He landed on the ground with a thud and did not move again. The nearby elf cried out in surprised. She spun around and tried to kick him, but Anfey caught her leg in his hand and threw her away. She crashed into a nearby tree and fell to the ground.

Another elf jumped away from the tree, a longbow appearing in her hand. She nocked an arrow, but before she could release the arrow, Anfey jumped in front of her and kicked her in the stomach. The elf dropped the bow and doubled over. Then he kicked her off of the tree, sending her crashing to the ground like her companions.

The remaining druid turned and tried to flee, but he reacted too late. Anfey jumped toward him, punching him hard in the back. The druid gasped in pain and his body dropped to the ground.

The only one that successfully landed on the ground was an elf. She did not try to do anything and only turned to flee. Anfey summoned a longbow and nocked it, aiming at the fleeing elf.

The arrow pierced the elf and she stumbled, falling to the ground. She struggled for a few seconds, then fell still.

Anfey landed on the ground and found a dagger. He walked over to a nearby tree and carved, "This is only the beginning."

He knew that Manstuly was hell-bent on killing him and his friends. He could not let that happen, and he wanted to send a message that he was ready for whatever Manstuly would throw at him. He may not be as powerful as Manstuly, but he was working very hard to change that fact.