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Chapter 380: Prices to Pay

 Chapter 380: Prices to Pay

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Five elves were traveling through the dense forest of Transverse Mountains. All five elves were beautiful women who looked eerily similar to each other. The only thing that differed between the elves were the bows they bore.

The five female elves were traveling at a high speed. Despite their pace, none of them appeared tired, and their breathing was still evenly paced.

They were sent by the elf elders on a mission, and their ultimate goal was to reconstruct the glory of the elven empire. The empire fell because of the elves' peaceful nature. Unlike humans, they did not like war. Because of this, the elves were not as powerful as humans. Now, however, the elves had learned from humans and had become more warlike.

The five elves were all elites. The leader was famous for her ability to hit the target from any distance. Even though they still could not find what they were looking for, they were very calm and did not appear irritated.

The leader sudden stopped and raised her hand. The other four elves stopped as well. They felt the signal the druids sent.

In order to fight against a swordsmaster, the elves knew that they must split up to achieve maximum effect.

The elves slowed and began searching for a proper hiding spot. Soon, all five of them disappeared from view.

The elf to the left was hiding in the crown of a large tree. She narrowed her eyes as she felt a slight vibration in the tree under her. She jumped out of the tree and dashed forward.

The trunk of the tree she was standing on exploded, bits of wood flying. A figure in blue appeared and dashed towards the elf. In the figure's hand was a gleaming longsword. The elf was shocked by the speed of her opponent. She tried to block the attack but her opponent was too strong. The sword broke her bow and plunged into her chest.

Suzanna spun around as the elf fell silently to the ground. She searched the forest and located another nearby elf. Just as she was about to dash towards the elf, she felt a sudden gust of wind. She turned around and slashed, pushing aside an incoming arrow with her sword. The arrow flew past her and buried itself into a nearby tree.

Suzanna's eyes widened in shock. She didn't know any of the elves, but she knew that whoever just fired that shot was very powerful. A normal archer would never be able to fire an arrow that could buried itself that deeply into a tree, especially not after the arrow was slowed by her sword. She realized that she had underestimated her opponents. Every time she tried to break out of her opponents' formation, she would be forced back by arrows. The druids were not who she was concerned about. If she had just been facing druids, she could get away any time she wanted. The swordsmen posed no threat to her, either. She could easily defeat swordsmen and druids. It was the archer that worried her.

She couldn't see the elf and knew that elves are hard to find. She had just engaged an enemy, and the archer had already fired. Clearly, this archer was very fast.

Finding a good hiding place was very hard. Suzanna spent a few minutes searching for an ideal hiding place and found a small cave in the side of the mountain. She ducked into the cave and listened carefully for any movement outside. She hoped that the cave would be enough to hide her from the druids.

She had only two choices right now. She had to either attack her weakest opponent or she would have to attack her strongest opponent. The archer would suffice, which was why she had targeted the archer.

What she did not know was that the druids were panicking due to the death of their leader. If they had not panicked and fallen for her simple trick, she would not have survived this.

Suzanna heard the sound of leaves rustling outside and knew that it was the archer she was waiting for. She quietly left the small cave and spotted the archer among the leaves. She jumped up and dashed towards the archer. She knew that she had to take out that archer in order to do anything else.

The unicorn stumbled after Suzanna, whinnying.

The archer saw Suzanna. She narrowed her eyes and nocked her bow, sending arrow after arrow towards Suzanna. She fired three arrows in mere seconds.

Suzanna had just left the cave when the first arrow came flying towards her. She raised her sword and deflected all three incoming arrows.

The archer did not expect to kill Suzanna with three arrows, anyway. Her speed of releasing arrows increased. The bow string vibrated violently every time she let an arrow loose. The other elves joined her as well, sending arrows after Suzanna at incredible speed.

Suzanna did not back away in the face of a storm of arrows. She summoned more combat power and pushed forward. She held the sword out in front of her and increased her speed.

The archer frowned. A green arrow appeared in her hand. She nocked the bow slowly, the bow pointing at not Suzanna but at the crown of the tree she was standing in. The arrow disappeared into the tree crown.

Suzanna dashed forward, pushing through the storm of arrows. Suddenly, a green arrow fell towards Suzanna from above. The arrow pierced through her combat power and headed towards her.

Suzanna was wearing light blue armor and the arrow bounced off of it. Blue light rippled around the place where the arrow hit Suzanna's armor.

The elf frowned. "It couldn't be..." she whispered.

Suzanna was wearing Baery's gift, Azure Armor. She knew that it was a very powerful suit of armor and she only wore it when she was certain she needed the extra protection.

Suzanna pressed on, ignoring the strange green arrow. She needed to get close to the archer. The archer sighed, and another green arrow appeared in her hand. She did not want to back down in front of a human. Her hands were very steady as she released a second green arrow.

The green arrow flew towards Suzanna and transformed into a green net. Suzanna's combat power flared up and tore through the net. Normally, the net would be more than enough to trap her. However, Suzanna knew that she had nothing to lose.

The archer frowned. Like Suzanna, she had underestimated her opponent as well. However, she did not waver in front of Suzanna.

Suzanna jumped up towards the archer. Both Suzanna and the archer knew that only one of them could walk away from this fight. Suzanna bellowed as she pointed her sword at the archer and attacked.

The archer nocked a strange, gold arrow. The arrow clashed with Suzanna's combat power and disappeared into its light. A second later, Suzanna's sword pierced the archer's body.

The archer screamed in pain as she and Suzanna fell towards the forest floor. They crashed to the ground. The archer coughed in pain as Suzanna pulled her sword free. A few moments later, the archer drew her last breath and was still.

The other elves, seeing their leader being murdered in cold blood, knew that they were no match for Suzanna. They glanced at each other and quickly disappeared into the forest, fleeing the scene.

Suzanna dashed towards the fleeing elves. She caught up to one of them and stabbed the elf through the chest. Then she left the wounded elf and killed another one. However, one of the elves had already disappeared.

Suzanna sighed and took a few steps back. She knew that the elf wouldn't be coming back. Her combat power was nearly depleted and she needed to rest. She had to recover before the druids found her, or else she will not walk away from this fight.