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Chapter 378: Pain

 Chapter 378: Pain

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"Luther, are you married?" Anfey suddenly asked.

Luther smiled and nodded. "I am," he said. "We're about to welcome our first child."

"Congratulations," Anfey said. "How do you like it? Being married?"

"It's great," Luther said.

"Interesting," Anfey said. "I didn't know that you could be happy with a life of lies."

"What do you mean?" Luther asked, surprised. The elf looked at Anfey with a frown, as if confused. Ye glanced at the mercenaries around him and nodded.

The mercenaries were all very loyal to Ye and knew him well. They trust Ye and would follow his orders, even if they were confused by his orders. If Ye was wrong, the mercenaries wouldn't be held accountable.

Anfey narrowed his eyes and kicked a burning log towards Luther and the elf. Of course, his magic was not strong enough to actually hurt Luther and the elf. Luther summoned his combat power to defend himself, and the elf summoned a shield made of vines. She drew her dagger and held it up in front of her face.

Ye's mercenaries nocked their bows and sent half a dozen arrows towards the elf. The arrows hit the elf and disappeared in rippling green lights. Anfey narrowed his eyes. Clearly, the elf was wearing magic armor that could defend her from most of his attacks.

Ye hesitated, then sent a short arrow flying towards the elf's throat. He made the right move but was too late. A longbow appeared in the elf's hands. She ducked the arrow and jumped away from the men. She was an elf, and out of everyone, she was the fastest. She needed distance for her attacks to be effective. Staying near Luther would only slow her down.

Anfey dashed towards her, determined to keep her close. He knew very well that if the elf got away, her attack would be powerful enough to threaten even Ye, the most powerful out of all of them. He jumped towards her and reached out, grabbing her hair. The elf cursed as she was stopped by his grip, but quickly reacted to this change. Her dagger appeared again and she swung the dagger towards Anfey.

This elf was not very good at close combat. Like most elves, she focused mostly on attacking from a distance. Anfey clenched his fist and slammed into the elf.

Even though she was wearing magic armor, she was still injured by Anfey's attack. The armor could protect her from arrows and magic, but it could not protect the wearer from a close-up attack like a punch. The elf landed on the ground, clutching her stomach.

"What is the meaning of this?" Luther demanded loudly. He drew his sword but did not move to help the elf. He did not want to risk his life to help someone that was easily replaceable.

"You should know," Anfey said as he strode back to Luther, leaving the elf. "Don't you want to know where your real wife is, Saidy?"

Saidy froze in shock. He knew very well that he had not married the real Shansa princess, but he did not know that it was a widely known fact. He was embarrassed that the princess was lost, but he couldn't do anything about it because he knew that his future would be ruined if the news got out. He was the third son, a position that does not typically come with power. His marriage to the Shansa princess was meant to be a political alliance that gave him power to fight for the future leadership of Tiger of Tawau mercenary group. He did not expect the princess to forsake her duty and betray her country.

"My lord!" The druids and swordsmen whom Saidy brought with him came running towards them.

Anfey turned to the druids and swordsmen and summoned his fire blade. Seeing the large sword, the men all stopped, confused by the weapon. Anfey gripped the large sword and dashed towards the men.

He lunged with his sword and stabbed one of the druids. The druid stumbled and fell to the ground silently, his wounds blackened by the heat of the fire blade.

Ye waved his hand and charged towards the swordsmen with his mercenaries. Saidy was an intermediate swordsmaster like Ye, but he was alone, and Ye had more people with him. While the results might vary if Ye and Saidy fought one on one, Saidy did not stand a chance against a dozen mercenaries. However, Ye did not know what Anfey wanted to do with Saidy and did not want to kill the men just yet. That was why he had ordered his men to not kill Saidy earlier.

Anfey took a step back and returned his wand to his ring. He was still not practiced with the wand.

A druid transformed into a grey wolf and lunged at one of Ye's mercenaries. Even though they did not want to fight, they did not want to die without putting up a fight, either. Anfey jumped towards the wolf and swung his sword, stabbing the wolf in the neck with it. The wolf fell to the ground with a groan and lay still. A few drops of dark blood spattered on the mercenary's arm.

The druids hesitated. They had killed a lot of things before, but they'd rarely seen a weapon as strange as the one they had just witnessed.

"I see," Saidy said slowly. "I see. You did it, didn't you?" He asked, enraged.

Ye slashed at Saidy with his sword, but Saidy turned quickly and ducked. Ye's sword only grazed his arm. He knew that someone was behind the disappearance of the Shansa princess, and the same force had led to their conflict with Glory mercenary group. Tiger of Tawau mercenary group spent a long time searching but could not find anything on the person behind everything. If Anfey knew what happened to the Shansa princess, he must know something about the person who made her disappear.

"You're right," Anfey said with a shrug. "I did it."


"Why not?" Anfey asked. He dismissed his sword and walked over to where Saidy was standing. Ye and his mercenaries hurried over and surrounded Saidy. Saidy must knew that he stood no chance against this many people, but his stance did not waver. "Weren't you the one that tried to kill me and my people?"

"That wasn't us," Saidy said loudly.

Anfey shook his head. "There's no need to lie anymore, Saidy," he said. "Just tell me the truth. I'll make your passing easier that way."

Saidy clenched his teeth but did not say anything. Anfey glanced at Ye, who nodded and approached Saidy quietly. He struck Saidy with the hilt of his sword. Saidy fell to the ground, unconscious. His sword fell to the ground. Ye did not know what he should do with Saidy and did not want to kill him, because Saidy may know valuable information. However, as long as Saidy was unconscious, he would not be a threat.