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Chapter 365: The Agent of Elves

 Chapter 365: The Agent of Elves

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"Master, I did not know you had offended so many people," Alice sighed.

"Not that many," said Anfey, shaking his head. "To be specific, I only have two enemies, Philip and Marquis Djoser. I have been keeping a low profile."

Everybody felt awkward. The Anfey they knew was very aggressive. He didn't do anything with a low profile.

Alice smiled. "Philip and Marquis Djoser are not any two people. Strictly speaking, you have offended two groups and two powers."

"Master, let Ye and me handle it. We can find an opportunity to assassinate Marquis Djoser," Orsie suddenly said with hatred in his voice. He continued, "Don't forget Archalchemist Jacob. It would be really hard to kill Marquis Djoser in front of him."

"Master, you can ask Master Ernest to lure Jacob out," Ozzic said. It would not be a problem if there were some faults in the plan. As long as they could discuss and improve it, like what they were doing now, it would be fine.

"How about those Knights of Light and the Priest group? Can we distract them as well?" Blavi said. He was intrigued by this plan. Anfey's enemies were his enemies. If they could assassinate Marquis Djoser, it would a good thing for everybody.

"It does not have to be so complicated. I can do it myself," Ye said quietly. "They have never seen me before, and even if they had, they would not remember someone like me."

"The problem is not whether they remember you or not. Are you sure you can kill him by yourself?" Orsie asked.

"Even if I fail, they would not know who I am and could not give master a hard time," Ye said.

"You make it sound too simple. Other than us, there would only be their people in Moramatch. If there were an assassination, everyone would know we did it," Christian said, shaking his head.

"The key would be whether they have any evidence. I can promise you that I would not be caught alive," Ye said with a smile.

"Even if you killed him, you would not be able to come back safely" Christian said.

Ye was quiet for a moment. "This is not important. I know how to do it," Ye said.

Everyone was quiet. Obviously, Ye was the first one to be willing to risk his life for this mission. They could neither simply support him nor restrain him. They waited for Anfey's final decision.

"You do not have to worry much about Marquis Djoser. As an old dog, his bark is much worse than his bite," Anfey said casually.

"We are not worried about him, but he has an archalchemist with him. If Marquis Djoser asked Jacob to do something, we could not predict the outcome, neither could Master Ernest protect us all time," Orsie said with a concerned look.

"Don't worry. Master Jacob would not give us such a hard time," Blavi smiled.

"Why?" Ozzic and others all looked shocked.

Anfey had been glancing at Blavi when no one paid attention to him. He said in a low voice, "Because our professor is Saul and Uncle Ernest is on our side. In addition, Christian's uncle is Baery. Do you think Jacob would help Marquis Djoser without considering who is on our side?"

Blavi realized he said something he should not have. He had an awkward smile and looked down. Ozzic and others looked like they understood what Anfey said. No matter what relationship Jacob and Marquis Djoser had, and no matter how confident Jacob was, he had to be crazy to be the enemy of three other top powers.

"We do not have to worry about Marquis Djoser. We'd better think about which direction we should attack from when Shield of Light legion gathers. Christian will be the supervisor of the Shield of Light legion. Fernando is an outsider and not familiar with the Country of Mercenaries. He would ask our opinion for sure. We cannot make any mistakes," Anfey said slowly.

"We are all stuck here and do not know the situation outside of Moramtach. What should we do if we make mistakes?" Ozzic said.

"Actually, it is quite simple. Between Blackwater City and White Mountain City, which one would be easier for the necromancers to defeat?" Anfey asked.

Ozzic and others looked at each other and said in unison, "White Mountain City."

"White Mountain City?" Anfey was shocked. This answer was different than he expected. "As far as I know, Master Swordsman Anthony has been staying in White Mountain City. Even though Glory mercenary group suffered huge losses in the civil war, their fighting ability cannot be neglected. In addition, the Archmage Mike of Ellisen Empire is in White Mountain City as well. With the help of the mercenaries of Storm mercenary group, couldn't they counter the necromancers? Blackwater City only has Tiger of Tawau mercenary group: could their fighting ability be better than White Mountain City's?"

"Master, Blackwater City has reinforcements," Ozzic said.

"Oh? Tell me more," Anfey said.

"Even though Tiger of Tawau mercenary group won the civil war in Blackwater City, the commander of Glory mercenary group is still a famous top power," Ossic said. "Hotchbini is afraid that Anthony would take revenge on her and has asked help from elves. I heard a large group of elves travelled to Blackwater City, including over three hundred powerful druids."

"Anthony has kept quiet since the civil war," Orsie said. "Because the elves' fighting ability is way better than he thought, he and Mike could wipe out the entire Blackwater City. Luckily, they did not really fight, otherwise both parties would have suffered huge losses. With this Death War, the Country of Mercenaries would be in huge troubles."

"How could druids help Hotchbini? Hotchbini has that much influence?" Anfey asked, confused. He knew a little bit about the relationship between elves and druids. As far as he knew, both parties were allies in wars, but elves had no right to order druids to do anything. It was a big deal to have over 300 druids join them. Elves definitely could not ask so many druids to help. They usually would get support only from some druids.

"Hotchbini's influence is not big, but her brother in-law is very famous," Ozzic said.

"Who is her brother in-law?" Anfey asked.

"Wolf King Manstuly-the Reaper." Ozzic thought for a second. "Hotchbini's sister seems to be an elf pharaoh with huge power."

"Even an elf pharaoh should not help Tiger of Tawau mercenary group." Alice looked like she was deep in thought. "Elves could use Mourtta to assimilate rather than be rejected by human society. In other words, Mourtta could be an agent they could use and help him get stronger."

Anfey paused before slowly leaning back in the chair. Alice's guess was not exactly right, but pretty accurate. He understood why they did not think Manstuly was friendly, even though he had not been hostile when Anfey saw him the first time in Sacred City. Now Anfey seemed to understand it must have something to do with Hotchbini. Bruzuryano had been very nice to Anfey. He did not mean to simply pay attention to the younger generation. He was similarly kind to elves. In other words, Bruzuryano thought Anfey was a good choice, since he had a complicated background, good relations with top powers and kings, and unpredictable potential. Mourtta did not compare to Anfey.

Of course, there was another possibility: groups looking for another agent to help and support thought Mourtta could be a good candidate, and they started to reject other groups. Bruzuryano had given Anfey a few elves, so he must have something going with the elves. It was not clear which side druids and elves would take.

Everyone felt strange when they saw Anfey lost in thought. "Anfey? Christian called quietly.

"Yes." Anfey perked up. "That means we should go help White Mountain City first?"

"Yes." Ozzic nodded.

"I think their situation is like ours. They united to fight against death spirits. It is the job of Shield of Light legion to help White Mountain City. Our job is to find those mercenaries and recruit them," Alice said.

"Let's take small steps," Anfey said. If they could think of this, Marino would probably think of it too. Marino's timing had not been good when the Death War broke out because he had still been in Sacred City in Maho Empire. He could not lose a second chance. Everybody wanted to increase their power, including Marino. It was not easy to find an ally they could trust and work together with, so they had to avoid conflicts as much as possible. What Marino did would affect how Yolanthe made plans. He could not interfere with Yolanthe's plans.

"Anfey, are we just letting Marquis Djoser go?" Ozzic asked.

"Not letting him go. We are just letting him mess around for a few more days," Anfey said.

"I agree with Anfey. We should not make the relationship with him worse than it needs to be," Alice said. "Fernando should be here soon. I hope he is not a nasty person, otherwise we will have too much trouble."

"Master Alice, what kind of trouble are you talking about?" Orsie asked in surprise.

"I am not sure. I think we should get ready for any situation. At least, we have to be able to retreat back to underground city at any time," Alice said.

"Alice, would the dwarves cause us any trouble?" Anfey suddenly asked.

"No, Master. Why are you asking this?" Alice asked.

"Transfer some weapons to them. It think crossbows are good for them," Anfey said in a low voice. "They might be able to help when it is needed."

"Ok," Alice said.

"Let's call it a day," Anfey said, rubbing is forehead. "You guys get to bed early. Remember, you have to control yourselves a little bit. Don't cause any conflict. We will discuss further after I see Fernando."