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Chapter 360: Conflicts

 Chapter 360: Conflicts

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The conflict between the mercenaries and the Knights of the Light had already passed by the time Anfey and Suzanna arrived. There was still tension, however, because the knights wanted to take over the defense of the city from the mercenaries.

This was a very negotiable matter, but neither the knights nor the mercenaries were very patient with each other. The knights knew they were there to save the mercenaries and did not like the mercenaries' attitude. The mercenaries did not like the knights taking over their job and did not want to back down easily.

Ozzic did not like being treated like a lesser man. He was very proud and ambitious and did not like being ordered around by other people, especially people he had just met a few minutes ago. He was also very irritable and would often lose control of his temper. He did not like the way the knights were talking to him and his men and grew very angry. He even threatened to draw his sword.

One of the knights saw Ozzic's movement and drew his own sword. The other knights did not want there to be a fight, but felt obligated to support one of their own. The mercenaries saw the knight's sword and all jumped to Ozzic's defense.

The mercenaries did not lack loyalty and the will to fight. They didn't care if it was Ozzic who started the conflict. They needed to protect one of their own.

Since the knights did not want to fight the mercenaries in the first place, they did not move to attack. The mercenaries saw that the knights weren't moving and did not want to be the first to attack. However, neither side lowered its weapons.

Both the knights and the mercenaries knew that they should not fight. Their responsibility was too great for petty fights right now.

"Wait," Anfey called. Several of the knights saw the opportunity and grabbed the sword from the first knight who drew his weapon. The mercenaries lowered their weapons and Ozzic quickly bowed to Anfey and Suzanna. "What happened?" Anfey asked.

"They, apparently, don't know how to act properly in other people's territory," Ozzic said angrily.

"You must be Anfey," one of the knights said, stepping forward. "These mercenaries never stop."

"Liar!" Ozzic said. Anfey tapped him on the shoulder and shook his head. He did not expect the knights to be so rude to the mercenaries, but he did not expect the mercenaries to act so improperly, either. Whatever conflicts they had, the most important thing right now should be building an amicable relationship so working together in the future would be easier on both sides. The knights and the mercenaries' actions did the exact opposite.

Most of the knights had already put their weapons away and were murmuring to the few that did not, trying to calm them down. Clearly, like the mercenaries, the knights did not want to fight, either.

"I am," Anfey said. "I would say welcome to Moramatch, but I see you've already met our people." Ozzic glared at the knight.

"How I control my people is my business," Anfey continued, ignoring Ozzic, "and you have no right commenting on it."

"Are you threatening me, my lord?" the knight asked, clenching his teeth.

"Of course not," Anfey said, smiling. "Why would I?" The knight stared at him for a few seconds then took a deep breath and returned his sword to its sheath.

Anfey sighed with relief. He did not want to fight the knights because he knew that it would do him no good. The best thing for him and the town right now was to coexist with the knights peacefully. Infighting would only lead to trouble.

He did not know why the knights were so bold, but he knew that someone must have told them some unpleasant things about him. He couldn't change that; the only thing he could do was to prove to them that he was not a horrible person.

The knight that challenged Anfey did not back down easily.

Suzanna and Shinbela appeared and joined Anfey. They were bolder than the mercenaries and did not need Anfey's order to attack anyone. Entos appeared in the air and landed between the mercenaries and the knights, his eyes wide as if curious about what was happening.

"Martin, stand down," a voice among the knights called. The knight in front cringed then turned to the man who had just ordered him to stay back.

A man in white armor appeared on horseback. He rode to the front and jumped off, smiling. "My lord, my lady! Do you remember me?" the man asked, grinning. His tone was relaxed and was clearly trying to ease the situation.

Anfey froze. He remembered this man from Augustus's mansion, back in Blackania City. "General...?"

"Mecamela," the general said, taking off his helmet. Shinbela and Suzanna relaxed visibly. No one wanted to fight, but the situation came to a point where it would be considered shameful to back down. Neither side wanted that, and the situation had come to a standstill. Anfey was glad that the general came to resolve the situation. Clearly, Martin was too.

"I apologize for not introducing myself last time," Mecamela said with a grin.

"I apologize as well," Anfey said, smiling. He walked over and shook hands with the general.

"Don't worry about that," Mecamela said. "Trust me, my lord, you don't need to introduce yourself." He walked towards the town and out of the knights' earshot. "I need to talk to you," he said in a hushed voice. "Alone. This is an urgent matter."

"Urgent?" Anfey asked with a frown. "Then let's go to the tent over there." Mecamela nodded and followed Anfey. Suzanna wanted to follow but Anfey stopped her.

"Don't worry," Mecamela said. "I promise not to do anything, my lady."

Once they were alone, Anfey frowned and asked, "What do you want to talk about?"

"I have an order from His Majesty," Mecamela said. "Lady Suzanna is to return to Sacred City immediately."

"What?" Anfey asked, shocked.


Sacred City appeared gloomy under the setting sun. Yolanthe sat on a rocking chair, wearing a simple robe. Across the room was a bed and in the bed was a woman. The woman was old, her hair peppered with grey. Two maids were busy cleaning the room.

"Don't worry," Yolanthe said softly. "Suzanna will come back."

"Thank you, Your Majesty," the woman whispered. She had seen too many deaths on her way to Sacred City. She did not know why Yolanthe was protecting her or her daughter, but she was very grateful. She knew that without the man in the chair, she would never see her daughter again.

"Don't worry yourself too much," Yolanthe said. "Rest. Regain your strength."

"Will...will the man she married return with her?" the woman asked. She didn't want to trouble Yolanthe, but she wanted to see what kind of man her daughter married.

"I'm afraid not," Yolanthe said, shaking his head. "Anfey has a very important job he cannot step away from. We need control of Country of Mercenaries in order to completely destroy the necromancers' force."

The woman smiled. "I know, Your Majesty," she said. She lied back down and sighed, closing her eyes as if she was exhausted.