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Chapter 359: The Biggest Dream

 Chapter 359: The Biggest Dream

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No matter how questionable the "good" relationship between Yolanthe and Pope William was, their generals and soldiers still maintained military protocol. Four days later, a large force looking like a long snake appeared in the Eyes of Sky. It was inevitable to have malicious competition between Yolanthe and Pope William's militaries, but that would not stop them fighting together against their common enemy when the time came. If Anfey had already sent for help, it meant Moramatch faced some serious threat. If they went to the Country of Mercenaries, they would not get any supplies among death spirits. They could not lose Moramatch, since it was the most important transfer field. They heard Anfey had thousands of mercenaries in Moramatch who were important to Fernando since they were locals. They were familiar with the surrounding geography. Even if they did not join the battle, they still could serve as guides and be helpful for the battle.

That was why Fernando decided to send his troops out to help Anfey, even though Marquis Djoser had criticized Anfey a lot. Fernando even contacted General Augustus in Blackania City. They agreed right away that Augustus would send out 20,000 border guards as the frontiers of Shield of Light unit to help Moramatch.

Yolanthe had agreed with Anfey to send 20,000 soldiers, but Augustus spent some time deciding who would serve in this troop. First of all, he had to ensure a strong fighting ability. Second, they had to be loyal to the country. In order to completely avoid the influence from Knights of the Light, Augustus even ordered four generals with great prestige to lead this troop. With their leadership, Knights of the Light could only give instructions at most, but they would not have any control over this troop.

Efficiency was the key to the war. Yolanthe asked Miorich to lead palace guards to help immediately after Yolanthe heard that Tumen Commercial Union had been attacked. Yolanthe was not panicking, but rather taking advantage of time. Knowing Moramatch was just ahead of them, seeing a showdown of people on the wall and hearing the cheering in the distance, about a hundred Knights of the Light in the front of the troops all looked relieved. Those in the front consulted, and then about half of the Knights of the Light rode back rapidly. With instructions from Knights of the Light, five thousand cavalry were divided into two groups. One group continued to march to Moramatch, while the other group went back to help with the transportation of arms and supplies.

Even though about 15,000 cavalry travelled with the arms and supplies, they didn't seem strong enough to Knights of the Light. The soldiers in Death Roaring Legion were more popular in comparison. In fact, the Knights of the Light had suggested to Fernando that he press Baery to lend a unit of his military to Fernando. They had no idea if Fernando had tried to convince Baery. They only heard a rumor that one night General Baery waved his sword and chased Fernando for about a dozen miles. Fernando hid in a female farmer's house and finally escaped from Baery. Coincidentally, Fernando stopped them talking about taking Death Roaring Legion since they heard that rumor.

There had been many prestigious but hard-to-track master swordsmen. They were on the same level but had different levels of fighting ability. Ernest definitely ranked number one. When he travelled, he had challenged archswordsmen at his level, but never lost a fight. Some defeated swordsmen who were resentful towards Ernest talked behind his back, but not everyone was so resentful when they lost fights. Some people were convinced that Ernest was better with sword skills. Although Ernest had his critics, no one could challenge his ranking in terms of sword skills. The commander of Glory mercenary group in the Country of Mercenaries ranked second, since he killed two Fire Series archmages in his debut fights. Baery ranked third, taking Master Swordsman Philip's place, as Philip was now too old to hold that position.

All the Knights of the Light knew that Fernando was a seventh-level Knight of the Light, but he would never be a match for Baery. Therefore, there was truth in the rumor. Of course, they would not stupid enough to ask Fernando about it. They kept these speculations to themselves.

When Anfey heard the cheering, he was standing in something of a tornado. It was nothing like a natural tornado. Rather, it was about a hundred yards high, with lighter winds than a natural tornado. It could only suck in insects, birds and other small-sized animals. Anfey could keep absolute still in the center of the tornado. His hair did not even move. After a while, he held his hand out in the air. The swirling tornado looked like it was drawn by a strong attraction, sucked in with a fast speed and turned into a crystal-clear, glaring spear in Anfey's hand.

Anfey thrust his spear out. He was so fast that there were countless shadows created by the spear. It was a cloud of shadow at first and then turned to a larger area of shadow. Only Suzanna and Shinbela could barely see Anfey's moves. Mages like Christian, Blavi felt dazzled by the moves.

Anfey ended his show and put the spear back. The gigantic rock in front of him made terrifying cracking sounds and turned into countless pieces of gravel everywhere on the ground. "What are those mercenaries yelling?" Anfey asked in surprise. He dragged the spear on the ground and walked back.

"I do not know. Let's go and check," Suzanna said quietly.

"Anfey, wait." Blavi hurried over. "Let me see your spear. Wow! Nice!" Blavi only paid attention to the appearance of the spear but did not see that one end of the spear had stuck underground as he dragged the spear. Anfey did not put any strength on it. He would not waste his energy, which suggested the significant weight of the spear.

"Here you go." Anfey passed the spear to Blavi. This spear could not instantly disappear, as other weapons he instantly had made. This spear would take some time to disappear, and would take a little longer to disappear when not under the control of Anfey's telepathy.

Blavi excitedly took the spear from Anfey. The spear had fallen to the ground just as he felt the weight of the spear in his hand. Anfey could make actions as fast as he wished. He held one leg out with a lightning speed and grabbed the spear with his foot. Even though Anfey caught it with his foot, Black Eleven's foot was scratched by the spear. He opened his mouth wide as he grabbed Anfey's arm tightly. To be more accurate, he pinched Anfey's arm as his eyes got watery. If there were no ladies, he would not keep from crying.

"How could it be so heavy?" Blavi almost cried.

"Is it heavy?" Anfey was shocked for a second and smiled. "It was indeed heavy for you." Anfey lifted his foot and tossed the spear in the air. With a huge crashing sound, the spear fell on the ground after one flip in the air. This time, everyone saw something unusual. The whole spear almost buried in the ground. If a person looked at it upside down, it would be hard for him to see anything.

"Let me try." Ye got excited even though he usually did not talk much. He walked over and slowly squatted and dug his bare hands into the dirt. He grabbed the shaft of the spear and slowly got up on his feet. He did not finish standing until he released his combat power. It surprised everyone even more when they saw Ye had to pull the spear out with his combat power.

"Let me do it." Shinbela slowly walked over when she saw Ye pulling the spear up with combat power.

"Sure." Ye responded immediately. He looked like he lacked courtesy. He should have passed the spear to Shinbela like Anfey passed it to Blavi. He still stood there, waiting for Shinbela to pick it up herself.

Shinbela was not a stupid girl. She had been hurt by Manlyn only because she was a nice girl and did not know how to protect herself. With every step, her combat power grew stronger. As she walked up to Ye, she released all of her combat power. She grabbed the shaft of the spear, slowly taking it from Ye.

Shinbela swung it a few times. The spear tore through the air and made thunder-like whooshing sounds. Ye had moved pretty far from her. Shinbela looked a little weird. She stood there for a while. This spear's weight was beyond her imagination. She noticed that there had been no noise when Anfey swung it. It looked like a quiet viper, trying to snatch someone. Shinbela had no idea how Anfey did it.

Shinbela slowly raised the spear over her head and swung it down. She was not only a senior swordswoman, but a well-rounded fighter. Except for Anfey, no one in the group could be called well-rounded. Knights and swordsmen were in two different fields. The way Shinbela swung the spear was similar to the way she swung swords. With a huge sound, a cloud of dirt appeared in the air. There was a deep ditch created by the hit of the spear. It could only be called a "hit" since the tip of the spear was stuck underground a few feet deep. Only half of the shaft diagonally pointed at the sky above the ground.

"Anfey, someday, when you release the Meteorite magic, I do not know what kind of weapon you could create," Christian sighed. What weapon would Anfey create with more advanced magic if he could already make such an amazing weapon with Tornado magic?

"Meteorite magic? I like teleportation spells better than Meteorite magic," Anfey said. "That is my biggest dream."

Entos was watching them, smiling. When he heard what Anfey said, he asked, "Anfey what do you mean? Why are you mentioning teleportation spells in front of me. Are you trying to take the job away from me?"

"Bro Entos, you misunderstood me." There was some cunning in Anfey's look. "You have mastered teleportation spells, and do not need a magic wand anymore. How could I take the job away from you?"

"I..." Entos almost cursed in front of ladies. Anfey had misspoken. He meant to remind Entos that he did not need wand anymore.