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Chapter 358: Haunted

 Chapter 358: Haunted

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Anfey lay on a tree branch with his eyes closed, listening to the clamor of the town below. Suzanna sat on a nearby tree, watching the dwarves and the gnomes at work, her hair billowing in the soft breeze. She turned to Anfey, who was grinning, and said, "You look happy today."

Anfey shrugged and sat up. "How can I not be? It's finally our time to shine."

Entos was a sly person, but he still gave away a considerable amount of secrets when pressed. Of course, he could have done so on purpose. Band of Brother mercenary group had long been a partner of Maho Empire. When Entos first arrived in the Country of Mercenaries, many mercenary groups wanted him to join them. He rejected all the other invitations and joined Band of Brothers mercenary group. This was largely due to the good relations between Band of Brothers mercenary group and Maho Empire.

However, the situation was different for Marino. Marino's wife had been killed by an assassin as she was trying to protect him, leaving a three-year-old son. Marino couldn't bring himself to remarry and did not have another child. When his son was thirteen, the child fell off a tree and hurt his head, causing his development to delay.

The four super mercenary groups had never known real peace. Marino worried that his son won't be able to survive once he was gone. Yolanthe understood Marino's sentiments and was using it to his advantage. Yolanthe promised Marino that he would be made a duke if he could assist Yolanthe in taking over Country of Mercenaries.

A duke has much more powerful than the head of a mercenary group. Marino didn't care about fighting for freedom. He needed to secure his power to ensure safety for his son.

As king of one of the three most powerful empires, Yolanthe was much more approachable and much more likable than Ellisen Empire's Edward and Shansa Empire's Philly. Marino knew that as long as he did what he was told, Yolanthe would reward him.

Marino's attitude and his relation to Entos secured Marino's loyalty to Maho Empire. Anfey knew he had to find a way to place Christian in charge of the Shield of Light legion.

Anfey knew that Yolanthe wouldn't rush the decision of appointing an heir. Wester had his opportunity to shine, and Grandon got an important military apopointment when he was sixteen. Christian cared only for magic and told Yolanthe long ago that he did not want the throne. It was hardly up to Christian, however, as the nation would come first.

Suzanna ran her fingers through her hair and sighed. She was very conflicted. She had hoped that she would be able to find a peaceful life after she was married. She didn't care about power or revenge. She wasn't like Alice.

She knew she had to protect her friends, however, and she would not abandon them. The only way she could be useful was to keep fighting.

Suzanna was not every good at communicating with others. She enjoyed being alone much more than being with other people. She was used to keeping her emotions to herself.

"Lady Suzanna, Lord Anfey!" Ozzic called as he jogged over to the tree. "Long and Ling are back." Anfey and Suzanna jumped out of the tree. "They said they needed to report to you directly."

"Directly?" Anfey asked. "Interesting." He turned and saw Ling and Long walking towards him. He smiled and waved them over.

"We gave the letter to General Augustus," Long said quietly once he made sure other people were out of earshot.

"And there's no reply?" Anfey asked, surprised. The last time he saw Augustus, he was friendly. They had no conflicts and it would be polite to give a reply.

"General Augustus told us it was inconvenient to send a reply with us," Ling said. "We were searched when we left the city."

"Augustus is in charge of Blackania City," Anfey said, curiously. "If he wanted to protect you, who would search you? What's General Baery doing?"

"General Baery was in the city, but we didn't see him," Long said. "My lord, what is your history with Marquis Djoser of Violet City?"

"Marquis Djoser?" Anfey repeated, shocked. "He's the one who searched you?" He was very confused. Marquis Djoser hardly had any power, especially in a city governed by August and Baery.

"He had a dozen priests with him and he insisted on searching us," Long said. "He said he didn't want any spies leaving the city. We resisted, of course, but there were only two of us." Long sighed and shook his head. "We thought General Augustus would help us, but his people never intervened. It was just easier to let them search us."

"General Augustus wanted us to tell you that the Marquis had joined the Shield of Light legion," Ling said. "We heard that he is close with Fernando."

Anfey pursed his lips. Prince Wester must know that Yolanthe planned on taking over control of Shield of Light legion and casting out Fernando. Marquis Djoser was working for Prince Wester, but he must have not yet told the prince about his relationship with Fernando. If Fernando fell, the Marquis might fall with him. If it really came to that, it would be unlikely that Prince Wester would try to save Marquis Djoser.

"When is the backup arriving?" Anfey asked.

"In a few days," Long said.

"The backup is the Shield of Light legion, isn't it?" Suzanna asked quietly.

"Yes, my lady."

"What else did you find out?" Anfey asked. "Did you find out how many Knights of Light there are?"

"Four hundred, at least," Long said. "That's just part of it."

"That many?" Anfey asked, surprised.

Long nodded. "My sources are as accurate as they come."

"I didn't know you have sources in Blackania City," Anfey said.

"There are still a lot of things you do not know about us, my lord," Long said. "This information was given to me by a member of the Roaring Death legion. As you should know, my lord, those soldiers are famous for their bravery and their loyalty. I trust this information."

Anfey nodded. "How is the relationship between the two legions?"

"Precarious," Long said. "There's tension between the two, but there has not been any outright conflict."

"Because they don't want to make it look like Yolanthe is making things more difficult for the priests and the knights, I wager," Ling said. "The situation is too tense right now for there to be infighting."

Anfey nodded. "I think you're right," he said. "What else did you hear?"

"Scarlet was heading north with her army," Long said. "But they disappeared soon after leaving. No one knows where they are. We must keep our guard up. The world is in chaos right now, and no one knows whether she will take advantage of that." Long paused, then added, "Violet City is a commercial city. Fernando does not have the right to decide what happens there."

Anfey nodded. "You did well," he said. "Who told you this?"

"I cannot reveal my source's name," Long said, shaking his head.

Anfey nodded. "Go get some rest," he said. Long and Ling nodded, then turned and disappeared into the town.