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Chapter 345: Double-Sided

 Chapter 345: Double-Sided

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When a large group of zombies was about to rush into Moramatch, the mage group finally started their first strike. There were waves of intense magic surges. Even the dwarves and gnomes in the underground city felt the magic surges. They stopped what they were doing and stared at the cave roof in wonder.

A master swordsman might be a match for an archmage, but a hundred master swordsmen would not win over a hundred archmages, without any doubt. If mages released large-scale destructive magic, it would be as if each archmage was under hundreds of magic attacks. Even the legendary grandmaster swordsmen would not necessarily win.

Firewalls suddenly appeared and formed a sea of fire. It did not only cut a large group of zombies in half, it also fatally burned about a hundred zombies. Regular zombies did not have intelligence. After they received the order to rush forward, they would rush forward without caring about what would be in front of them. Unfortunately, they could no rush through a fire as wide as a hundred yards. Countless zombies first turned themselves into fire balls and then turned into ashes, blowing away into the sky.

One group of zombies was burned dead, but another group rushed in. The sea of fire was like hell for zombies. The firewalls took zombies' lives not singly but in groups.

A wall appeared at the entrance of Moramatch and temporarily stopped the zombies' aggressive attacks. Shinbella took the opportunity and her mercenaries surrounded the zombies who had already rushed into the town. They slayed zombies like cutting melons. Shinbella and her mercenaries stood in fighting formation to be ready for the next round of fighting.

Finally, a large piece of swamp land appeared. Before the zombies surrounded by fire could react to the Swamp magic, their bodies were already stuck in the mud. The loud screams and determination not to be stuck in the swamp could not keep them from sinking.

Before Christian took the mage group to start a large-scale attack, Anfey had walked around to survey the battle with Suzanna. Anfey's unusual vision had firmly locked on those few zombies.

Those few zombies looked like desperate kids who just lost their favorite toys. Those zombies who could speak consulted with each other and went straight forward into the sea of fire, screaming. The reasons for this were unclear: perhaps their intelligence had not yet fully developed, or perhaps they had never suffered attacks like this and they could not accept the reality, or perhaps they had been too confident in their abilities.

One of the zombies screamed even louder than his companions. He retreat quickly as his peers rushed into the sea of fire. His peers all ran forward into the fire and could not see what he did. The regular zombies passing him lacked the judgement and did not understand what their leader was doing. They did not care about asking anyway, in other words, they could not ask.

Some mages had to stop using firewall magic because their magic power was running low. The rest of the firewalls could still cause a lot of damage to zombies. The zombie leaders rushed over the firewall, but their bodies seemed to get slimmer once they had some flames on them. At the same time, their companions had run towards the forest and high-tailed it into the woods.

That is it! Anfey snorted. He and Suzanna separated, both running into the forest.

Anfey did not risk experiencing the excitement. He was calm and reasonable. In addition, he had extraordinary ability to anticipate his opponent's thoughts and moves. Christian, Blavi and others, including sophisticated Alice, were all shocked when they saw zombies had the skill to communicate. They were thinking it would be a disaster to deal with a group of intelligent zombies when they had paid dearly in the Death War to dealing with death spirits who did not have intelligence.

Anfey was not only thinking about these things, but also thought deeper. It was not all bad that zombies had communication skills. It would be worse if they could not communicate. After zombies learned a language and had intelligence, they could show their confusion, anger, terror and even their secrets in certain occasions. This was the problem of all intelligence.

The zombies without intelligence had a fatal defect, but the zombies with intelligence had their own weakness. There is no perfect organism in the world. Anfey was the first one to realize it after seeing these new zombies.

At the same time, the necromancers all gathered in one place, celebrating their success as they dreamed about their future life. They were the creators of the new zombies, but none of them realized that everything had two sides, including the new zombies. Even though they could develop as they wanted, there would be conflicts among death spirits, like the current human society.

Very few people could avoid Anfey's sense in the forest, nor could they find Anfey if he were stalking them. This was no exception for the zombie that had followed them into the woods. After he escaped a thousand yards and stopped next to an ancient tree, he removed the rotten leaves, branches and dirt with his bare hands and dug a big puddle. He laid inside the puddle and swept the dirt on himself with his hands to bury himself.

No matter whether burying a body or a live person, it was a pretty heavy labor. If he wanted to bury himself, it would have to be skillful work. The zombie looked ridiculous. He covered his head well with dirt, but his legs and half of his body were still in the air. It seemed that he felt he had buried himself well.

Anfey could not help thinking that what this zombie did was comparable to an ostrich burying its tiny head.

Anfey wanted to follow the zombie to figure out where new zombies gathered. The zombie did not move at all for quite a while. Does he want to wait until it's dark? Anfey thought to himself. Anfey thoughts for a moment then gave Suzanna a look. They both ran fast to the puddle where the zombie had buried himself.

"Anfey, where are we going?" Suzanna asked softly. She did not know Anfey's specific plan. Anfey blocked the view of the zombie with his body so she could not see it.

"Here." Anfey pointed. "That zombie buried himself."

Suzanna looked where Anfey was pointing. She was shocked by what she saw. She could not believe there could be zombies like this one. She never heard of such a thing.

"Get up! Stop playing dead," Anfey said, waving his hand. A green branch suddenly turned into a flexible whip and whipped the zombie. That zombie kept still. He seemed to want to play dead to the end.

"I am going to set you on fire if you do not get up." Anfey walked over as he talked. Without seeing how, hundreds of small fireballs suddenly appeared and revolved around Anfey.

That zombie suddenly screamed and jumped to his feet. He looked fiercely at Anfey and tried to snatch Anfey's heart with his sharp fingers. The next moment, the zombie saw Suzanna had pulled her sword out and the white combat power radiated from her.

If nothing went wrong, his hands could pierce Anfey's chest with one more inch. However, his ferocity left him the moment he saw Suzanna. That zombie turned around without any hesitation and tried to run away.

It was a fatal mistake for the zombie to think Anfey was not threatening only because he did not sense Anfey's combat power. Anfey stepped forward as little fireballs gathered into a gigantic flame shield on his left arm. He swung the gigantic shield forward and hit right on the back of the zombie's head. The zombie screamed in pain while his body was thrown forward as if it had been shot out of a cannon. He slammed into a tree and fell on his back on the ground.

Anfey slowly walked up to him. The zombie struggled to sit up. The ferocity in his eyes turned into a look of terror. He moved backwards as he timidly looked at Anfey. He backed into the trunk of the tree and could not move back any further.

"Do not try to run away. If you dare to move again,..." Anfey raised his thumb at Suzanna like a thug. "She will cut off your head for sure."

The zombie finally looked like a real zombie now. He stood against the tree and roared in a deep voice, but his body did not move at all.

"Tell me how many death spirits there are in the Transverse Mountain? How many zombies are like you?" Anfey was interrogating a zombie, but he was still a little too blunt.

That zombie kept roaring in a deep pitch. His body trembled slightly. He looked really scared.

"Do you understand what I am asking?" Anfey did not think he would get an answer anyway.

That zombie roared again.

"F*ck! If you do not understand me, why did you jump up when I said I would set you on fire? If you do not understand me, why are you scared to even move?" Anfey held his hand out. There was a gigantic flame sword in his hand. He swung it at the zombie's cheek.

Anfey wanted him to be alive so he only hit him with the back edge of the sword instead of cutting him. Anfey did not put too much strength into it, but the zombie had a deep cut on his cheek. Black blood oozed out from the wound.

With close observation, Anfey had found many special things about this new zombie. He did not have that unbearable fishy stink. He had greyish pupils and could move freely. However, his fighting ability and stamina were not as good as the zombies that could be released with magic. Could it be the cost of evolution?

"I..." the zombie finally said in a coarse and machine-like voice.

Anfey looked excited. It proved that he was right. He was no longer worried. There must be more of this kind of zombie if he had seen one.