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Chapter 331: Shadow Mercenary Group

 Chapter 331: Shadow Mercenary Group

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The battle quickly approached the end after Ernest joined. Zombies started to move very slowly after they lost their leader. Ernest randomly swung his sword like a farmer reaping. After every slay, a group of zombies fell on the ground like a bunch of grain reaped off. Anfey held his gigantic machete knife upside down. His thoughts turned to a zombie hundreds of yards away from him. There were countless tiny ants crawling over that zombie while the zombie dried out in a visible speed and turned into a skeleton at the end.

"Haven't you seen enough? Get out!" Anfey waved his hand and that machete knife turned into countless moving wind elements, disappearing in the air.

The couple had crawled close to Anfey and hid themselves in the grass. They quietly watched Anfey. They moved very cautiously, but that did not escape Anfey's attention.

"Anfey?" Ernest was shocked for a second. He did not notice anyone around him, but Anfey did not seem to be talking to him.

The couple kept still in the grass. Obviously, they did not think Anfey could have found them. They thought Anfey was talking to someone else.

Anfey had a smile on his face. He turned around and walked strode over to the grass where the couple hid. That couple kept still. It was admirable to see their strong belief in themselves.

Anfey moved one step forward and stepped on the man's hand. He did not step on it too hard, but hard enough for that man to clinch his teeth to bare the pain. The man held his breath and took the pain. Anfey did not know if he should laugh or cry. He lifted his left foot and paused above that man's head, posing to step on him.

That man started to look like he was ready to face his death, like a hero who was ready to be killed for his cause. He slowly put his head down. He did not want to see himself being stomped. The woman seemed to understand what was happening. She unwillingly stood up from the grass. She really cared how she looked because she even tidied her hair and dress before she took a look at Anfey. "How did you find us?"

Her appearance shocked Ernest for a second. He and Suzanna walked to her side, ready to defend themselves.

"I found you guys a long time ago. Don't worry. We are not going to hurt you," Anfey said.

"Okay then. We did not want to do anything to you either." The woman turned around and kicked the man's backside. "Get up! Why are you still lying there?"

The man shook his hand and stood up. He said with a bitter face, "You fell for it! They were just bluffing us. If we could have waited a little longer, they would have left. No wonder what people say, women with big boobs have no brains. I think..."

"Bullsh*t!" The woman got really angry. She hit the man's forehead hard. "Bluffing us? Why did he step on your hand then? If he was bluffing, why was he ready to step on your stupid head?"

"Why are you hitting me?" the man cursed as he moved back.

"I want to hit you!" The woman looked angry and tried to hit him as much as possible. The man did not seem to have good stamina and kept moving back.

One was hitting while the other one was running away to avoid the hit. The couple had moved about 10 yards away from Anfey. They suddenly stopped fighting at the same time and ran to the left side of a big and thick ancient tree. The tree suddenly began to shake. Countless branches and leaves danced with the wind. They looked like they started to have life. It was weird that a wide crack suddenly appeared at the bottom of the tree trunk. From a distance, it looked like the tree had a pair of legs.

The couple moved fast. They got close to the ancient tree in the blink of an eye. Ernest did not move, neither did Suzanna. They knew how much control Anfey had over plants. Just as they expected, as the couple was about to rush through the crack in the tree, Anfey pointed at the ancient the tree and the crack disappeared. The tree changed back to its original shape. Before the couple could react, they slammed into the trunk, fell on the ground and rolled together.

As they got back to their feet, Anfey, Suzanna, and Ernest surrounded them. The couple could not hide their panic. They looked at each other for a while before the man yelled, "How could he be a druid?"

"Bullsh*t, didn't you see him dismiss the tree spirit?" The woman was not happy about her partner's stupidity. She held her hand out again and hit his forehead.

"How dare you hit me again?" the man yelled in anger.

"Today I am going to ..." the woman said.

"Stop it, the two of you. Stop your acting." Anfey had a headache and had to warn them. "My companions did not want to hurt you, but if you want to try to upset them again, go ahead."

The couple became quiet, especially the woman. Her face changed from being angry to being gentle and sweet. She looked like she could be sweet one second and angry the next. That man was quiet for a while before he smiled and tried to please Anfey. "Master, did you say you did not mean to hurt us?"

"That's correct," Anfey said with a nod.

Christian and others walked over to them. Black Eleven suddenly asked, "Are you both druids? Are you from Shadow mercenary group?"

"Shadow mercenary group?" Anfey said, turning to Black Eleven.

Black Eleven smiled at Anfey. "Shadow mercenary group was well-known. I heard that the whole mercenary group was composed of one couple. They are both druids. They have taken on difficult tasks that could not normally be completed by two people, but they have never failed. However, their fighting ability is not what I would have expected." Black Eleven did not say it directly. He thought the couple from Shadow mercenary group had really high fighting ability, at least as high as a senior swordsmen, otherwise they would not be able to complete so many difficult tasks. If he had not seen them performing nature magic and working together as a couple, he would not think they were part of Shadow mercenary group.

"In fact, they had a big group of assistants," Anfey said.

"A big group of helpers?" Black Eleven asked in confusion.

"How do you know?" The couple's faces changed and looked frigid. They did not feel good being forced to show their secret card.

"Of course, I know about it. You'd better control yourselves and not act on impulse." Anfey had seen countless ants crawling from all directions.

"You know who we are, but we do not know about you yet. This is not fair to us," the man said slowly.

"My name is Anfey."

"Anfey?" The man was shocked for a second, then looked angry. "What do you want now? We have told you we are not going to join you."

This time it was Anfey's turn to be shocked. "When did I ask you to join us?"

The couple turned their heads to look at each other and smiled. What they wanted to say was not necessary anymore. That man said loudly, "Anfey, let's get directly to the point. We just do not want to join you. What are you going to do to us?"

"I do not want to do anything to you. We are going back on the road at dawn. You can go wherever you want to as well," Anfey said with a nicer tone. Anfey could tell that couple had the intention to die fighting. The ants crawled toward them more quickly.

"Would you let us go?" the man smirked.

"I would never interfere with your freedom. I promise you for that, but I have to ask you a few questions first. When did I ask you to join us?"

"You mailed notices to mercenary groups, saying all the mercenary groups should stop fighting on their own against the necromancer. You suggested mercenary groups fight together against the necromancers' invasion at this disastrous time. We trusted you..." The man snorted. He pulled his clothes down to show his tanned shoulder. There was a just formed scar on the shoulder. "This is the gift you gave me."

"Did you say I asked the mercenary groups to join in unity to fight, and then I attacked you?" Anfey asked.

"You asked us to form a big union, but we are not stupid. You wanted us to work our asses off for you. You tried to stop us from leaving Moramatch, but we left anyway," the woman said with disdain at Anfey's reaction. "Do not make me think a person who has attacked Griffin Aero Unit is actually a coward who could not admit what he did. What is the point of pretending you did not do it? Are you trying to lie to us again?"

"Moramatch Town..." Anfey had a bitter smile. He got it. "Ok. I think you have told me what happened. You can leave now."

That couple was shocked. They did not reply. They just walked away together. Of course, they watched Anfey out of the corner of their eye in case Anfey attacked them in surprise. In fact, they thought too much. If Ernest wanted to attack them, he could have killed them in a second.

After they moved about a hundred yards away from Anfey, they stood among the ants. They were confused when they saw Anfey really did not stop them. They stood there with their eyes open wide. They whispered to each other.

"Anfey, what happened?" Ernest asked quietly.

"It is hard to explain. I do not know what exactly happened, but I know who did it," Anfey said bitterly. "Once we get to Moramatch, we will know for sure."