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Chapter 313: Room for the Wedding

 Chapter 313: Room for the Wedding

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After the ceremony, Anfey took the gift list from Steger. Anfey was speechless when he looked at the neatly arranged gifts. People who came for his wedding had offered their favorite things to Anfey because of the example Yolanthe set. Even Philip gave Anfey a Faith of Messenger magic scepter.

Knowledgeable Dean Steger was in charge of receiving gifts. He even took time writing a short description for most of the gifts. Besides Azure Armor and Dragon Shield, Manstuly's Spirit pendant stood out the most, but it was also the most useless because the Spirit pendant had two parts that had been missing for many years. Only with the Spirit necklace and Spirit gemstone could the Spirit pendant maximize its power.

Bruzuryano gave Anfey a Wind Strengthened Glove. This was a practical gift for Anfey. It also showed Bruzuryano had given the gift a lot of thought. Anfey had hurt his finger in a battle when he tried to pulled the bow hard. He still had not recovered from it. The Wind Strengthened Glove would not only protect Anfey's hand, but also increase the power of Wind Blade arrows.

The Faith of Messenger magic scepter Philip gave Anfey was meant to be sarcastic. In fact, it was a mediocre magic scepter. Besides its magic power or instant magic power, it had nothing special. It had a long history, but that was it. It was just a coincidence that every owner of this magic scepter had been a mage and became a top power later. This magic scepter was not originally named Faith of Messenger. It was called White Bird because there was a vivid white bird carved on the handle. It was not known in which generation the owner had realized that every previous owner of this magic scepter had become an archmage, so decided to change its name to Faith of Messenger to better motivate himself. He hoped he too could become a top power some day. No matter whom this magic scepter was given to, it meant encouragement. However, giving it to Anfey meant something totally different. Everyone in the Sacred City knew Anfey was a paladin who was not too great with magic and still studying in the magic academy. It was obvious that Philip was being sarcastic about Saul having a student who was a paladin and not good at magic.

Compared with other gifts, the most worthless and funny gift was from Archalchemist Jacob. His gift looked like a normal bottle of chemicals. However, the description on the back was not normal. It said that it was an advanced-level aphrodisiac made from seven-winged magic fly. Thinking that today was his wedding and how Jacob and Mioritch "fought", Anfey felt helpless from the bottom of his heart. He could not even imagine what looks Suzanna would have if she found out about it.

"Dean, thank you for your help," Anfey said in a low voice.

"You are welcome," Steger replied. "I am going to check on the side room. If you need anything, you can find me there."

"Are Master Bruzuryano and Master Manstuly there as well?" Anfey asked.

"Yes," Steger said with a nod. Today Yolanthe had come for the negotiations with Bruzuryano and others. Attending Saul's party and hosting Anfey and Suzanna's wedding was just a side job for him. Saul enjoyed high social status, but he could not represent the whole of Maho Empire. Yolanthe had to approve important decisions. Yolanthe liked to pay attention to detail. He could have called Bruzuryano and Manstuly to the palace, but it seemed to aggressive. The power Bruzuryano presented was important to Yolanthe. Yolanthe believed that each party must be treated equally as a prerequisite to developing trust between two parties.

Steger slowly walked into the side room. Anfey looked back to survey the scene. He found all the guests had left. A few servants were cleaning up after his wedding ceremony. Suzanna, Christian and others were not there, just Entos. His job seemed to be to watch Anfey's gifts. He was walking around the big table with the gifts on it.

"Master Anfey, what do we do with these gifts? Do we keep them in the storage room?" Old servants hurried over to Anfey.

"Anfey, you'd better keep them in your Dimensional ring," Entos interrupted.

"Ok." Anfey nodded. He walked to the table. With his telepathy, gifts on the table disappeared one after another.

"Your wedding happened too quick. Master Marino's gift is just a magic knife. You should have seen it on the list. Please forgive him for an inexpensive gift. I have worked with him for over a dozen of years. I know him. He has been a commander of a legion but was never rich. Every time he got something nice, he would pass it on to his subordinates. He tried to make his legion happy but forgot about himself. He wanted me to tell you that he owes you this time and will make it up to you later."

"Why would I care?" Anfey shook his head and smiled. "Entos, where is Suzanna?"

"She was taken away by Christian and a few others. They said they were getting your room ready."

Anfey could not help but smile. There was no tradition of playing tricks on newlyweds, but all young people like parties. They definitely would do something to him.


At that moment, the side room looked grand and quiet. Yolanthe, Saul, Bruzuryano and a few others sat at a round table, which allowed them to sit without thinking of their rank. They talked one after another. Usually negotiations were tit for tat and involved altercation, but they did not argue. Yolanthe had showed the sincerity with his gesture. The main person in the other party was Manstuly. He was a people person and knew how to let things go. They were able to come to agreement on many sensitive issues because both parties knew they should let certain things go.

At the same time, a person in black jumped off the roof of the lower building to the ground. He was Anfey. He zigzagged in the grass to the front of the building. There was a shadow of an elf on the window facing Anfey. She looked like she was about to put out the candle and saw Anfey by accident. Anfey immediately put his finger to his lips to signal her not say anything. As Anfey's maid, she knew it was Anfey's wedding day. Seeing Anfey acting secretively, that proud elf could not help smiling. She waved her arm to put out the candle.

Anfey jumped with his hands holding onto the windowsill. With the momentum from pulling on the windowsill, we was able to jump high. In fact, he could have used a Wind Blade to go anywhere he wanted effortlessly, but it would have magic surges. He did not want Christian and his group to know he was there, so he used his martial art skills.

A barely-visible, grey shadow appeared on the other side of the grass, watching Anfey. Anfey's fingers were already grabbing the windowsill on the fourth floor. As he was about to open the window, he suddenly sensed something. He looked back to see what was in the grass, but he did not notice anything.

When the window was pushed open, Suzanna, sitting on the edge of the bed, looked up in surprise and saw Anfey jumping in. When their eyes met, they both felt somewhat awkward. Getting married was not an easy decision. Both Anfey and Suzanna thought so. They should have done something special to make this wedding romantic. They did not know why their wedding was done in such a hurried way. It was hard to tell if they were not ready for it or if it just happened too fast. They both looked uneasy.

Anfey awkwardly walked over and sat down next to Suzanna. He cleared his throat and hesitantly reached his hand out to hold Suzanna around her tiny waist.

Suzanna looked calm. She glanced at Anfey but did not say anything or do anything. When Anfey tried to hold her closer to him, Suzanna suddenly remembered something and said worriedly in a low voice, "They set a Magic Watch in the room."

F*ck! Anfey could not help cursing in his mind. Was this a battle? It was a little too late when he found out. There were sounds of steps in the hallway. Anfey gritted his teeth and walked to the door. He waited for a while and punched hard on it. With a huge crashing sound, the door started to shake vigorously. They heard a scream in surprise or possibly in pain.

Anfey pulled the door open quickly and saw about seven people running away. Only the weakest and wounded Hagan circled around with his hands on his ears. When he saw Anfey, he immediately smiled and tried to secretly moved to the side. Anfey did not know if he should laugh or be angry. He slammed the door closed.

Suzanna smiled as Anfey slowly walked back. He was looking for something to talk about. "These guys did not give you a hard time, did they?"

"No." Suzanna put her head down.

"They will get married some day. I will teach them a lesson then." Anfey put his hand on Suzanna's waist as he talked.

"They did not do anything. Huh!" Suzanna screamed in surprise. They indeed did not do anything, but Anfey did. He put more strength on his arm and rolled Suzanna on the bed.

Before Suzanna could react, Anfey lay next to Suzanna. He rolled her over quick, but still gentle. He did not rush to do anything to her. He waited for a while and kissed her cheek. He waited until Suzanna was not so nervous. If he rushed to put his hands on her breasts or between her legs, he would just be a horny guy with no class. If he did that, he would either scare Suzanna or make her feel like fighting against him. If such a horny guy could make his partner passionate about sex, it only meant his partner was as horny as him. Anfey was good in bed and controlling his desires. He would not make mistakes.

Suzanna bit her lips and stared at Anfey. She heaved a long sigh like a moan. She slowly closed her eyes to indicate she could accept anything happening tonight and she trusted Anfey.