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Chapter 310: Whim

 Chapter 310: Whim

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Hagan hurried past Anfey and disappeared around the corner. Ernest turned to Anfey and asked, "Have you decided when you're leaving for Violet City?"

"In a few days," Anfey said. Everyone wanted Anfey to bring Ernest with him, but Anfey couldn't bring himself to ask the question. Ernest was a master swordsman, and if he went to Violet City, he could no longer influence the politics of the empire. Ernest would be much more valuable if he stayed in Sacred City. Not just Saul, but also Yolanthe wanted Ernest on his side.

"I talked to Saul yesterday. He thought that you guys should have left Sacred City by now. Philip is getting more reckless after his alliance with Prince Wester. Who knows what he will do? If it really comes down to it, Saul can't protect you."

"He can always go look for me in Violet City," Anfey said, shaking his head.

"Without an order from His Majesty, the magic array will remain closed. Philip doesn't know magic and can't open the portal even if he could get into it. If he tries to sneak out of the city, His Majesty would notice his absence. We can reach you faster through the portal."

"We're still at a disadvantage," Anfey said, shaking his head.

"There isn't another way."

"I can try and talk to Lord Bruzuryano," Anfey said. "The Wolf King should be able to take care of matters in Sacred City. He's too cunning to fall for any tricks. Bruzuryano doesn't need to be here."

"Bruzuryano will not leave, and I would advise you to save your energy. You don't know this, but his meetings with His Majesty could decide the fate of the druids." Ernest paused then said, "If my sources are right, the Eagle King should have arrived in the city already."

"Why isn't he showing himself?"

"He's too cautious for that."

Anfey frowned. He thought he would surely reach an agreement with Bruzuryano, but now he realized his hope was false.

"Don't worry," Ernest said. "As long as Suzanna and Entos are with you, you won't be completely helpless if Philip really does track you down." Ernest was hiding things. Yolanthe had promised that he would keep an eye on Philip, which meant that Philip's every move was under surveillance. However, he did not want to tell Anfey because he didn't want Anfey to let his guard down. If something really did happen, that would place everyone in danger.

"Oh, I've been meaning to ask," Anfey suddenly said, "I saw the remaining energy from the angel disappear into Suzanna. How would that affect her?"

"Do you know about dragon blood? People who are soaked in dragon blood are unusually strong, at least according to legend. I imagine the angel's energy works in a similar fashion," Ernest said. Suddenly, he turned around and said, "Hush. Someone's coming."

After Ernest's warning, Anfey heard the faint sound of talking. If Ernest hadn't said anything, Anfey would have missed it. An old man in white robes walked into view first. Saul was close behind. Another, older man was following them. The third man had long, silvery hair and looked very strong. He had a longsword and was taller than both of his companions.

The first man saw Anfey, Suzanna, and Ernest and smiled. "This must be Anfey and Suzanna."

"Yes," Saul said, nodding.

"Wonderful," the man said. "I've been meaning to meet them. Come here."

Anfey suddenly realized who the old man must be. He looked at Suzanna, and the two of them began walking towards the three newcomers. Suddenly, the unicorn bolted towards Anfey and jumped between Anfey and Suzanna and the three men. Then an arc of lightning appeared and struck the third man, who frowned but did not move to defend himself.

"How loyal," the first man said with a laugh.

"Stay down," Anfey ordered. Then he began walking again. The unicorn whinnied and grabbed Anfey's shirt with its teeth and stood firm. Magic beasts weren't intelligent and often relied on their intuition. It could sense the animosity and did not want Anfey and Suzanna to approach the three men.

"It looks like that thing doesn't trust you, Philip. Maybe you should go home for the day. Don't worry, Saul's here and nothing's going to go wrong."

"Yes, Your Majesty," Philip said. He bowed and walked away. He did not look at Anfey even once, as if he did not care for him.

Seeing the unicorn still did not let Anfey go, Yolanthe sighed and walked towards them, staring at the unicorn. He had seen a lot of things as a king, but observing a living young unicorn this close was a first.

"Your Majesty," Anfey said with a bow. Suzanna hurried and curtsied.

"No, no," Yolanthe said, waving his hand. "Let's just skip this formality, eh?"

"Yes, Your Majesty," Anfey said with a smile.

"You seem unnatural," Yolanthe said. "Like I've said, I want you to be natural. Pretend I'm your friend." Yolanthe smiled, then he reached over to pat the unicorn. The unicorn craned its neck and gave a low whinny. The unicorn didn't care if Yolanthe was a king. It did not know him and did not want to be patted by him.

Yolanthe sighed and shook his head, straightening his back.

Saul coughed. "Anfey," he said, "you're a count now. You don't have to bow to everyone."

"He's right," Yolanthe said. "You've been busy with your academic work, but you should read a little more about common courtesy. Counts are very important, and I need them to lead the lesser nobility."

"Yes, my lord," Anfey said, nodding. He thought that everyone had to bow to the king, and he hoped he did not offend the king.

"Saul, I heard you're preparing for Anfey and Suzanna's wedding?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. But Anfey and Suzanna are leaving for Violet City soon. They want to wait until they get there." Saul smiled and said, "It seems like I can't officiate the wedding."

"Young people shouldn't be constrained by the rules," Yolanthe said, shaking his head. "Be more adventuresome. I had my wedding in Forest of Death. We had one guest who also officiated the ceremony."

"Of course, Your Majesty," Saul said. He turned to Anfey and Suzanna and said, "If you two want, you can have your wedding wherever, whenever you want. Even now."

Anfey and Suzanna glanced at each other. Anfey did want to have his wedding in Sacred City and have Saul officiate it, but the situation in Sacred City was too tense. They wanted to wait on the wedding and have it after they reached Violet City. Neither expected Yolanthe would propose such a plan on a whim.

"Anfey, Suzanna, what do you say?" Saul asked.

Both Anfey and Suzanna could only stare at Saul. Even though this plan was proposed on a whim, the men who proposed it were too powerful, and both felt uncomfortable about turning down the offer.

"Today is a good day for it," Ernest said. "Everyone's here."

"But we aren't ready," Anfey said hesitantly.

"What preparation do you need? Why don't we find the others and ask their opinion?" Saul asked. He knew that his other students would never oppose the marriage.

"I..." Anfey said, then turned to Suzanna, who was frowning. She couldn't say no, but she did not want to say yes, either.

"What do you think, Your Majesty?"

"I think it's a good plan," Yolanthe said, smiling.

"Master, can't we wait a few more days?" Anfey pleaded.

"Yes, Your Majesty," Saul said, completely ignoring Anfey.