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Chapter 308: Changes

 Chapter 308: Changes

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Yolanthe's court began to change when Sacred City welcomed the first snow of the year. After the war, Yolanthe and his cabinet had been debating how to reward those who had served the nation well. However, no decision had been made yet. Everyone had been waiting for the final decision.

Saul received the best reward. Saul had forced the leader of Dark Moon Magic Legion, Newyoheim, to fight with him and won the battle. He set up a large magic array that spanned a fifty miles radius. This saved Maho Empire's army from Newyoheim's forbidden spell and saved thousands of lives. Yolanthe decided to make Saul a marquis. This decision became the item everyone was talking about immediately after it was announced. There hadn't been a new marquis in a century. Even though a marquis title like Saul's could not be passed down to Niya, it was still a major event. A number of people thought perhaps the title was too great a reward, but no one objected, not even Philip. Saul was a popular person both among the nobility and among the commoners. Objection would not only alienate Saul, but also Yolanthe. No one wanted to offend their king.

Another one rewarded was Baery. He had led his Roaring Death Legion to cut off Ellisen army's retreat route and prevented Ellisen army from overpowering Maho army. Yolanthe did not give Baery a noble title. Instead, he made Baery a head general and placed him in charge of the legions. This decision shocked Yolanthe's court. Normally, the king would not give the role of general away until he was ready to pick an heir. This meant that Yolanthe was slowly giving up power. The legions could work together because the different legions respected each other. Now that all the legions had the same general, it would be harder for anyone to take the throne.

A lot of people had been trying to figure out why Yolanthe had named Baery the head general. In reality, Yolanthe's intention was very simple. There were only two people fit to become head general, Baery and Miorich.

Baery had spent most of his life fighting foreign enemies and was known for his mercilessness. He was very just and popular among his soldiers. He was experienced and knew how to use his power.

Miorich, on the other hand, was less successful than Baery when it came to strategizing. He did not have Baery's reputation, either. When Miorich arrived at Blackania City with his army, he actually fought the Shansa army. If Baery had been there, the Shansa army would not have fought him. This was because they all knew how good a general Baery was.

Baery was also well-known because he would spare any army that surrendered to him without a fight. If his opponent harmed even one of his soldiers, he would kill everyone he could capture. Of course, he would always spare the nobility because they were worth more than normal soldiers. After all these years, no armies would fight Baery unless they were certain that they could win the battle.

Due to Baery's reputation, the polarization of Shansa army became more and more apparent. Whenever there was a conflict, the soldiers who would fearlessly charge at their opponents tended to be of noble descent, but the commoners would be more hesitant. In the past, they had a general who was even better than Baery. Now, after the old general's death, Shansa Empire had yet to find a general who could defeat Baery. Even though Shansa Empire tried to restore its armies to its former glory, its soldiers were still terrified by the Maho general. Shansa Empire found itself more and more on the defensive.

Even though he did not have Baery's reputation, Miorich was still rewarded. Yolanthe made Miorich a count and turned him into a landholding noble. He also made Miorich vice general.

There were other countless heroes as well. For example, Huni, who was in charge of the army at Blackania City, fought for more than a week and a half and held off Shansa army's advance until Miorich's arrival. When he went to greet Miorich, he collapsed and died of exhaustion in Blackania City. Yolanthe made him a count posthumously and his son a viscount as a reward.

The former military affairs minister, August, was made general of Blackania City for his work coordinating supplies.

Prince Grandon had been in charge of supervising the armies and was able to calm the anxious soldiers in times of crisis. Yolanthe made him the new military affairs minister and placed him in charge of supervising the empire's military.

Former Finance Minister Constantine supported the military financially and subsidized families of dead soldiers. Yolanthe made him a viscount in charge of Swordbury Principality.

Prince Wester was able to take charge in Sacred City during Yolanthe's absence and was named the new finance minister.

Both princes were given positions of power and became part of Yolanthe's cabinet. However, Wester was given the better position. The military minister's job was to train new recruits and ready supplies. The real power lay with the generals. Military ministers tended to make more money, especially during wartime, but Grandon had no need for money, since he was a prince and was already rich. Wester's position seemed much more powerful to him.

The most interesting appointment went to Saul, who was named a marquis. He was a honorary marquis, and the only way he could become a hereditary marquis was to fight in another war. This meant that Yolanthe not only wanted another war, but he was actively preparing for a war.

Baery becoming the head general meant that Yolanthe was ready to pick an heir. This meant that those in court would soon find themselves facing the difficult choice of which prince to support.

Constantine becoming the minister of Swordbury Principality was the strangest appointment. Constantine was not well-known, but his older brother Baery was world famous. Now that it was revealed that Christian was the third prince, it was also revealed that Wester, Grandon, and Christian were born of the same father but not the same mother. Wester and Grandon had no relation to Baery and Constantine, but Christian was their nephew. This appointment was clearly meant to give Christian another chance.

There was an unknown power within Swordbury Principality as well. The army within Swordbury could only be activated when the empire was toppling. No one knew if Yolanthe would trust Christian with this legendary army.

Yolanthe took a step back and only made Anfey an honorary count. If Anfey did not continue to serve the empire, the right to Violet City would return to the king after his death. His descendants could become viscounts, but a viscount with no land was no different from a commoner.

Likewise, Duke of Swordbury could only be the king's brother and child. The king was free to name new dukes after the old Duke's death.

After the storm had calmed, Saul's home became very busy. Countless people came to congratulate him on his appointment.