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Chapter 295: Controlling Magic

 Chapter 295: Controlling Magic

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The palace was quiet. Anfey and the others walked to the second floor without any trouble. For the king's exclusive hotel, the palace's decorations were not very elegant. It looked clean and tidy. There was no dust at all. Four corridors acted like mirrors and reflected light from ever-lasting lamps throughout the second floor.

Anfey looked around and quickly added his surroundings to the map in his mind. He walked briskly to a room. He put his ear to the door, listened to what was going on, then knocked on it. Anfey's memory was awesome. He had not paid too much attention to Christian's map, but still remembered that a Priest of Light stayed in this room. Rodhart's subordinates stayed in the rooms on the same side in five different rooms-one, two, three, four, and seven. Going south along the corridor, there were a few rooms where Rodhart's personal guards stayed. The most powerful one among them was an intermediate swordsman. There were four junior swordsmen and a group of swordsmen in the guards. Anfey did not have to worry about them since Suzanna herself could definitely handle them.

"Who is it?" A voice rose from the room.

Anfey gave Suzanna a look. Suzanna immediately understood and said in a deep voice, "It's me."

The Priest of Light did not expect any danger in the palace, for he had never done anything shady. He walked up to the door without any suspicion. Anfey could tell from his hurried steps that he was rushed. Anfey quietly moved to the side of the door.

The door opened a crack. A handsome middle-aged man in priestly dress put his head out of the door and waved at Suzanna. He immediately appeared startled.

Anfey had quietly thrust his sword at him. The sword passed through his neck with lightning speed. Blood splashed out and splattered the clean corridor.

Anfey moved sideways to avoid the body falling on him. He immediately grabbed the collar of the priest to let his body quietly fall to the floor. It happened smoother than Anfey had expected. He thought it would take more time to kill a Priest of Light. He expected to wake others up. It seemed to be as easy as crushing an ant.

In fact, Church of Light had existed for so long that its administration and management had its own complete system. Attacking priests were mostly members of the Arbitrators' Guild. The priests sent to other places served as priests or the pope.

They were usually highly provocative or had reasonable logical thinking. Church of Light had great respect for its members' talents. The pope of Church of Light would not have such poor management. The priests of Light with Rodhart belonged to the class who could become pope. This one would have been really smart. His job was to convert Rodhart to the Church of Light. Unfortunately, being smart did not help. He did not even get a chance to showcase his talent.

"Suzanna, can you go and take care of that intermediate swordsman? He was just across the corridor from the magic Ever-Lasting lamp." Anfey pointed in that direction and said quietly, "Christian, you go to the third floor and kill your double."

Christian took a look at the body on the ground without saying anything. He quietly turned around and walked to the stairs.

Anfey did not worry about Christian's safety. Yolanthe stayed on the third floor, where the fake Rodhart, his maids, a few nannies and his children stayed. All together, their fighting ability would be negligible.

Suzanna had walked next to the magic Ever-Lasting lamp. She turned around to look at Anfey in the distance. Anfey could kill a priest without making any noise, but she could not. Once she started it, the intense combat power surges would wake all the people in the building. Anfey bowed to make a "please" gesture, like a gentleman. He slowly moved back. There were two people staying in the rooms to both sides. The people who had single rooms in this place would not have menial positions. They were actually the teachers of Rodhart. Anfey did not care about the two worthless stupid asses who only knew how to entertain themselves. He could save them for last.

By the time Suzanna pulled her sword out, Anfey had already moved toward a person-sized statue with a bronze sword. Anfey broke the bronze sword in half with his fingers. He walked in front of a room and stuck the blades into the knockers. He pushed the blades deep into the door frame with his thumb.

Suzanna was covered under white light radiance. She knocked the door open and ran into the intermediate swordsman's room. Either the combat power surges or the sound of breaking the door was loud enough to wake people up. Anfey had already heard people screaming and yelling in the rooms. He walked back to the statue without any hurry. He looked up and down the statue. He reached his hand out and broke the sword sheath in half.

Anfey walked in front of another room and repeated the same action. He put the sword sheath into the knocker and pushed the broken sword sheath into the door frame with his thumb. It was easy to push a blade into the door frame with his thumb, since the broken sword had blades. A sword sheath was much more blunt. However, there was not much difference for Anfey. He pushed the sword sheath forward. With an ear-piercing sound, the sword sheath stuck deep into the door frame.

At the same time, the farthest room was pulled opened. A person rushed out in his nightclothes. He held a sword which was still inside a sword sheath. Perhaps he wanted to see what was happening before he pulled his sword out. Unfortunately, his opponent was Anfey, who did not even give him a chance to pull his sword out.

Anfey ran forward about eight yards in the blink of an eye. He raised his left knee and bashed it into the man's chest. The man flew backwards without having time to scream. Another person had just put one foot out the door and was hit by his companion. As the man was still feeling dizzy from the hit, Anfey pierced him under his ribs and into the other person's chest.

The next moment, Anfey ran into the room as fast as a ghost. There were five people standing still like five statues. They looked at Anfey, shocked. Anfey raised his left hand and shook more than thirty wind blades into the air. The sharp whooshing sounds went after the five people. According to the information Anfey had, Rodhart's subordinates were all incapable idlers. It seemed there was something wrong with the information. He was able to shoot four of them with wind blades, and they lay bloodied on the ground. The last person was no doubt a senior swordsman. He countered the wind blade attack with combat powers. He did not attack Anfey but tried to throw himself out of the wind as fast as possible. A senior swordsman was nothing to Anfey. That senior swordsman had good judgement. He was able to make a decision to run away after quickly recognizing the difference in fighting ability between him and Anfey.

This time Anfey gathered water elements. As the senior swordsman was about to run to the window, a strong gush of water appeared under him. The senior swordsman had nowhere to dodge in the air. He was rushed by the spring. The combat power protected his body but could not counter the power of a strong spring. The senior swordsman was pushed diagonally into the air and bashed against the window frame.

Before the senior swordsman could fall down, Anfey had rushed close to him and thrusted the sword at him at a weird angle. As the sword blade met the combat power, it gave an almost imperceptible pause and pierced through that senior swordsman's body.

Anfey kicked on the windowsill with his foot and flipped backwards through the window as he pulled his sword from the senior swordsman. The senior swordsman fell hard to the floor with no breath left in him.

Anfey looked around. In different levels of battle, magic was indeed good. If he used his sword, it would be hard to kill four people at the same time. It made sense that archmages received more respect than master swordsmen. At one point in Pan Continent history, an archmage had slaughtered a whole city. If a master swordsman wanted to kill all the people in a city, it would be very challenging. Others probably would be able to run in different directions as he was killing some.

As Anfey stepped out the door, Anfey saw an old man looking surprised as he walked out of his room. That was Rodhart's teacher. Anfey shoot a wind blade at him without even thinking about it.

Anfey could instantly shoot out a wind blade, or even fifty. Everyone had his own way of doing things. Anfey liked to kill his opponents with the right amount of energy, without wasting anything. He had shot out over thirty wind blades earlier because he did not have the accuracy to control multiple wind blades with his telepathy. Therefore, he did a blanket attack. This time, he only had one target, so he only shot one wind blade.

There was another mistake in the information they had been given. With a cloud of radiant red light, the wind blade disappeared in front of the old man's chest. The old man actually had surrounded himself with a magic shield as he walked out of the room. When he saw Anfey's attack, he counterattacked. He responded to Anfey's attack with a fireball.

Anfey was only shocked for a second before he rushed forward with the speed of lightning. He reached his hand out at the little fireball in the air and shot it back at the old man's face with a faster speed. The old man's jaw dropped, and he stared with his eyes as wide as saucers when he saw the little fire ball returning to attack him. "Controlling magic..." Before he could finish chanting, the little fire ball had exploded in his face.

Anfey stepped up and thrust his sword out. The sword went through the man's mouth and through the back of his head. Seeing the old man sloppily fall to the ground, Anfey frowned. He felt uneasy because this reminded him of something he had experienced before.

With loud crashing sounds, the people in the two rooms behind him were trying hard to pulled the doors open. However, they were locked tight with the two broken swords. They would not be able to open the doors any time soon. Anfey slowly walked up and grabbed the sword sheath. He pulled hard on it as he kicked on the door. People inside the room were still trying to pull the door open. With Anfey's kick, the door hit them right in the face. They flew backwards, screaming.