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Chapter 283: Justice and Favors

 Chapter 283: Justice and Favors

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"Suzanna, hurry up, I will take you there soon. Huh!" Niya suddenly let out an ear-piercing scream.

Suzanna's body trembled a bit and the blush spread all over her face and neck. She kept her eyes closed because she was afraid of facing Niya at this moment.

"Stop, stop!" Anfey looked up and said impatiently.

"You!" Niya pointed her finger right at Anfey with her eyes wide open. Niya felt like she caught him right on spot. She thought he should feel terrible. A rogue was not scary, but a shameless rogue who thought he had all the rights made others feel helpless.

"It is really rude to interrupt others' sleep. Don't you know that. Get out now!" Anfey yelled.

"You!" Niya felt so helpless. She paused for a second before she stomped on the floor and rushed out, blushing.

Suzanna did not open her eyes until she heard the sound of the door. After making sure that there was no one else besides Anfey, she turned around and pushed him hard. "It's all your fault."

"Why are you blaming me? It was you telling such a beautiful story last night." Anfey sat up smiling. "I fell asleep to your story. Why did you not wake me up?" Anfey asked.

"Are you giving me compliments now?" Suzanna did not know if she should laugh or cry. "How could I wake you up? You were sleeping so soundly."

"You're right. I have not slept so well for a long time." Anfey was reassuring Suzanna that she had treated him well. What he implied was obvious. If there was a next time, she should not wake him up then either.

"But, what should I do now?" Suzanna said sadly in a quiet voice. Her face got redder. She had held hands and hugged Anfey, but had never slept with him before. Now she had been caught sleeping with Anfey. If this news spread everywhere, she would be too embarrassed to see anyone. Even though nothing really happened, no one else would believe it. Neither could she explain it to others.

"Do what you have to do." Anfey jumped off the bed. He shook his gown to try to get rid of some wrinkles. "You should get ready for breakfast."

"I am not going out!" Suzanna firmly shook her head.

"Hurry up. Don't let the professor wait for us. It is rude." Anfey held his hand out to pull Suzanna up.

"No, I am not going." Suzanna retreated back to the end of the bed. "Anfey, what should I do? They will make fun of me."

"So what if they find out we slept together? Everybody knows you are my fianc. They all know us as well. They would not make fun of you," Anfey said gently. "Be good, sweetie. Hurry up. Do you want the professor to come to see us?"

Anfey's final sentence was pretty effective. When Suzanna heard Saul might come, she stopped resisting. She stared at Anfey and suddenly asked, "Anfey, do you really want to marry me?" Suzanna was trying to find an excuse to accept what happened the previous night. Anfey had treated her as his fianc and was never shy of letting anyone know about it. However, he had never officially proposed to her. She had been waiting for Anfey to propose to her someday. Now that everybody knew they had "slept together," she had to find a definite answer to give her courage to walk out the door.

"Why are you saying this?" Anfey put on a serious face and asked in a slightly mad tone.

Suzanna felt like she had been struck and her heart dropped. She felt as cold as if she was in an ice cave. She did not understand why a man would want to do everything for her but harshly refused to marry her. Was everything a lie?

"I should ask you that." Anfey had a big smile on his face. He asked gently, "Suzanna, will you marry me? From this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. We will love each other and cherish each other from today."

"You are so bad!" Going from extreme sadness to extreme happiness, Suzanna threw herself into Anfey's arms in joyful tears. She put her face against Anfey's warm chest as she playfully punched Anfey on his chest. "You are so bad, so bad!"

"You have not answered me yet," Anfey said, smiling.

Suzanna stopped punching and looked Anfey in the eye.

"Will you marry me?" Anfey asked.

"Ye...s," Suzanna answered in a such quiet voice that it sounded like mosquitoes flying.

"I did not hear you. Can you say it louder?" Anfey sounded like a trainer in a military camp, which really did not fit the situation.

"You are so bad!" Suzanna playfully complained.

"I will ask the professor to host our wedding." Anfey stopped joking around. He gently rubbed Suzanna's back. "On our wedding day, you will become the most shining star. Think about it, who will be attending our wedding? Uncle Ernest, Miorich, Bruzuryano, Dean Steger, all top powers!" After thinking about it, Anfey felt like he was doing well in this world. He had connected with so many top powers.

"I do not care about them," Suzanna said.

"Who do you care about then?" Anfey asked.

Suzanna shyly rubbed against Anfey's chest. She had courage to face dangers and challenges, but had no courage to tell Anfey, "It's you." Sometimes a word could mean so much.

"I will find a time to talk to the professor about our wedding soon," Anfey said. "You'd better get ready and not let them wait too long." Anfey let go of Suzanna's hand and left the room.

"Anfey!" Suzanna sounded very worried. "What if the professor does not like me?"

"You are so cute. How could anyone not like you?" Anfey winked

When Anfey walked into the dining room, Saul was sitting in his seat. He smiled at Anfey and signaled Anfey to take a seat next to him, which he had saved for Anfey. After a while, Suzanna slowly walked appropriately dressed under the guise of a servant. She did not have many clothes. She had bought this blue pleated dress at Violet City. Unlike Niya, Suzanna liked simple and casual styles. She looked adorable with her long hair. Her smooth and light colored neck looked delicate under the blue dress. She looked nervous and walked with her head down.

She took a seat next Anfey. Suzanna finally plucked her courage and decided to look up to greet everyone, but she noticed she had already gotten everyone's attention. She was shocked and put her head down even further. All of her courage was gone.

"I think Anfey has better eyes than me," Saul said with a smile.

"Thank you. You taught me well," Anfey said.

Even Ernest could not help smiling. Saul expressed his affection towards Suzanna by giving Anfey compliments. Anfey's responses were surprising.

Suzanna understood what Saul implied and felt lucky. Her experience and her suffering had made her a person who was not good at socializing. Suzanna's past was all about being away from people and focusing on training. Her social skills were not like those of stubborn and spoiled Niya. When she heard Saul's compliments, she still had her head down and said nothing.

"In fact, you have good eyes too," Bruzuryano said jealously as he laid his eyes on Anfey. Except for the secrets Anfey had, his social ability and fighting ability were tops among young people. Saul should be really happy to have found a student like Anfey.

Saul smiled and gently picked up a spoon as he asked casually, "Anfey, are you going to the palace with me later?"

"Me?" Anfey was a little shocked.

"Yes, it is a big deal to be bestowed a royal title. What you achieved was made public. There are many officials who were against giving you such a high-ranking title. They probably will ask you many questions. You'd better be prepared for it," Saul said quietly.

"Should I not go?"Anfey had a bitter face. "I have nothing to say to those people."

"Hmm, ok." Saul hesitated for a second before he nodded. "I was worried that you would leave some traces they could use later against you if you could not give good answers. Avoiding them is one possibility. After Miorich's official document arrives, it will be easy to grant you a royal title. Even they wanted to protest, with an official document, they just could not."

"I am sorry for these troubles," Anfey said. "In fact, I do not care about the royal title. If those people are fighting hard..."

"They could argue whatever they want to, we will still be ourselves. I do not have favorites. I only want justice. If anyone is against you, I would suggest the king send them to the front line in the east and see how much courage they would have in front of Griffin Aerial Unit," Saul said slowly.

"Are you still saying you are not favoring anyone?" Bruzuryano could not help rolling his eyes. If things really happened as Saul said, it would be a mess. If anyone was against war, should that person be sent to the war? If anyone wanted to abolish slavery, should the person be sent to be a slave?

"As I said, I just want justice," Saul said firmly. He looked at Anfey. "Anfey, what are you planning to do for the next couple of days?"

"I plan to go to Sacred City magic academy. Professor, after getting trained for a long time, I noticed the foundation of my magic is not good. Without systematic study, I will be slow to develop my magic in the future," Anfey said.

"Good, good." Saul kept nodding. He hoped Anfey could practice magic hard. He was an archmagi. If his student became the top swordsman, it would be embarrassing for him. "Anfey, I will take you somewhere after breakfast."

"Professor, I said I do not want to go to the palace." Anfey was shocked.

"I did not say I would take you to the palace," Saul said, looking a little weird.