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Chapter 280: Privilege

 Chapter 280: Privilege

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Entos was very talkative. He spoke in a way that was very logical and clear. He was able to make the political situation in Sacred City easy to understand, even to someone like Anfey. Sacred City was much like the medieval period in Anfey's old world with only a few exceptions. Yolanthe, the emperor, had two prime ministers. One was in charge of internal issues, the other in charge of communicating and dealing with foreign nations. Between the emperor and the prime ministers was another group of people: the top tier powers.

These people were some of the most powerful in the world. They could cause all kinds of trouble, but they could also help stabilize the country. The rules of nature hardly applied to these people, and it was not hard to find examples of these people murdering innocent people due to their mood swings. There were even examples of these powerful people murdering entire families. However, because they were so powerful, the kings rarely accused them of anything unless the king's position was threatened. The price of justice was usually very high. If a king tried to capture or kill a top level power but he was able to escape, the consequences were deadly. Even a king as powerful as Yolanthe would not leave his city for years. Saul did not care for politics, but no one would ignore anything he said. This was a privilege reserved for powerful people. Anfey killed the grandson of master swordsman Philip, which landed him on the wanted list. If he killed a common patrol officer, no one would say anything because they were afraid of his teacher. If Saul wanted to punish Anfey, no one could stop him, either.

This privilege also helped keep the peace within the empire. Everyone wanted to join the most powerful people in the world, and as long as one had the talent and determination, it wasn't a dream out of reach. A man's birth could not determine his strength. Even a dying slave could become powerful if he came across the right opportunity. This gave a dream to people living at the bottom and helped turn their hatred towards the society into determination to become powerful.

The Country of Mercenaries functioned in similar ways. Every year, countless young and able-bodied mercenaries died with their dreams, their bodies left to rot in the Forest of Death and Wild Plains, but every year more young men and women would pour into the country seeking opportunities.

Wars were inevitable, but there was no need for drafting because the nations had no trouble finding soldiers. In order to keep soldiers qualified and fit to fight, the military would teach the new recruits how to use swords and combat power. A lot of commoners poured into the military hoping that it would be their springboard to greatness.

Anfey suddenly remembered the civil service exams. Even though it was two completely different ways of approaching the situation, the ultimate goal was the same. So many poor students spent every hour studying until they were half starved to death just so they could take the test and change their entire lives. This cemented many people's wish to have their children study their way out of poverty.

However, there were too many people and too few positions. Only a few people were able to achieve greatness, and the rest were buried by history. People were only familiar with the few poor men and women who succeeded, but the other poor men and women were ignored. So many people could not achieve greatness themselves and rest their hopes on their children. Their children might not succeed, and would in turn rest their hopes on their children. This formed a cycle that solidified the system.

As the carriages entered Mambo territory, Entos finished his history lesson. Anfey rarely interrupted. He was taking in Entos's words and turning them into something he could understand and remember. Anfey was a very good listener and could understand most of the things Entos talked about, but Entos was talking too much and Anfey did not find the right place to ask questions.

"Time to get off," Saul said, knocking on the side of the carriage.

Anfey blinked and looked out. He tried to stand up, but found his lower body numb. He was still holding Suzanna in his arms, and his position prevented proper blood flow to his lower body.

Entos moved over a little and did not exit until Ernest did. Anfey stumbled out of the carriage after Entos, and Suzanna walked out after him. Suzanna had been holding the same position for the entire trip, so her situation was no better than Anfey's. Her limbs were numb and she could hardly feel them.

"She's awake already?" Saul asked when he saw Suzanna.

Anfey poked Suzanna's side, but Suzanna kept her eyes on the ground and did not know Saul was speaking to her.

"Suzanna, let me introduce you." Seeing that Suzanna wouldn't introduce herself, Anfey sighed and decided to introduce her. "This is my teacher, Master Saul."

"Oh," Suzanna said. She hurriedly glanced up and looked as if she had just woke up from a dream. "Nice-Nice to meet you, my lord."

"This is Mr. Ernest," Anfey said, turning to Ernest. It had been a little awkward in the carriage earlier, but it was not too late to introduce Suzanna to Ernest. He had no need for small talk and formality, but Suzanna should be more formal to make a good first impression.

"Nice to meet you, sir," Suzanna said, bowing to Ernest.

"I'm Entos," Entos interrupted with a smirk. "Just Entos, if you would."

"Nice to meet you as well," Suzanna said. She lowered her gaze again. If it had just been Saul present, it would have been easier. However, both Ernest and Entos were in the carriage and had seen how Anfey was holding her. Suzanna felt too embarrassed to look either one of them in the eye.

Christian walked over. He giggled but did not say anything.

"Hey," Niya walked over. "I'm Niya." She grinned.

Suzanna smiled and shook her head. She lowered her head again so she did not have to deal with Niya and Christian.

"Alright, alright," Saul said. He patted Niya on the head then turned and asked, "Is the portal ready?"

"Yes, my lord," a nearby soldier answered respectfully.

Anfey glanced around. He had seen a lot of transmission portals, and the portal itself did not make an impression of him. What shocked him was the location of the portal. It was in a large, lavish mansion. Huge stone columns lined the outside of the mansion, and the ceiling was at least a hundred feet tall. However, he was only standing in front of the mansion and could not tell how large the entire building was. Besides the soldier standing next to them, there were no other patrols in sight. Anfey had heard that the lord of Mambo territory was a recluse and the territory itself rarely allowed visitors. Everything within the territory was a secret. Anfey was too busy listening to Entos on the way and missed the chance of actually observing the territory firsthand.

"Let's go," Saul said. "Let's go home."

"Yes," Niya chirped happily. "Let's go home." Christian smiled as well. The more they ran, the more they missed their home in Sacred City. They were all overjoyed that they could finally go home now.

As he stepped into the portal, blinding light cut off Anfey's connection with the outside world. A familiar scene appeared before him after a few seconds. The last time he was there, the first thing he saw was Miorich. This time, instead of Miorich, it was a thin old man.

The old man had peppered black hair and looked to be around Saul's age. He was clean shaven and his thin lips were set into a tight line. He had a tall nose and deep eye sockets. He was smiling, but Anfey could tell he was a force to be reckoned with.

Saul's smile was replaced by a scowl. "What happened?"

"Nothing," the old man said, shaking his head. "Some rats tried to attack the palace. It is solved now."

"Evil Mist?"

The old man nodded.

"They dare to... Do they know Steger and I are away? Or did they already abandon Annunciata?"

"Who knows? Maybe it was just some foot soldier seeking glory. You should ask His Majesty those questions. I'm only in charge of eliminating the threat."

"How is His Majesty?"


"Take me there," Saul said. He paused, then asked, "Ernest, are you going?"

"No need," Ernest said. "I'll take them home."