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Chapter 276: Habits

 Chapter 276: Habits

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Saul did not have time to answer Ernest. He transferred his wand from his left hand to his right and raised it into the air. Wind blades appeared in the air and rained down on the shadow. The shadow tried to avoid the attack, but there were too many wind blades and the perimeter of the attack was too great. The shadow was shredded to pieces in the blink of an eye. It hung in the air limply. Mist rose from its form and disappeared.

Saul turned his eyes to the pieces of the scepter and stared at it.

Small dots of light appeared from the scepter. The lights began clumping together and quickly formed a fist-sized ball of light. The ball burst into blinding light and began raising towards the sky.

Saul did nothing but shake his head, but Entos seemed strangely excited. "You may be an angel," he whispered under his breath, "but even an angel can be killed when it's disembodied."

The mist around the ball of light disappeared when it was a few feet off the ground, and the light stopped. Then it began to spin quickly, and everyone felt a strange pressure. Saul, Ernest, and Bruzuryano could deal with the pressure, but the younger mages could not handle the overwhelming pressure. Niya's face became pale. She reached out and grabbed at the air weakly. She felt the air became heavy as if it was turned into liquid by the light and was suffocating her. Saul waved his staff and summoned a magic shield that covered everyone. Niya took a deep breath. She stared at the ball of light, terrified, and grabbed Saul's arm. She was a daughter of one of the most powerful mages, and she knew magic very well, even though she was not a mage herself. Niya knew that, normally, damage must be done through attack. This ball of light was defying the rules of nature.

The sound of high-pitched screams and static filled the air. It sounded angry and accusative. Thankfully, everyone present was protected by Saul's magic shield, or else most wouldn't be able to handle the pressure.

"It may be a battle angel," Bruzuryano said, "but it is still an angel." This was the first time he spoke since Saul appeared. While Anfey was trying to understand Suzanna's change in attitude, Bruzuryano already knew what had happened. He chose to remain silent in order to avoid suspicion.

Ernest stared at Saul, who nodded slowly after a few seconds. Then Saul turned to Bruzuryano and smiled.

"You..." Bruzuryano wanted to say something, but he sighed and knew he wouldn't be able to talk any sense into them.

Ernest shook his head, then turned and dashed towards the ball of light. Perhaps because it was spinning so fast, the ball of light was already losing its shape. Ernest's figure looked like it was being picked up by a large hand. The light of his combat power was twisted and warped by the light. He drew his sword as he approached the light.

The screaming stopped and the pressure disappeared as Ernest's sword sliced through the light. The ball turned into thousands of specks of light and rained down onto the earth like fireworks. Ernest landed on the ground and jumped back to rejoin Saul. A dozen specks of light landed on Ernest like golden fish scales, clinging to his clothing. Bruzuryano frowned at the sight. He opened his mouth a few times, but did not say anything.

Entos suddenly teleported himself and appeared under the specks of light. He opened his arms and stared at the light as if he had just seen the most amazing sight in the entire world.

"Entos!" Saul bellowed.

Entos froze, then returned to Saul's side with another teleportation spell. "I apologize, my lord," he said with a smile. "Call it a habit."

"Saul, that may be a battle angel, but it is still an angel," Bruzuryano said with an emphasis on the word "still".

"I don't know much about Divine Punishment," Saul said, "but I know its consequences. This is to make up for it."

Saul waved his hand and summoned a light breeze. The breeze blew the light towards Suzanna, who was still unconscious, and dropped the light all over her.

Bruzuryano sighed and shook his head. "I thought the most senseless archmage was Newyoheim," he said.

"I'm just seeking justice," Saul said with a smile. He turned to Anfey and said, "Everything's fine now. The girl will be fine." He paused then said, "Shouldn't you look at me and say something now?"

Anfey turned around slowly and said, "Master Saul, I..." If none of this had happened, Anfey might have been able to greet Saul naturally. After all, he did spent a lot of time writing his script. After what had just happened, the only thing Anfey should do was thank Saul. He did not know what to say.

"That's it?" Saul asked slowly. "I did not realize we are so distant that it's hard for you to greet me."

"Father," Niya suddenly said, shaking Saul's arm. "Anfey's fine. He's a good person." Niya paused and nodded.

"He's a good person? How so?" Saul asked with a smile. Even though he was happy that Anfey was able grow and make a name for himself, he still felt uncomfortable. Anfey was so unassuming when he was under Saul's care, who would have thought he would be the one to take the lead once on his own? This could not change Saul's fondness for Anfey, of course; he was simply curious and needed an answer.

Niya frowned and tried to recall what Anfey had done in the past. When she was living in Sacred City, she had relied on her father. After she left, Anfey took Saul's place and she was able to rely on him. Anfey took care of his friends, and even though he had brought them unnecessary trouble, she knew he had done his job. Out of everyone, she was the most protected. She was not required to do anything dangerous unless she was the last one left. She felt safe when she was with Anfey. Everyone else respected him as well, and she began to respect him. Her dislike for Anfey was long forgotten.

Anfey had done too much, Niya did not know where to start. "I don't care," she finally said with a sigh. "He's just a good person."

"Just drop it, will you?" Ernest said as he walked over. He glanced at Anfey and turned away. Ernest was never good at expressing emotions. He was glad to see Anfey again, but he did not say anything.

"Don't forget. He's my student, not yours."

"Father!" Niya said again.

"Alright, alright," Saul said with a smile. He looked at Niya and stroked her hair gently. "My student is ignoring me, but my daughter shouldn't." Saul grinned widely and his eyes lit up with the joy of seeing his daughter again.

When he heard what had happened, Saul had been worried to death. However, he had a whole war to fight, and did not have the spare energy to deal with the situation back at home. He remained calm so his soldiers would not panic, but no one knew how he had suffered. After Ernest appeared and told him what had happened, he relaxed a little. As soon as he stopped worrying, he grew angry. He wrote to Yolanthe angrily and claimed that nothing would have gone wrong if Yolanthe had not send Miorich to prevent Ernest from reaching Niya. He claimed he would leave immediately to look for his daughter. Of course, Saul would not really desert his post. He was angry, but he could not let his emotions decide the fate of his nation. Yolanthe's apologetic attitude towards the situation helped calm Saul's anger, as well.

This was the first time he had seen his beloved daughter in almost a year, and Saul could feel nothing but happiness. At the same time, he was also slightly worried. He did not know what Niya had been through when he was away. He was powerful, but he could not protect her forever. What would happen after he died?

Niya rested her head on Saul's shoulder and closed her eyes. Growth came from experience, and for some people, a peaceful life may not be the best for them.