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Chapter 275: Killed A God

 Chapter 275: Killed A God

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Slanbrea smiled wanly when he saw Saul's Wind Blade shred the light ball into millions of tiny light chips, splashing everywhere. He had no time to suppress the curse, so he let the toxin spread in his body. He used all the magic power he had left to chant. A light, gold-colored light dome appeared, covering Slanbrea underneath it.

Absolute Barrier was a magic that could help a mage survive in a very difficult situation. Even if thousands of people were dying, the people under the Absolute Barrier could survive. Even when being attacked by the Forbidden spells, or if an area of hundreds of square miles had been burned, Absolute Barrier still could provide a mage a safe space. No matter what form of elements, they could not pass through the Absolute Barrier, but the mage inside the dome could attack the outside targets with any magic he wanted.

Absolute Barrier and Holy Guardian were the most advanced magic among all the defensive magic spells in the Church of Light. They had totally opposite properties; one was a defensive magic, while the other could counter all the physical attacks. Maybe Gods did not want humans to be too powerful, so nobody had ever mastered both types of magic. If there were, the two spells would cancel each other out and lose their effects.

Saul saw Slanbrea releasing Absolute Barrier. He shook his head and then saw Slanbrea chanting again. A weird element started to fluctuate in the air. They moved in a chaotic way, like a Magic Array of Chaos.

Saul looked serious and concerned. He raised his hand and released Meteorite magic in the blink of an eye. A meteorite with flame fell from the sky with a whooshing sound, right onto the Absolute Barrier. With a huge bang, the meteorite turned into millions of flames and flashes, but the Absolute Barrier only slightly went out of shape and returned to normal.

Absolute Barrier was a great defense for magic, but not so great against physical attacks. Gods would not teach humans any perfect magic. If Absolute Barrier had the physical defense as if Gods were guarding them, then any top power who had mastered the Absolute Barrier could ignore any rule and law in the world.

Saul did not stop. Magic spells were consecutively released, but none of them was senior-level magic. A wall grew out of the ground and knocked Slanbrea into the air, causing him to stop chanting. When Slanbrea immediately released Levitation magic to move to the side, another meteorite smashed both the Absolute Barrier and Slanbrea to the ground. A pile of debris sprang out from the ground and hit Slanbrea into the air like a ball.

Saul looked confident, but he actually was very nervous. He wanted to see what Slanbrea would do. Self-explosion!

Entos had moved to the side. He looked like he was thinking about something with his eyes blinking. Anfey still stared at Slanbrea. He knew he was not good enough to participate in this fight between Saul and Slanbrea. He could accidentally cause trouble for Saul, although he wanted to pierce several holes in Slanbrea. At the moment, he could only quietly watch their fight.

Slanbrea did not look strong. He was awkward and looked to be in pain. Saul played a ball game with him, but he was the ball. Slanbrea was in a bad situation. He was knocked down by a meteorite from the sky. As he fell rapidly, he was hit back into the air by the pile of debris. The free fall suddenly stopped. Slanbrea was tossed back into the air. The physical attacks from these spells could not break the Absolute Barrier, but these fast movements were beyond what Slanbrea could take. He was just a Priest of Light so his physical stamina was limited. He felt his blood all rush into his brain at one time, dizzy at another time, and then all his organs crunched together at other times. In addition, the cursing had corroded his body quickly. Slanbrea felt he had a concussion. He barely remembered what he was doing. If Slanbrea fought with Saul in his best condition, after he released the Absolute Barrier, Saul probably could only choose to run away, since the Absolute Barrier would not stay forever. The problem was Slanbrea had activated a Magic Array of Chaos. If he made it, only a few more people would die with him. If he had not made it, Slanbrea would not be able to rearrange elements and would lose his ability to control elements. The Levitation magic he released had already been against the rules of elements. He was not countered by it because the control and understanding of elements he had gained by working with them were tremendous. He wanted to release magic again, but he just could not.

Entos took out a dark black magic wand from somewhere. He raised it and waved a little. Saul thought about why Entos did that for a second and stopped releasing magic. The ball-shaped Absolute Barrier wrapped around Slanbrea and fell hard on the ground.

Slanbrea was very experienced with fights. He knew he could not give up at this point. Saul had turned against him and the Church of Light on behalf of Anfey. If he gave up right now, he could not even die easily. With no time to take a breath, Slanbrea gripped the Glory Scepter. This was the last step to activate the Magic Array of Chaos. "God said..."

Entos suddenly disappeared and then reappeared behind Slanbrea. He raised the dark black wand toward Slanbrea. Surprisingly, the Absolute Barrier did not block Entos and his wand. His wand got into the Absolute Barrier without any trouble. Blood splattered and Slanbrea was knocked to the ground. Slanbrea's blood had dyed a piece of the Absolute Barrier red.

One strike did not seem enough for Entos. He jumped high as he swung his arm to continue hitting Slanbrea. Slanbrea was struggling to crawl along the ground when Entos hit him the second time. Blood splattered again. The next moment, Entos appeared about a dozen of yards away from Slanbrea, carefully watching him.

Slanbrea was down. Everyone was startled.

Saul slowly walked a few steps forward. He heaved a long sigh when he saw Slanbrea writhing on the ground.

The light of Absolute Barrier got dimmer. Slanbrea struggled for a while and tried to hold on to the Glory Scepter to stand up. He kneeled on the ground. There was no way he could stand up. Because of the explosion of the Magic Array of Chaos, no one would be able to remember the chant after experiencing the concussion, not even Slanbrea. Right now he probably did not even remember his name.

Anfey suddenly walked two steps forward and rushed at Slanbrea. He gave him a high kick right to his chin. Slanbrea was skinny, only weighing about 130 pounds. This kick wobbled him. Almost at the same time, Anfey punched his left fist out and hit hard on the neck of Slanbrea. There was a terrifying sound of bone breaking. Slanbrea fell back to the ground. His head fell to one side in a weird angle. There was no trace that he was still alive.

It was not decent to keep hitting Slanbrea as he had already been seriously injured. However, Anfey had to do it. First of all, he was worried Saul would feel bad and would not kill Slanbrea. Second, he felt it was his responsibility to kill Slanbrea. He could not let anyone else kill him. He made the trouble so he had to kill him. If later on Saul would not be able to take the pressure from the Church of Light, they could come to him. He would rather take responsibility for killing Slanbrea. If they wanted to kill him and were able to kill him, they could do that.

Whether Anfey's thinking was naïve or not was another story. Thinking about what had happened previously and looking at what had just happened, Anfey did not want to bring any more trouble to Saul. He owed too much to Saul.

Saul looked at the back of Anfey. He used to treat Anfey as a simple and nice kid. He cared about him, but never paid too much attention to him, which had allowed Anfey some freedom to do whatever he wanted for a while. After getting to know Anfey a little more, it was not hard for Saul to guess something from Anfey's actions, since Saul had seen so many different people in his life.

The match between Suzanna and Ernest was a draw. This fight was super hard for Ernest. He was in a super passive position. He did not want to hurt Suzanna but Suzanna seemed to fight for her life. She looked like she wanted to kill Ernest. At that moment, Suzanna's fighting ability seemed better than Ernest's. Ernest could barely counter Suzanna's strikes. He got a deep cut on his left shoulder. The blood had dyed half of his shirt. Many people thought Ernest stubborn and hot tempered. What they thought made some sense. He was hit pretty hard, but never asked for help. If it were Anfey, he probably would have already called everyone's name for help.

There must be something wrong with angels' intelligence. If Suzanna could have helped Slanbrea, he would not have died so fast. Right now this angel wanted to fight Ernest. Her attacks got faster and fiercer one after another. She looked like she had decided to kill Ernest.

Saul did not have time to talk to Anfey. He waved his hand. A gust of wind element picked up the Glory Scepter from the ground and sent it to his palm. The scepter was carved with runes and looked holy. Saul thought for a while before he ran his fingers from the top of the scepter down .

Where Saul's fingers passed, the runes suddenly dimmed. As his fingers reached the bottom of the scepter, the Glory Scepter had turned into a regular wood stick. Saul tossed the Glory Scepter into the air and shoot out a big fire ball. With a huge exploding sound, the wood stick burst into millions of pieces with flames. Church of Light had lost a holy item.

Suzanna suddenly stopped her attacks and screamed out in pain. The light wings disappeared as well. A blurry shadow came out of Suzanna. Saul chanted with his eyes closed. A one-yard-long crescent shaped black blade swung in the air and cut the rising shadow in half. Ernest had never showed any change in his face before, but this time he was so shocked that he screamed, "You killed a god!"