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Chapter 271: What a Waste

 Chapter 271: What a Waste

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"You look busy." The mage named Entos looked up and down at Annunciata. The corners of his mouth curled up in an unpleasant smile. At least, it did not look pleasant to Annunciata. Entos said, "I hope I am not bringing any inconvenience."

Annunciata posed in a weird position. She had half of her body turned. Her left hand rested strangely on a crystal ball. She dared not to get her hand away from it. She raised a scepter in her right hand, which made her look pretty powerful. However, when a person's power had dropped a certain level, others could easily notice the telepathy fibers on the scepter could not reach far.

"What do you think?" Annunciata snorted. Cold and ruthless light radiated from the sunken eye sockets. If Entos wanted to talk bullsh*t, she would love to do the same thing. She had no power left to release magic right now, not even small terror magic. Her best chance was to drag this conversation out until her assistants came back to help her.

If Annunciata knew what kind of a person Entos was, she would not have been so careless. In the Country of Mercenaries, there might be people who never heard the name Entos, but his nickname, "Master Sarcasm," was well-known. Almost everyone could tell a few stories about him. Of course, it was not a good nickname. This notorious nickname did show how Entos did things. Even the commander of Glory mercenary group, the most powerful master swordsman, Anthony, commander of Tiger of Tawau mercenary group, Mourtta, and popular Hotchbini were cautious when they had to deal with him. Many people wondered why the gentleman, archmage Saul, with such a great reputation would take him as his student.

"Your companions will come soon." Entos looked looked off in the distance deep in thought.

"If you leave now, you still have a chance to live," Annunciata said coldly. This middle-aged mage did not wear any badge, but she could sense that he was pretty powerful, almost as good as top powers. She did not want to have any conflict at this moment, so she decided to sink his morale and determination.

"Thank you for reminding me." Entos gave Annunciata another unpleasant smile. "Before I leave, I would like to test a magic spell."

"Test a magic spell?" Annunciata was shocked for a second.

The next moment, a magic scroll appeared in Entos's hand, which made Annunciata extremely nervous. She did not know what kind of magic scroll it was, but thought it must have been a forbidden magic scroll, judging by the intensity of the magic surges.

"Forbidden magic?" Annunciata tried to make herself sound like she was not disturbed by it. "Do you think you will have the chance to leave if you release the forbidden magic?" Forbidden magic took a lot out of a mage. Even archmages would lose fighting ability for a while when they released magic scrolls. The length of time depended on the power of the magic scroll. The more powerful the scroll was, the longer it would take to rejuvenate.

"Are you telling me you care about me? I appreciate it." Entos looked flattered, but he posed to toss the scroll out of his right hand.

Annunciata lost her balance for a second. She suddenly opened her mouth wide. An invisible soundwave shot out from her mouth. The gravel and grass turned into powder in an instant. Soundwave magic was magic that could attack a large area. However, the attacking area was not far enough and took too much from the mage, so it was never a mage's favorite. Right now Annunciata had no other options. Giving up control of magic would come back to bite her.

If she let Entos release the magic scroll first, the defensive magic array she set up would not be able to counter the attack from the magic scroll. If she had no other option, she would rather attack first before Entos had the chance to attack her. A long time ago, she learned that she had to try very hard to survive. She never thought anyone would just offer her help.

Entos had already tossed the magic scroll out, but grabbed it back immediately. A water screen appeared in front of him. This screen got out of shape by the soundwave attacks, but did not crash. It barely held together against Annunciata's attacks.

A light gold-colored sword radiance shone about 50 yards behind Annunciata. It only flashed before it travelled 50 yards. As the sword radiance travelled, all the barricades turned into tiny bits of dust. The last defensive magic array was crushed like nothing. In the end, the sword radiance thrust into Annunciata's heart with a speed faster than lightning.

If this had happened before, Annunciata's reaction time would never have been this slow. She had been trying to have control of magic so she could only focus on the middle-aged mage in front of her. She had used her last power to release Soundwave magic. When Annunciata realized the attack, the sword radiance had pierced her body. With a loud sound, Annunciata's body was crushed by the sword radiance. Her broken limbs were tossed far by the sword radiance. Her skinny head was tossed high as well. Her head did not land on the ground until that swordsman put his sword back into the sheath. The bloody cheeks on her head kept moving. It looked like she was still blaming someone.

"What a waste! So sinful!" Entos took away the water screen and carefully put the magic scroll back into his Dimensional ring.

"I did not want to beat her this way." The swordsman looked at Annunciata's head with his own head shaking.

"You are too upright," Entos said with respect. "I actually did not want to use this method either."

"Isn't this your idea?" the swordsman asked.

"I had no other options since we do not really know about necromancers' magic. I could not just take risks," Entos said. He held his chest as he coughed.

"I told you not to come; not to come out before you feel better," the swordsman said.

"I left the Country of Mercenaries to help my professor on the war field, but then I layed on a bed in the military camp feeling like sh*t. I cannot do nothing. If you do not allow me to come out and exercise, I am going to go crazy." Entos smiled bitterly.

"Saul and I appreciate your efforts," the swordsman said, nodding. He frowned and looked a little angry. "Old Philip could not tell the difference between business and personal affairs. He even sent people out to ambush you. It is too much."

"The king told me this has nothing to do with Philip. A gangster did it to me," Entos said peacefully.

"Do you believe that?" That swordsman smiled.

"I do for right now. In the future...who will know what is going to happen in the future." Entos's face did not change at all. As "Master Sarcasm," he could not bear that he was set up by others. He did not care about his reputation. He tried his best to recruit good people for his home country. Some of those people volunteered to go back to his home country with him, but they all died in the ambush. Entos himself was seriously hurt. He could not forgive it, not even when Yolanthe asked him to.

"You!" The swordsman sighed. "You look a lot like Anfey." Anfey hid a lot of his talents when he had just left that isolated island. However, no matter how strategic and skillful he was, there were many things that exposed who he really was, especially when he became famous. He disguised himself as a dumb kid, but that disguise was gone because how could a foolish kid accomplished so many things.

"Master Ernest, you have told me about it so many times," Entos said. "This is why I insisted on coming. I am curious about Anfey."

"You will see him soon." Ernest turned to look at the phantom dragon in the distance. He frowned, "Why did Saul not start his attacks yet?"

Annunciata had been killed. That giant suddenly turned into a statue. Puppets never thought for themselves. They totally listened to their masters. If the puppets were able to survive for a while, the accumulated anger in the killing would turn them into crazy killing machines. The giant had just come to life, so there was not much in him yet. He had lost his life after Annunciata died.

A phantom dragon was different than flesh puppets. Even if they turned into white bones, the pride they had as dragons would not allow them to work for others. To better control phantom dragons, necromancers had sealed their memories. Right now this phantom dragon regained his freedom. The memories came back, which interfered with the phantom's actions. The dragon even fell from the sky. After being hit several times by Suzanna and getting some bones hit off, the dragon finally woke up from the situation and regained his control to fly back to the sky.

It was not completely a good thing for the phantom dragon to recover its memory. The dragon was under the control of necromancers and did whatever necromancers asked it to do. Now the dragon did not know what to do after recovering its memory. It wanted to leave but did not want to let that swordswoman with the holy spirit go. It wanted to attack her, but was afraid itself of getting hurt. In the end, it just kept hovering in the sky. It might not have the ability to think with that huge bone structure. It might even take a full day for it to make a decision.

Anfey became suspicious and looked around. The necromancers who kept shooting out bone spears suddenly disappeared at the same time. The dark knight panicked on the grass as well. Bruzuryano took the opportunity to start his fierce attacks. The body of the silver bear was so huge that it looked like a tiger fighting with a dog. It was ok if the tiger got bitten by a dog, even several bites. It would not cause fatal damage. If the tiger had the chance to attack the dog, there was no hope the dog would survive.

As that giant slowed down, Bruzuryano immediately noticed a change in the skeleton. He did not care about the dark knights around him and directly ran at that gigantic skeleton. He hit away the annoying indigo crescent blade with his paw. The next strike got the skeleton's chest. He was shocked by how hard that gigantic skeleton was. That gigantic skeleton was only knocked down, but the ribs did not break at all. Bruzuryano did not want the skeleton to stand back up. He did not wait for the skeleton to take another breath. In the blink of an eye, Bruzuryano rushed at the skeleton again. The silver bear stood up on his hind legs and waved his humongous paws like crazy. The bear constantly hit the gigantic skeleton. Even if the skeleton was made out of steel, it would not be able to take such hits. That gigantic skeleton unconsciously struggled a bit. The body of the skeleton was hit into two sections. The head was fine. The bottom seemed fine as well. The chest bones, ribs and backbones all shattered into smaller pieces.