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Chapter 269: Super Creatures

 Chapter 269: Super Creatures

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There was a dull roaring in the distance. Waves of roaring surrounded them. Suddenly there was a terrifying coldness. Bruzuryano looked pale, and then he looked off in the distance as if he couldn't believe his eyes. He felt something fierce pressing on him. Anfey, on the other hand, seemed to have the protection of the Heart of Nature and did not feel anything.

Slanbrea had chills in the wagon and rudely pushed Black Eleven away. He nervously looked out. Black Eleven was a little confused why Slanbrea had done that to him, but he dared not have any conflict with this famous Light Priest. He obediently stepped back.

"Whoa! They even..." Bruzuryano's breathing got heavier.

A greyish shadow rushed into the sky and flew towards Bruzuryano. Bruzuryano felt the the air was getting colder and colder. An invisible pressing feeling got more real. It felt like there was a tsunami coming at them.

Christian and others in the wagon felt the pressing feeling as well. Their bodies started to tremble uncontrollably. Niya was never calm, but Christian and Black Eleven were super calm, and now their minds were blank. Besides terrors, they felt nothing else.

There was another roaring in the sky. Christian had another chill. When he came out of it, he could barely control his body. He asked with a trembling voice, "Master, what is that?"

"It is a dragon, a phantom dragon," Slanbrea said quietly.

After different Gods had fought long ago, the map of Pan Continent had changed considerably. It shrank to half of it original size. The supreme powers died or disappeared in the battle. Many secrets and precious cultures disappeared with them into history. "No More Supreme Powers." This was a desperate sigh from a king of that era. Luckily, many super creatures with supreme powers also disappeared. The world had another new balance.

There were still stories and legends about them. These stories and legends suggested the supreme creatures, such as dragons and behemoths, needed more than a few top powers to fight against. Only the top powers who had been to Sacred State could be a match for supreme creatures. That was why there were many stories about slaughtering dragons and being killed by dragons. These stories allowed people to experience the happiness and sadness of the people in the past.

As one of the leaders in the Church of Light, Slanbrea knew a lot of secrets. He even had the chance to see a supreme creature. He never thought it would appear now. This was not a battle that would decide the fate of necromancers. Did those necromancers go crazy or did they have too many supreme creatures to use? Slanbrea suddenly remembered how Anfey had swung and totally destroyed bone jail. He felt he understood something.

The greyish shadow flew closer to them. Anfey squinted his eyes to look at it. He could clearly see a gigantic beast made of greyish bones. It was weird to see bone wings flapping in the air. Could he actually fly with those bone wings? It was not consistent aerodynamics.

As Anfey analyzed the dragon, the greyish shadow suddenly opened its mouth wide. A white ball flew at them.

"Move!" Bruzuryano gave a startled cry.

Bruzuryano acted like a loving father figure here. After Anfey got connected with the Heart of Nature, it brought many good things to Anfey, but not everything. Right now Anfey could not feel any pressure. From Bruzuryano's look, he knew it must be very scary, but he still way underestimated the power of supreme creatures. Of course, he did not know it was a phantom dragon. Bruzuryano knew it but he did not dodge away. Instead he warned Anfey and let him move first. It was not easy to keep calm under the pressing feeling as strong as a tsunami coming at him.

Anfey paused for a second and jumped into the air. In the blink of an eye, he activated the Heart of Nature, trying to find the key to break the magic. Breaking the magic had given him an accomplished feeling. He wanted to do it again. He took a look and found that the white ball contained elements way beyond just energy or physical being. It seemed to be a dense and hard crystal ball. Anfey immediately knew what he should do.

Bruzuryano and Anfey ran in opposite directions. Opposite directions could distract the phantom dragon, but Bruzuryano was afraid the dragon would chase after Anfey. He would rather sacrifice himself for his promise if it was needed.

"Bang!" The white ball hit the ground. It did not sound very loud, but white frost appeared on the ground and spread like ripples in a lake. In a flash, hundreds of square feet of ground had turned white. The air got colder as well. Anfey had jumped dozens of yards away but still felt the coldness behind him. The coldness made him feel pain and numbness. The dragon crescent blade felt like a piece of ice in his hand.

Anfey knew that was because there was slight damage to his capillaries and nerve endings. He did get affected by it, but did not get much damage from it. If he had been hit in the face, Anfey could not imagine what would have happened to him.

The phantom dragon flapped its bone wings and spit out another white ball. Anfey was sure it was small-scale forbidden magic. When he looked up to check the magic the gigantic beast released, he could not help gasping. He immediately flew over the dragon.

Bruzuryano was about eight yards away from Anfey. From that distance, he definitely could tell who the real target of the phantom dragon was. He did not want Anfey to get hit because of him.

As Bruzuryano expected, the dragon chased after him. The dragon released more magic from his mouth. Bruzuryano transformed into a gigantic bear in the blink of an eye. His speed doubled. He ran out like a cloud of silver light. It was not important whether he could outrun the phantom dragon. He wanted the people here to be away from the threat of the dragon.

Bruzuryano thought quickly. Anfey thought fast as well. He turned around to look at Bruzuryano with gratitude. Anfey knew who was inclined to help him and who had evil intentions. Bruzuryano cared about Anfey, but he also used Anfey occasionally. Sometimes it was not a bad thing to be used. A person without values was really pathetic.

The dragon did not care about Bruzuryano running away. Neither did he care about Anfey. The dragon flapped its wings and flew towards the wagon. He opened his mouth and spit out another white ball, which they had expected. The white ball fell onto the wagon.

Anfey stared with his eyes wide open. He thought Slanbrea must still have some fighting ability left. The reason he had not fought yet was because he was waiting for the perfect time. Even if he made mistakes, Suzanna should be able to take Niya and run out. He was not worried about Christian and Black Eleven. The magic that gigantic beast released was powerful, but the speed was not so great. They were hit by his first attack due to their careless. Their timing had been bad.

A person shot out into the sky from the wagon. The roof of the wagon was broken into pieces and flew out. That person flew at the phantom dragon with great speed. Before Anfey could see who it was, the person and the dragon clashed. The magic released by the phantom dragon was hit by the contact. Crystals in different sizes splashed everywhere, like falling flower petals in the wind. The person fell hard to the ground as well.

Two blurry light wings grew out of the person's back, flopping in the wind. The person looked holy. Anfey was shock when he recognized it was Suzanna.

Suzanna did not see Anfey though. She slowly looked up at the phantom dragon hovering above her. She looked brave and cold with eyebrows showing an angry frown. She was clearly hurt, with blood coming out of a corner of her mouth.

An unbearable rage arose in Anfey. What he worried about most had happened. He had the most secrets among everyone. He had the value to be explored. Christian had royal family background. Niya was the daughter of Saul. Black Eleven and Apa did not have enough fighting ability to counter the dragon. When the dangers came, Suzanna was the best pick to make a sacrifice. She became a senior swordswoman when she was less than twenty years old. It sounded like she had a bright future waiting for her. But a bright future was not a bargaining chip, at least not to the big people who were used to controlling others' lives.

Anfey suddenly looked even colder than Suzanna. He seemed to lose control of himself. In most cases, the more hatred Anfey had towards a person, the more friendly he would treat that person. He would find a perfect time to give a fatal strike to that person. However, right now, he really could not control himself and did not want to control himself.

The grass started to move. A row of dark knights appeared. The one in the front was actually not a dark knight. He held an indigo crescent blade with skeleton death spirit. He looked taller than most dark knights. He did not look like he was made of human bones. When he rode on his bone horse, his legs almost touched the ground. His ride looked like it could not take his weight.

Slanbrea stood up from the broken wagon. Christian looked to be in pain. He stood behind Slanbrea with others. Niya could not stand still. She could not counter the pressing feeling from the supreme creature. She could barely stand up with the help of Christian.

Slanbrea seemed to feel something. He took a look at Anfey and saw Anfey looking at him with obvious hostility. He was shocked by what he saw.

Bruzuryano rushed back to the dark knights. He slaughtered those dark knights. He had no trouble killing them until a gigantic indigo crescent blade swung at him. Bruzuryano moved back a few steps. The silver white furs stood up like needles. Bruzuryano's eyes had turned blood red. He was a little regretful. Both he and Slanbrea had underestimated the potential ability of the Evil Abyss. However, there was no point in feeling regret.