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Chapter 267: A Mysterious Scepter

 Chapter 267: A Mysterious Scepter

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Suzanna tore off the curtain on the wagon to watch Anfey. At that moment, Anfey did not seem to have an advantage in the fight. He had killed two Dark Knights at the beginning, and seemed to keep up with the other three Dark Knights. Under the attack of the other three, he kept moving back, but he still moved fast. He moved left and right to avoid the Dark Knights' attacks. As he avoided the Dark Knights' attacks, he would kill a few zombies.

"Do not worry about him. He is very wise." Slanbrea smiled when he saw Suzanna so worried.

"What? What do you mean by that" Suzanna was confused.

Slanbrea shook his head and smiled. He did not have time to explain. Anfey tried to prevent Annunciata from using Death magic and to buy himself some time. Unfortunately, Slanbrea did not think these kind of tricks could escape Annunciata's eyes. A wooden case with fragrance appeared in Slanbrea's palm. He carefully opened the case with a ceremonial gesture. There was a golden scepter in it. The golden scepter was carved with runes. A small angel statue rested on top of it. Before Slanbrea took the scepter out of the case, there was already a strong bright feeling. It made everybody in the wagon feel good about themselves.

"Kid, come here." Slanbrea held the scepter and then waved at Suzanna.

Anfey looked like he was dancing on an ice rink. He could always move from one place to another with lightning speed. The three Dark Knights yelled and chased him, but they could not touch him at all. Slanbrea was not wrong. Anfey did not care about these Dark Knights. If he wanted, he could kill them at any time on the spot. Dark knights could be considered junior-level death spirits, but they did not have their own thinking and lacked the speed to pose any threat to Anfey. Anfey focused on the zombies.

He found the zombies were not scared of lights and were abnormally difficult to kill. Even when their heads were cut off, the zombies still did not die. Their headless bodies still could walk and even change direction as Anfey moved. Anfey had a bad feeling about this. With the knowledge he had about necromancers, he could not figure out what was going on.

A roar as loud as thunder came from the sky. Bruzuryano finally had started his attacks. His gigantic body unbelievably moved faster than lightning speed. In the blink of an eye, he had already rushed in front of that Death Knight. He waved his palm. Before his palm reached the Death Knight, the messy air currents he created had covered the Death Knight. That ghost horse with light blue flames flew backwards, like it was wrapped in a tornado.

That Death Knight used the Shadow strategy. His real person appeared in the back, but with a huge sound, the shadow shattered under the attack. He left deep paw prints on the lifeless ground. Many cracks showed around the paws. Some cracks were as wide as a few inches. They were wide enough to fit a hand.

A white shadow flashed. Bruzuryano threw himself onto it. He waved his palm at the Death Knight's right shoulder. Bruzuryano did not get him with his first strike. However, in the blink of an eye, he had carried out a second strike. When Bruzuryano attacked with full force, no matter the power or the speed, he had reached a point very few people could exceed. After that shadow of the knight was created, his power decreased significantly. If he was at his peak, he was a match for Bruzuryano. This time he had to use the shadow strategy again to avoid the furious attacks from Bruzuryano.

Shadow strategy got Bruzuryano once. If Bruzuryano could be fooled several times, he was not good enough to be a top power. The silver white gigantic bear chased after that Death Knight with an undescribed speed. As the real Death Knight showed up, the gigantic bear had already lashed out at him.

The Death Knight could not release his shadows anymore. When he saw no way to dodge, he roared and thrust his spear at Bruzuryano's chest. Bruzuryano had been forced to make a suicidal attack before, but now it was the shadow's turn to use the same strategy.

As the spear was half way between Bruzuryano and the shadow, the gigantic bear hit hard on the ground with his paw. Besides the cracks underneath the paw, there was only a pile of black rotten flesh and flattened and twisted armor. This strike was so powerful that the Death Knight's body was smashed like mashed tofu. The ghost horse lost most of his body as well. Only its forelegs and head were still rolling on the ground.

After the successful strike, Bruzuryano turned around and rushed back to Anfey. He did not have extra fancy moves. The zombies on the way were either knocked high into the sky or smashed to the ground.

When Anfey saw Bruzuryano rushing toward him, Anfey slowed down his blade. He slayed a zombie on the ground with a backhand. He jumped high to get closer to Bruzuryano.

A strong magic surge came from the distance. Bruzuryano let out a deep roar. It sounded that he was warning Anfey of something.

Anfey was alert to it. He readjusted his internal energy to the maximum. He saw the Dark Knight and his spear in front of him. He jumped high and kicked at the tip of the spear to gain momentum to jump higher. He kicked the head of the Dark Knight with his right foot. As he jumped over the Dark Knight, he swung his blade at the knight's neck. A deep cut appeared on the Dark Knight's neck and almost cut it off.

When Anfey was in the air, he suddenly found that countless zombies and skeletons showed in the Fog of Decay. They moved towards Anfey in waves.

A bone spear flew over the sky, shooting at Bruzuryano among the zombies. The spear flew here and there in an unpredictable way. The bone spear was just a junior spell, but it was a pain. Besides Meteor magic and wind blades, usually magic did not have any physical damage. It could only cause damage with active elements. The physical damage Meteor magic and wind blades could cause was not strong anyway. It would not be life-threatening. A bone spear was special. The physical damaging power and magic power were about the same, which could cause a decent amount of damage.

Even Bruzuryano could not ignore the bone spear's attacks. He slowed down a little bit and hit the bone spear as it approached to him. The bone spear shattered into pieces.

The next moment, a bone jail appeared in the sky and locked Bruzuryano's gigantic body inside it. Before Bruzuryano could react, a row of bone walls seven yards tall suddenly appeared and blocked Bruzuryano's way.

This bone wall was actually just a different form of magic Kekkai, because the zombies and skeletons from behind could pass the bone wall without any trouble.

Bruzuryano's roaring got louder and louder. Broken limbs, blood, flesh, and broken bones flew out of the bone wall like rain drops. The magic surges in the distance got even stronger. Every strike Bruzuryano made shattered some of the bone jail. Many zombies and skeletons rushing at him were killed. A new bone jail appeared above him. The bone spears Bruzuryano worried about kept coming at him. The bone spears flew in the sky with a whooshing sound one after another.

Nobody was better at adjusting to such situations than Anfey. As he landed, he had already turned around. He waved his arms with big blades to create many images and slayed the Dark Knights and rotten zombies who were in his way.

If a top power were not beaten by those kinds of attacks, Anfey knew those necromancers only wanted to hold Bruzuryano in the fight. The reason they did that was to do something afterwards. It was easy to guess the people who were going to face the dangers were not Bruzuryano in the fight. It should be Anfey himself or Slanbrea in the wagon.

By the time the Dark Knight in the front had waved his spear, Anfey had already swung his big blade toward him. Before his wounds showed up, Anfey swung two more times. When when Dark Knight fell to the ground, his body had been chopped into a few sections. He lost all of his fighting ability.

Many people thought the key to winning a battle was to be fast. It was just a line in the movies. Whether a physical fighter or martial arts practitioner, they all stressed the importance of speed. No matter how physically or internally strong the fighters were, it would be meaningless if they could not be quick enough to hit their opponents. To a real martial arts practitioner, it was not very hard to be fast. The hard part was to combine the speed and power in a perfect ratio. The fastest boxer could punch thirteen jabs in a second, but these jabs would not damage the opponents as hard as one hard uppercut.

Anfey's speed was super fast. He was so fast that the big blade in his hand had looked like a small tornado. He used all his power without any conservation. The last Dark Knight was knocked away with his ride. The leftover zombies did not allow him to pause for a second. He moved like a flagship on the sea fighting the waves. He rushed straight towards the wagon.

A bone wall suddenly grew out from the ground and blocked Anfey's way. Anfey had waited for this for a while. Those necromancers who hid in the dark could not see him rushing out. A person who was good at learning from mistakes would always think about what mistake he made and also pay attention to the mistakes others made. Bruzuryano was trapped, because the flying bone spears made Bruzuryano paused a little bit. There was no attack that did not cost time. Instant magic still needed a certain time to hit the target. That was the reason that necromancers needed to use bone spears to make the initial attacks. It even took a very short time to activate elements. As long as Anfey was prepared for it, he believed he had the chance to escape.

By the time the bone wall appeared on the ground, Anfey had already swung his blade to the left, but borrowed the momentum to move to the right. As the bone wall grew to about two yards tall, Anfey pushed onto the bone wall with his hand to jump a few yards higher than the bone wall and ran away as fast as he could. There was an empty bone jail standing there.